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8 Jahre Fusion Zukunftsvision 2018 09 06 def 2 245 KB, 2 pages
Big data analytics in smart grids a review 1.4 MB, 24 pages
Catalogue 59 13.4 MB, 28 pages
Circular Thermodynamics of Organisms and Sustainable Systems 533 KB, 20 pages
Digital Work Instructions Metis Automation 230 KB, 4 pages
Huawei Tablet Set Up Instructions V3 1 KB, 11 pages
Integration of Standardized Management Systems A Dilemma 682 KB, 15 pages
Life is Beautiful Festival 2018 Lineup & Tickets 271 KB, 1 page
Malware propagation in smart grid monocultures 917 KB, 6 pages
Metis Automation Joins 206 KB, 5 pages
morilles siliceuses littoral médoc carnets d raymond 2018 2.4 MB, 16 pages
Near Field Communication Technology and Market Trends 3 MB, 21 pages
Productivity 10TIPS 1.2 MB, 13 pages
Quality Control Software for Manufacturing Metis Automation 961 KB, 5 pages
systems 01 00030 533 KB, 20 pages
systems 03 00045 682 KB, 15 pages
systems 03 00133 266 KB, 19 pages
systems 04 00007 293 KB, 2 pages
systems 04 00011 704 KB, 13 pages
The Candlestick Trading Bible PDF Free Download 658 KB, 2 pages
Tinkoff bank receipt 15082018 123 KB, 1 page
Tome 11 27.3 MB, 60 pages
Types of Animal Hospitals 170 KB, 4 pages
Proposal of a Sustainable Circular Index for Manufacturing Companies 849 KB, 24 pages
Energy storage systems supporting increased penetration of renewables in islanded systems 2.3 MB, 40 pages
A New Concept of Applying Methanol to Dry Cellulose Insulation at the Stage of Manufacturing a Transformer 2 MB, 13 pages
An Improved Analytical Algorithm on Main Cable System of Suspension Bridge 913 KB, 15 pages
Integration of Solar Energy into the Zambia Power Grid Considering Ramp Rate Constraints 822 KB, 6 pages
On the Use of the Ultimate Current Transformer Ratio in Design and Analysis of the Behavior of Differential Protections of Transformers 66 KB, 4 pages
Quality Improvement With Statistical Process Control in the Automotive Industry 453 KB, 8 pages
Evaluation of Lithium Ion Battery Equivalent Circuit Models for State of Charge Estimation by an Experimental Approach 517 KB, 17 pages
Changes in Spectral Properties, Chlorophyll Content and Internal Mesophyll Structure of Senescing Populus balsamifera and Populus tremuloidesLeaves 615 KB, 19 pages
The Relation of Shadow Systems and ERP Systems—Insights from a Multiple Case Study 704 KB, 13 pages
SMED Methodology Implementation in an Automotive Industry Using a case Study Method 2.1 MB, 16 pages
Joint Estimation of the Electric Vehicle Power Battery State of Charge Based on the Least Squares Method and the Kalman Filter Algorithm 555 KB, 16 pages
Bilevel Optimal Dispatch Strategy for a Multi Energy System of Industrial Parks by Considering Integrated Demand Response 13.2 MB, 21 pages
Design and Prototyping Medium Frequency Transformers Featuring a Nanocrystalline Core for DC–DC Converters 4.1 MB, 17 pages
Nonlinear Autoregressive Neural Network Models for Prediction of Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Concentrations 2.1 MB, 12 pages
Unit Commitment Towards Decarbonized Network Facing Fixed and Stochastic Resources Applying Water Cycle Optimization 3.6 MB, 21 pages
Future Perspectives of Biomass Torrefaction Review of the Current State Of The Art and Research Development 3.7 MB, 17 pages
A Management Framework for Municipal Solid Waste Systems and Its Application to Food Waste Prevention 266 KB, 19 pages
An Adaptive Frequency Strategy for Variable Speed Wind Turbines Application to High Wind Integration Into Power Systems 10.6 MB, 21 pages
Augmented Reality Applications for Substation Management by Utilizing Standards Compliant SCADA Communication 4.4 MB, 17 pages
Energy Management for Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on Adaptive Simplified ECMS 9.4 MB, 24 pages
Energy Saving Estimation of Athens Trolleybuses Considering Regenerative Braking and Improved Control Scheme 7.4 MB, 18 pages
Enhanced Effective Filtering Approach (EEFA) for Improving HSR Network Performance in Smart Grids 3.2 MB, 15 pages
Impact of Low Molecular Weight Acids on Oil Impregnated Paper Insulation Degradation 4.8 MB, 13 pages
Informatics Solution for Energy Efficiency Improvement and Consumption Management of Householders 6.8 MB, 31 pages
Optimization Strategy for Economic Power Dispatch Utilizing Retired EV Batteries as Flexible Loads 8.1 MB, 21 pages
Residential Consumer Centric Demand Side Management Based on Energy Disaggregation Piloting Constrained Swarm Intelligence Towards Edge Computing 4.9 MB, 13 pages
Design and Experimental Implementation of a Hysteresis Algorithm to Optimize the Maximum Power Point Extracted From A PV System 2.7 MB, 24 pages
Design and Implementation of SPC Systems in Defense Industry Manufacturing Process 1.2 MB, 14 pages
Diagnosis of DC Bias in Power Transformers Using Vibration Feature Extraction and a Pattern Recognition Method 6.1 MB, 20 pages
Distributed Energy Conserving Scheme for Residential WSN Based on Behaviour of Utilization (BoU) 499 KB, 7 pages
Electric and heat power supply network of Hokkaido in consideration of the leveling effect by a wide area interconnection of wind farm and solar farm 3.3 MB, 17 pages
Energy Loss Allocation in Smart Distribution Systems With Electric Vehicle Integration 1.1 MB, 19 pages
Evaluation of a New Power Quality Index, Based in Higher Order Statistics 1 MB, 6 pages
Evaluation of the Physical, Chemical and Thermal Properties of Portuguese Maritime Pine Biomass 690 KB, 15 pages
On the Mobile Communication Requirements for the Demand Side Management of Electric Vehicles 8.4 MB, 27 pages
Power and Capacity Consensus Tracking of Distributed Battery Storage Systems in Modular Microgrids 10.3 MB, 25 pages
Energy Management Strategy for the Hybrid Energy Storage System of Pure Electric Vehicle Considering Traffic Information 3.5 MB, 16 pages
Local Energy Management and Optimization A Novel Energy Universal Service Bus System Based on Energy Internet Technologies 8.4 MB, 38 pages
Partial Discharge Analysis in High Frequency Transformer Based on High Frequency Current Transducer 3.2 MB, 13 pages
Overview of grid connected two stage transformer less inverter design 1.7 MB, 14 pages
Recent advances of the signal processing techniques in future smart grids 1 KB, 15 pages
Guest editorial introduction to the special issue on “advanced signal processing techniques and telecommunications network infrastructures for smart grid analysis, monitoring, and management” 340 KB, 3 pages
Guest editorial special issue on wide area monitoring, protection and control in smart grid 459 KB, 2 pages
Model Predictive Control Home Energy Management and Optimization Strategy with Demand Response 4.1 MB, 19 pages
Efficiency of Cassava Production in China Empirical Analysis of Field Surveys from Six Provinces 253 KB, 12 pages
Modelling Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices in Insular Power Network Applications supported on Real Data 1.7 MB, 46 pages
Future evolution of automated demand response system in smart grid for low carbon economy 834 KB, 10 pages
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