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HELEN (L. of CROSBY). You see!
WILLIAM. What for?
CROSBY. Your mother and I felt that you were pretty slow with your lovemaking——
WILLIAM. Oh, mother!
CROSBY (continuing).—and I knew darned well that if I interfered, you'd
take the girl out and marry her.
WILLIAM. You old schemer!
CROSBY (crossing over R.C. below MRS. CROSBY). I bet it would have
WILLIAM (as CROSBY crosses R. WILLIAM slaps him on the back). It
would. (Crosses behind HELEN to L.C.)
(The door downL.opens andEDWARD WALESenters.)
WALES. I came ahead of the others to tell you—
CROSBY. Why, Ned, old man, you came just in time to congratulate them.
(He points toward WILLIAM and HELEN.)
WALES. On what? (L.C.)
MRS. CROSBY. They're going to be married: isn't it fine?
(There is a long pause.)
WILLIAM. You don't congratulate us, Mr. Wales.
WALES. No, Will, I don't. I'm not sure that I can. (Down stage a step.)
CROSBY. Why, Ned?
WILLIAM. I'm afraid that calls for an explanation.
WALES. Yes, I expect that it does.
(There is a long pause.)
WALES. I'm sorry, but I can't explain anything until to-morrow.