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The 7C Constitution (Version 4.0)

some rogue authority. You are stewards of the universe, to decide the
correct thing to do, to preserve life, and not destroy it for greed, as in the
past. If you want to live in any fear at all, 7C is not for you. You are no
longer a child. If you are weaponized, fundamentalist, right-wing, political,
or authoritarian, please leave, 7C will not welcome you, and will be
eternally banished.
One very important note, The 7C Constitution makes sure everyone
gets to live in their own political ideology, never forced to live under
anyone's rule. The elites don't want that, and want us to remain enslaved.
7C is NOT the NWO, nor a One World Government. It is a rights system
for the 4D and 5D world, making everyone sovereign unto themselves, but
united as needed, abolishing all authoritarianisms. Also, most people
appear to be quite lazy when new systems are introduced and give up
changing to better ways, unless their current system is malfunctioning
beyond total destruction. If you're going to go that far, 7C is probably not
for you, because you have to work, change, and apply yourself from within
to achieve real freedom. Otherwise, you let everyone walk all over you,
and decide your fate into slavery.
7C is an amazing gift I am giving to the world, beyond anyone's
imagination, to freedom and life on a level so high, we could achieve
anything far beyond insanity. Don't pass this opportunity to become
beyond the highest Gods of invincible beauty, like never heard of in all
history and worlds in the universe. We have earned this, through all the
enormous hardship and imprisonment of old 3D Earth, this is our reward.
Be grateful, and Love this to the extreme, because Love is the key to
achieving anything now. Directed Love is the new technology.
Once this version has been released, that Earth split will be too wide for
3D people to know about it in their timeline. If you have this and later
versions of 7C, you will be entering, AKA “The Event”, or have already
entered 5D Earth. Because the new Love Technology will be too advanced,
but to those in 5D. I will only be directing all further updates to 5D people.
5D reality cannot be defined physically, because everyone fabricates it
with their mind and fantasies. Anything is possible in 5D Earth. We make
it up as we go along. All the magic we did in the past, every new thought
or reality, every dream or vision, we are now doing in 5D. We are going to
experience the most bazaar of everything happening, because everything
of imagination is now reality, and fully encompassed in The 7C
Constitution. You are about to experience the wildest ride of your life.
The current window for 5D ascension is before August 12, 2018. This
occurs every five years, but the 20 year Earth biorhythm which is also the
closing window, is before August 12, 2023. Apparently, we have enough
positive people to ascend in the current 2018 window, but if this version of
7C gets out enough, the 2023 shift event may also occur. After this, 3D
Earth will be gone.