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The SCENE is the Italian Room in ROSCOE CROSBY'S Home in New
York. It is a handsome room. A plan of the setting will be found at the end of
the play. As the curtain rises Miss HELEN O'NEILL and WILLIAM
CROSBY are discovered standing R.C. They are in each other's arms, and
the rising curtain discloses them as they kiss. The window blinds are drawn.
HELEN. I love you so.
WILLIAM. You are the most wonderful thing in all the world.
(She gives a little laugh and moves away from him a step right.)
HELEN. I can't believe it.
WILLIAM. That I love you?
HELEN. Oh, no, I'm sure of that.
WILLIAM. If there's any doubt in your mind, I'll prove it again.
HELEN. They'll see us. (He takes her in his arms again and kisses her. She
laughs happily. And then turning a little stands with her cheek pressed
against his.) Oh, my dear, my dear!
(MRS. CROSBY, a fashionably dressed and extremely attractive woman,
enters from door down L. She closes the door. She stops for a moment and
watches the lovers and then with a little laugh comes toward them. MRS.
CROSBY is fifty-five and looks ten years younger. She has charm, beauty
and kindliness.)
MRS. CROSBY (coming to C. a step). Don't move, you look so
comfortable! (They separate quickly.) Well, are you happy? (To R.C.)
WILLIAM. Oh, mother!
HELEN. Happy!