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Author: Charles Davis

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Top 3 Benefits of Drug Rehab
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Marketing, Addiction Treatment Marketing, Drug Rehab Consultants, Drug Rehab
Marketing, Drug Rehab Marketing Consultants, drug rehab social media marketing on May
7, 2018 by Charles Davis.
Drug rehab consultants play a vital role in the addiction treatment industry. Whether you
are a new start-up, an existing recovery center, opiate detox, substance abuse IOP or an
ancillary service provider you need consultants for various reasons. Behavioral health
business and marketing consultants prevent costly mistakes, save revenue and increase
return on investment. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers and the entire recovery
industry spend a lot of money on their drug rehab marketing strategies. Without the
expertise of a consultant they can, and do, waste hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Why Drug Rehab Consultants?
As an addiction treatment center owner, you’ve spent an enormous amount of time and
resources to have a structurally sound clinical component for your center. You’ve hired the
best and most qualified clinical team and have the best clinical protocols in place. The
treatment side is usually the owner’s specialty. Many recovery centers will hire accreditation
consultants for their Joint Commission (JACHO) and Commission on Accreditation of
Rehabilitation Facilities, (CARF.)

These accreditations are extremely important for rehabilitation centers allowing them for
better overall addiction treatment for their clients, assists in gaining treatment clients and
makes them an authority with their competition. Consultants charge $30,000 or more to get
them through the accreditation processes. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers
owners know that these are an absolute necessity for their behavioral health organizations.
The second reason drug rehab owners hire consultants is because at some point they all
realize the importance of their drug rehab marketing. Then, they quickly realize they are
competing against big dollars being spent by the larger addiction treatment centers every
month. They also start to realize they need an internet of things (IoT) electronic foot
print driving targeted traffic to their website to generate treatment calls.

Many owners do not put the same time, resources and investment in their marketing. Many
do not respect marketing, nor do they understand the time, education and resources for an
effective drug rehab marketing strategy. They generally take short-cuts with their website,
SEO and overall marketing. These short-cuts are saving pennies and wasting dollars in the
long run. In example they might save a couple thousand dollars on their website build. Their
website looks beautiful to the eye; however it usually has poor structure, no schema, poor
Google My Business and an extreme lack of social media marketing. Drug rehab centers
must have a robust and targeted drug rehab marketing mix to survive the business and
operational changes in our industry. Drug rehab consultants provide the experience and
knowledge to avoid costly mistakes on the business and marketing side of our unique

Drug Rehab Marketing Consultants Should be Part of
the Package

All drug rehab consultants should be assessing the most important aspect of addiction
center treatment marketing. Contrary to what most addiction treatment center owners and
ancillary service providers believe your website is the most valuable asset in generating

drug rehab leads. There are 7 key mistakes made with website development made by
addiction treatment centers. Set-up correctly it will outperform all other marketing aspects
combined. If set-up poorly you will be wasting a ton of marketing dollars and blaming your
drug rehab marketing agency for poor results. You will be forced to using “black hat”
marketing strategies and continuously get penalized by Google. This is where drug rehab
consultants play a vital role in the success of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers.
Here is where CEO’s and Executives need to have a long-term marketing strategy in place.
Your addiction treatment center or any business website works 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. This employee never takes a day off, never goes on vacation and you don’t have to
pay it benefits. Best of all as a treatment center owner you have 100% control and know if
you set something it will happen 100% of the time. This can work for you or against you.
The question is how you fine tune this engine to work efficiently. First you must understand
that what you see on the screen when you are visiting a website is only 10%. The other
90% is back-end stuff that must sync perfectly to get blessed by the Google GODS.

Your Website Must be an Authority and Trusted by
Google and Potential Recovery Clients

Why is it vital for addiction treatment centers, substance abuse IOP, opiate detox or
rehabilitation center’s staff to be published on high profile industry websites? This positions
them as an expert in the addiction recovery industry. Citing and including them in your

websites builds instant trust with potential clients. Also, getting published on other high
authority websites increases Google ranking. One of the most difficult areas of SEO for
addiction treatment centers and ancillary service providers is getting those back-links
pointing to their websites. Regardless of whether your clinicians don’t have all the flashy
letters after their names it is still greatly supportive if they compose articles and blog entries
on your website. It is likewise similarly as critical or much more imperative for drug and
alcohol addiction treatment centers to distribute video recordings of staff teaching people in
general about drug addiction and recovery. Videos rank the highest on Google and social
media for retention and they help build trust. In fact, they receive more than 60% of the click

Drug and alcohol Addiction Treatment Marketing Best
Practices Not a Buy Rehab Leads Strategy

Spread out your drug and alcohol addiction treatment center marketing budget. Putting all
you marketing dollars into one bucket like AdWords spells disaster. Many learned this
mistake when Google restricted paid ads, some did not make the learning curve and had to
close their doors. These same recovery centers also used drug rehab call centers. Both are
short-term strategies that waste marketing dollars. The centers that survived had good drug
rehab consultants which put into place a diverse marketing strategy. Categorize your

marketing into three buckets. This way when one bucket isn’t working you have the other
two generating phone calls. Even with three buckets going on at the same time one, two or
all three could fail at any given time. The three main buckets should be organic, boots on
the ground and paid advertising.

What is organic marketing?
Organic marketing in one of the most difficult for drug and alcohol addiction treatment
centers and ancillary service providers to fully understand. They don’t know how to market
substance abuse treatment and maximize their drug rehab marketing dollars. They don’t
know the benefits out weight the short-term solutions call center lead generation or Google
pay per click. It starts with proper website structure. Without proper website structure your
website is going to be leaking Google ranking juice. Google with either not read the site or
penalize it. This is where the most addiction treatment marketing dollars are wasted by
many treatment centers.

After structure comes search engine optimization (SEO.) SEO is a complicated process and
impossible to know all there is to know on the subject. Even the best drug rehab
consultants only know a fraction of SEO. However, they do know the many best practices

that can get you to the first page of Google. Google only reveals a few golden nuggets; the
rest is best practices. We get 10-15 calls every week from drug and alcohol addiction
treatment centers on marketing and consulting. Almost everyone says their on-page SEO is
good. This is rarely the case. I always ask them if they have Yoast installed on their
website. Yoast is a WordPress plugin that tells you and guides you to having decent SEO
on your site. Yoast will tell you if your SEO is at an acceptable level. Once thnigs are up to
par with Yoast, it is time to hire an SEO specialist.
Organic SEO also covers publishing useful, attracting and engaging content. It is not
enough to have you site look good in Google eyes, it also must be useful to the reader.

The last part of organic SEO is social media, and this is an absolute must. According to
Tech Crunch, people are spending over 5 hours a day on their cell phones. This doesn’t
include time spent on PC’s at work and home. Our society has been consumed with social
media being a daily part of our lives. It is paramount that your addiction recovery center gets
in front of potential clients daily. For the most part this is not a features and benefits sales
pitch. It is attracting and engaging potential clients with good content on an emotional level.
Then attaching that emotion to your brand. You must build trust by providing content that
conveys you understand the trials and tribulations they are experiencing with addiction and
can help them.

Even with great content, it is useless unless you have the vehicle to get in-front of the
potential masses. It takes an intimate understanding of Facebook and LinkedIn. Addiction
treatment centers must understand the secrets, tricks and back-doors of these mediums to
maximize their potential to drive leads. Facebook announced their new algorithm that puts
the power of business marketing with individual profiles and groups, unless you pay for the
advertising. We have been preparing for this social media marketing shift for the last four
years. We are one of the few marketing companies that practices what they preach when it
comes to marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn. We have built up 30,000 level one
connections on LinkedIn and 12 groups with over 50,000 members. On Facebook we have
15,000 friends and 14 groups with over 60,000 members.

Boots on the Ground Drug Rehab Marketing

Almost every addiction treatment center puts most of their recovery marketing efforts in
boots on the ground tactics. While it should be in every drug and alcohol addiction treatment
centers marketing mix, it should only be a portion of the marketing mix. All drug rehab
consultants should be telling you to have diversity in your drug rehab lead generation. We
see many centers using boots on the ground, Google AdWords and call center lead

This is most likely due to CEO’s and Executive looking for short-term solutions to keep their
census at an acceptable level. They tend to get caught up with hiring Outreach
professionals that say they have a book of business. This strategy has caused an extremely
high turnover rate in the addiction treatment industry. Outreach professional’s positions
usually last from 6 months to a year. We see this by looking at out 30,000 addiction and
behavioral health professional level one connections profiles on LinkedIn. Many owners do
not realize that this situation actually costs the drug rehab centers about $20,000 per turn

Paid Advertising the King of Short-term Solution
to a Long-Term Problem

Google AdWords, or pay per click (PPC) has paved the road for unprepared drug rehab
marketing plans. These is a short-term buy rehab leads strategy that you pay for over and
over again. Addiction treatment centers have notoriously used AdWords in place of a good
organic marketing plan. This is mind boggling considering the paid AdWords account for
less than 5% of the click troughs on Google. The first three organic slots account for a
whopping 70%. Bing, Yahoo and MSN are comparable to these numbers.

Google AdWords restrictions are somewhat being lifted in July of 2018. While we will see
some centers jumping back on that merry-go-round, some should have learned the value of
organic marketing. This is a long-term play that once established can last for years and
generates higher converting clients.

Another famous short-term solution is drug rehab call centers. Many treatment centers
complain about buying treatment calls but continue to do so. Now, in Florida they are no
longer allowed by law to buy verification of benefits (VOB) calls. This drug rehab call center
lead generation option would give treatment centers qualified leads at least guaranteeing
that the potential client has the insurance the center offers.

These buckets are constantly changing and providing different leads at different time. At
any given time, they stop producing leads, and not for any given reason. As a CEO or
Marketing Director you need to be juggling all three constantly. One of the biggest mistakes
that drug rehabs make is when the census is up they do not invest more in their drug rehab
marketing efforts.

Measuring the Success of Each Marketing Bucket

Drug rehab consultants should be putting in back-end analytics to measure efficiency
treatment calls. Keeping in mind the end goal is to understand your most elevated ROI. It is
imperative to track lead generation sources that are converting into clients. It is critical to
gauge the “first contact” of when the individual seeking addiction treatment reached out.

Did they call?

How many calls?

What blog post generated the call or click?

Did they click though from a landing page?

Did they click though from Google, Bing, Yahoo or MSN?

Did they click through from Google Maps?

Was it from a “boots on the ground” lead?

This is vital marketing intelligence. By knowing this information, you can adjust your
marketing strategy and fuel resources to what is working at that time. Again, this is not
stagnant, it is constantly changing and adjusting is critical.

Call Tracking Metrics an Inexpensive Absolute Must
Have Tool

The key to maximizing your ROI on marketing dollars is to know what is generating the
most drug rehab leads, or calls. Call tracking can tell you where the potential client started

and right through to where they called from. This is vital information for the marketing team.
You can also assign a dollar value on the services sold to have dollars associated with
conversions. It will also record the calls, so you can determine if admissions teams are
doing a good job of converting clients. It also gives information on date, time, city, state, and
much more. You can click here to check out how inexpensive this valuable tool is for your

Why Add Google Analytics to Your Drug Rehab
Marketing Plan?

Google analytics like call tracking provides information on an addiction treatment centers
website. All drug rehab consultants should know how to read and utilize this vital
information. It tells you real time traffic, city, state, pages visited, where they came from,
interests and more.

Google analytics tells you what the most popular pages of your website and blog are. It tells
you how long they stayed on your website. If it is less than 60 seconds, it is called a
bounce. If you have pages with a high bounce rate, then you need to edit those pages to

make them more engaging. For the pages with long visit time, it tells you that it is good
content, and you should be producing more similar content.

Providing Staff Tools for Effective Drug Rehab
Without experienced, educated and dedicated workers it can be a battle to become a
successful behavioral health organization. This is especially true when hiring drug rehab
consultants. In addition, because we are in a video age on social media, you need staff to
speak and present about your drug addiction treatment program in front of a camera. They
must be able to convey treatment information and touch on an emotional level. This is a
human aspect that will build trust and position your drug and alcohol addiction treatment
center as an authority. Building electronic video assets is critical for getting clients and
getting to page one on Google.

The Role of Addiction Conferences and Events
Conferences, events and training’s play a vital role in our industry. You should be sending
your staff to events and conferences to build on their knowledge of treatment, marketing
and the business side of behavioral health. Many drug rehab consultants attend many of
these addiction conferences to gain much needed knowledge on our complex industry. You
need to provide them tools on an on-going basis and not just hiring them and relying on
their book of business. Getting them educated on social media marketing (so they’re not
damaging your brand,) networking strategies, SEO, call tracking, Google analytics, patient
brokering, billing, collections, utilization review and many more. Providing them on going
education and experience will pay dividends down the road.

Addiction Executive Conference on Marketing, Aftercare, Billing and Collections

Behavioral Health Network Resources provides 3-4 addiction professional conferences
every year. These conferences feature Executive Thought Leaders, drug rehab
consultants, Senators, Attorneys and high profiled and experienced behavioral health
professionals. Each conference attracts 5-7 Addiction Executive Thought Leaders, 150-200
attendees and 14-20 exhibitors. You can check out our EMP addiction conferences series
and learn how we are providing proven and effective drug rehab marketing strategies at
these events.

The Importance of Offering a Full Continuum of
When you go to a restaurant they don’t force you to order a few items. They generally offer
a la carte. You need to offer the most options possible that relate to drug and alcohol
addiction treatment. You are investing a tremendous amount of time, resources and money
in your addiction treatment marketing strategy, you need to make sure you have a lot to
offer when they decide to pick-up the phone.

30, 60 and 90 In-patient Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Out-patient treatment Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Alcohol and Opiate Detox

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Christian Track


Sober Living Options



Family Program

And many more

Two of the best motivations to do this is the insurance companies are demanding
documented improvement of clients. Second, it costs a considerable amount of cash to
produce qualified drug rehab leads and you need to maximize revenue.

Consultants Assist on the Business Side of
Behavioral Health
The two main areas addiction treatment centers gain revenue include marketing and billing.
We’ve covered some marketing aspects above, however there are other areas to consider.
Billing and collections can get out of hand very quickly. The insurance companies are
playing dirty by rejecting claims, delaying reimbursements, questioning medical necessity
and auditing addiction treatment centers to get out of paying for services. We recently sat
down with Dale Redlich of Pay 2 Patient, LLC a respected behavioral health collections
consultant. Here’s what he had to say.
Being a treatment center owner for over 20 years, one of the most difficult areas was with
our billing and collections. Receivables get out of control quickly and drastically effect
operating cash flow. We periodically relied on external assistance to get this under control.

To make it even worse there are some situations where the insurance companies send the
checks directly to the treatment centers clients. This causes huge problems for treatment
centers and detox’s to get those checks. Many times, the treatment center’s clients keep
that money. How bad is this situation, some centers can have millions of dollars in
receivables from this situation? These are evident especially with Empire and Federal
BCBS insurance in Florida. You can contact Mr. Redlich at 954-592-1921, or meet him in
person with our 5 other Addiction Executive Thought Leader panelists at the Addiction
Executive Thought Leader conference in Riviera Beach, FL on 6/27/18. Mr. Redlich will be
addressing this situation head on at the conference.

So, Why Hire Drug Rehab Consultants

As an owner of an addiction treatment center, opiate detox, substance abuse IOP or
ancillary service provider, you are going to spend on the low-end hundreds of thousands of
dollars on your marketing. Drug rehab consultants can put a proven marketing plan in
place producing the best ROI and reduce waste. Consultants can tell you what works and
what does not work. They can tell you how to get your website built with proper structure.
They can tell you your SEO is poor and put a team in place to correct it. They can put into
place and train marketing staff on call tracking and Google analytics. They can train your
admissions staff to maximize your call center lead generation. Drug rehab marketing
consultants are proven and trained guides that completely understand the business and
marketing aspects in the addiction treatment industry.

Behavioral Health Network Resources are drug rehab consultants, drug and alcohol
addiction treatment marketing specialists and we also host addiction executive conferences
education on ethical business and marketing strategies. In addition, we partner with the
nation’s best JACHO and CARF accreditation consultants, Give us a call for a no obligation
consultation today at 561-235-6195.

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