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July, 2018 Club Minutes
The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance, led by President Frank Nash.
24 members were present.
We were joined by two guests who had a new AT Max, looking for help with learning how to use it.
A signup sheet was passed around for any member who would like to help with emergency searches.
Vice President Sue Chonoles had several items to present.
Duracell batteries are known to leak and can cause damage to detecting equipment. They should be avoided.
Counterfeit detecting equipment has been showing up on the market. Be very careful when purchasing equipment. Only buy from
reputable dealers. If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.
Ivan Herring contacted the club. He has written a book, Lost Mines and Treasure Tales of the Southeastern United States. It includes
stories from early newspaper articles on lost treasures in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. This book is
available for Amazon Kindle.
Sue is making progress on the club shirts. She will keep the club updated.
Scavenger hunt put together by member April Sovich. The signup sheet was passed around, along with the list of items. The top
three participants will receive prizes.
Laurie Haire presented the Treasurer’s Report. She also had the latest member directory, which has been updated. They were
distributed to the members.
Thanks to Dave and Sue Chonoles for bringing fresh cut watermelon, and Melody Kazee for her amazing watermelon cake. Frank and
Laurie supplied the drinks and ice.
About half of Tom Dankowski’s DVD was presented to the membership.
The Silver Raffle was won by Dave Riblett.
The chairs were numbered, and a number was drawn. Linda Bennett won the prize of (non-Duracel) batteries.
The board asked the membership for suggestions for hunts. The majority indicated they like wild hunts. A hunt at Phil Foster was
Next month is our annual Ice Cream Social.

Gold Coast Treasure Club Website
The Gold Coast Treasure Club website is where to go for the latest club information. You will find a lot of interesting and helpful
information there. The website is at http://www.apex-ephemera.com/gctc/.
Some of the information you will find on our website:

Our current newsletter, as well as an archive all of our previous newsletters
Calendar of Club Events.
Links to great online resources, like forums, vendors, blogs, and maps geared for all levels of Metal Detectors.
Other resources, like local tides, weather, precious metals pricing, county parks and recreation, and metal detector manufacturers.

There is lots more there, and the website is being updated frequently, so be sure to check in often!