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Labour’s record
We are well on our way to completing the pledges we made
to you in 2015. Here are just a few:
John Biggs with Henry Moore’s sculpture
Old Flo, now back in the borough

In 2015, we said we would:

Our progress today

Abolish the previous mayor’s chauffeur
driven car

Done on day one

Take a balanced approach to development
in the borough

Planning policies are now being revised
to better manage development

Clean up grant-making

Grant-making process totally reformed
with all decisions now taken in public

Create a Tower Hamlets Apprenticeship

The mayor’s Apprenticeship Commitment
is helping create 1,000 new

Scrap the previous mayor’s £15 bulk
waste charge

Now collected for free, saving residents
money and cutting dumping

Nurture new entrepreneurs through
Start-Up Centres

Our Whitechapel Enterprise Centre
opened in July offering free expert advice

Reduce the number of missed waste

Missed collections falling but still
more to do

Urgently tackle lack of primary
school places

Additional places provided and 94%
now get 1st or 2nd choice

Stop the sale of the borough’s Henry
Moore sculpture Old Flo

Old Flo now back in the borough
Expand free school meals to all
primary pupils

All primary pupils now get free
school meals

Prioritise neighbourhood policing

39 new police officers paid for by
the Council

Strengthen youth facilities across
the borough

Youth clubs now running six days a
week in every part of the borough

No child more than a short walk from a
high quality outdoor play area

We have created five new pocket parks

Improve the provision of social care
by the Council

Ethical Care Charter ensures no 15 minute
visits, no zero hours contracts
and workers paid properly 

Produce a Violence Against Women
& Girls Strategy

Launched in 2016

Plan the building of 1,000 new
Council homes

260 built, 249 in planning, and the rest
on the way

Create a Landlord Licensing Scheme

Set up and running with thousands
signed up