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Shoulder Pain Treatment - Osteopath?

People are always asking: Which Should I Choose Chiropractor vs physiotherapist vs Osteopath?
Who offers the superior results or has the most experience? Is chiropractic so much better than physiotherapy or osteopathy or
should I just try self aid with ice and heat and check out some exercises on YouTube? Nowadays everyone appears to be an
authority, perhaps the guy that did some pilates classes and even the odd gym instructor.

All 3 disciplines, Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy have their merits. In reality they overlap much more than people
realize. According to the reason for the pain, certain techniques or approaches are often more effective than others and a
qualified clinician will often realize that and look at learning in all 3 area of expertise.
Taking a look at a couple of common conditions treated via the 3 disciplines:

Looking at when the sciatic nerve which travels down the back of the leg from the spine becomes irritated or even compressed.
The cause of this compression or irritation is often due to the disc breaking up and a piece of the disc material touching the
nerve root directly or causing inflammation on the encompassing tissue and so causes nerve compromise. This results in pain
that can radiate straight into the buttock in addition to all the way down the leg as far as the foot.

Certain chiropractic techniques are often more satisfying than others when treating sciatica. Some chiropractors report that
they've realized that combining certain manoeuvres used by physiotherapists and even osteopaths also improves the condition.
Lots of the disc issues treated are due to poor lifting techniques and sitting which results in stress and compromising of the disc.
Addressing proper movement for example bending correctly and sitting in good posture makes a significant difference when
trying to stabilize the condition.
Pelvic misalignment is commonly seen together with sciatica and getting the pelvis adjusted seems to relieve symptoms.

Shoulder pain
As in the actual joint, like impingement and frozen shoulder responds very well to a method learnt from osteopathy, though not
all osteopaths use or even know about it. Physiotherapy approaches to rehabilitation by exercising can also be extremely useful.
Chiropractic on its own has also claimed to have good results but often a mix of approaches (depending on the cause) is
frequently quicker and longer lasting.

Pain in the trapezius muscle is sometimes called shoulder pain. The pain we are referring to is the common discomfort on top of
the shoulders sometimes going into the neck. Its usually due to tight muscles resulting from numerous causes.
Posture, especially a head forward posture brought about by poor sitting habits and desk jobs. We witness a lot more of this
now among the new generation who are constantly glued to their phones and at their computers.
Getting treated by the chiropractor or perhaps an osteopath will certainly help as will proper exercises using a physiotherapist to
improve posture. Treatment by a massage therapist is very helpful with this kind of muscle pain along with several other
conditions such as low backache especially where the muscles have already been guarding for quite some time period.

Neck pain

Neck pain, especially chronic neck pain, usually responds very positively to Gonstead chiropractic on its own, but combining
Gonstead chiropractic with postural exercises, mobility and strengthening exercises often creates more effective, lasting results.

Low Back Pain
The same goes for lumbar pain. Chiropractic care is acknowledged for its efficacy in addressing lower back pain. However some
chiropractors believe it’s a lot better if you arm this individual with exercises, so they can maintain their lumbar area strength and
prevent further episodes.
Using evidence-based exercise methods created to improve a patient’s movement and gain stamina in the musculature adds an
additional element to maintaining results and cutting down on the risk or re-occurrence.

poor posture
Poor Posture and movement patterns play a significant role in a lot of muscular and skeletal pain patterns. The current way one
holds oneself the way one moves will dictate the stress one puts on the tissue.
Some chiropractorsI believe addressing this problem along with usual treatment by adjusting the spine is vital in keeping up a
healthy musculoskeletal system.

Every one of these approaches along with a good lifestyle, which incudes a healthy diet, correct exercise and a good way of
thinking, all work as a synergy in promoting a better way of life.

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