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Introduction to the Study of Tarot

swallow up the other four elements, and unite all sensation in the inner Hearing. For the Vision
of Adonai is accompanied by a Voice, and that Voice is the utterance of the Soundless Sound,
the Logos of Infinite Space. Here I approach that of which it is not lawful to speak; not because
any rule imposes silence, but rather because the laws of language make unintelligible any
attempt to formulate, in words coined to describe the normal experience of mankind, something
which so far transcends our ordinary modes of consciousness.
My task is now at an end; but for you, who read these pages, the work has just begun. Into your
hands I have put clues which lead to deeper understanding of the Tarot, and of the hidden laws of
life. You yourselves must follow the clues. Let those who find my interpretations unsatisfying,
because they are mere hints, or outlines, remember that I have purposely made them so. My aim
has been to induce you to make your own personal interpretations. I do not mean by this that you
are to read into the Tarot any meaning that you please; and to guard against that very tendency, I
have been careful to lay down, in the opening chapters of this work, the basic principles that
must always guide you.
To each prospector in this exhaustless mine of the Ancient Wisdom, persevering study will
reveal knowledge that another “seeker might never discover. Hence, no matter how high may be
his sources of information; no interpreter may declare, “This is the full and final explanation of
the Tarot.” As these pages will have shown to discerning readers, my own mental bent
predisposes me to work out the Qabalistic meanings of the symbols, . as applied to occult
psychology and practical magic. Other students, more familiar than I am with the principles of
alchemy and astrology, will find the Tarot a great help in the study of those sciences; and those
who possess gifts of divination will find it a most satisfactory instrument for the exercise of their
faculty. But no single student can exhaust the possibilities of this extraordinary symbolic
alphabet. The most that any one may say is that there is a definite manner in which to approach
the study of the cards, even as there are tunnels that lead to the heart of a gold-mine. My
endeavor has been to provide a map, or plan, of the mine. You who read must enter, and dig out
the treasure for yourselves.
The End.