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August, 2018
Volume 43 Number 8
Frank Nash
Sue Chonoles

Laurie Haire
Frank Nash

The Tinfoil Times
Gold Coast Treasure Club, Inc.
Our code of ethics: Have permission and do no harm

Our next club meeting will be
7:00 PM, August 9, 2018
South Florida Science Center
Garden Club Building
4800 Dreher Trail North
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

August Meeting

Jack Kazee

August Birthdays
Kevin Bean (8/20)
John Burke (8/27)
Reni Echemendia (8/16)
Joe Kononchik (8/13)
Peter Schneider (8/25)
Randy Selnick (8/23)

John Lobota
Website Administrator
John Lobota
Newsletter Editor
Jack Kazee
Contact Us:
Frank Nash
9729 Whippoorwill Trail
Jupiter, FL 33478
Dues are $35 per year. New members
pay an initiation fee of $5, plus:
$35 if joining between Jan 1st through
the end of June, or $17.50 if joining
between July 1 and December 31. $5
extra for FMDAC membership.

Gosh, it’s hot!
This past month was just plain hot. With heat indexes above
100 degrees, metal detecting was tough. But we made it
through. The best way to recover is, of course, ice cream!
Join us next meeting for our annual Ice Cream Social!
We will also be viewing more of Tom Dankowski’s metal
detecting DVD. Tom’s knowledge of metal detecting is
extraordinary. Even the most experienced detectorists can
learn a lot from Tom.

We’ll see you there!

Join us before the meeting at
5:15 for dinner.

Flanigan’s back room
330 Southern Blvd
West Palm Beach
Please RSVP by noon
August 8
Laurie Haire
(954) 593-4800
Dutch treat