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(He turns suddenly and walks to doorL.As he opens itSERGEANT
DUNNsteps into the room.)
DONOHUE. That's your man, Sergeant.
DUNN (putting his hand on MASON'S arm). You got him?
DONOHUE. Yes, I got him.
DUNN. Great work, chief, great work. (He takes MASON off down L.)
(HELENcrosses down to lower end of tableR.)
ROSALIE (as they disappear from view). The poor young man! the poor
young man!
DONOHUE. Ladies and gentlemen, you are all quite at liberty.
(He goes toward doorL.)
CROSBY. Thank you, Inspector, for your consideration.
DONOHUE. Not at all, it was the best way out of it.
ROSALIE. Inspector! (Coming below table R. to R.C.)
DONOHUE (half turning). Yes.
ROSALIE. My congratulations.
(He looks at her for a moment, then turns back and shakes hands with her.)
DONOHUE. You were quite right about me. I was a damn fool.
(He exits atL. HELENcomes below tableR.)
MRS. TRENT (turning to her father up L.C. with a cry). Oh, daddy, daddy!
I lied about her! I lied about her!
(CROSBYtakes her in his arms, upL. HELENcrosses toROSALIEfrom
below tableR.)
ROSALIE (C.). There is nothing but 'appiness coming to you. The spirits tell
me you are the favourite child of fortune. You will 'ave wealth and
prosperity and 'appiness. You will marry the man you love, and you will be