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Top 10 easiest to train dog breeds
Each breed has specific qualities and charm, and each lends itself to dressage. With patience, love and
the relevant methods of training all dogs can be educated. Dog lovers say there are no stupid dogs, only
stupid owners. Some breeds grasp new commands very quickly, while others need more reps. The
reason for these differences are the characteristics of the historical purpose of the ​dog breed​. Some
were supposed to be flexible in the field, others - fast or exotic looking. It is important that the dressage
is consistent with the purposes for which a breed was created. The most suitable for training are the so
called sanguine breeds. They are moderately active, balanced, manifest a keen interest in everything,
quickly orient themselves in any situation and, of course, are very intelligent. Naturally, the breed
matters, so it is good to learn more about the one you have already chosen. Like humans, dogs are
divided into types according to character. There are 4 variations - sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and
Here are the ten easiest to train dogs:
The​ ​Border Collie​ is always in need of exercise. If you work somewhere far from the city, do not take
such a dog because it is not appropriate for such a lifestyle. They are renowned leaders in intelligence
among canine counterparts and easily win races for dog skills, wits and command execution. These are
working, extremely intelligent, loyal and attached to their owners animals. The representatives of the
breed have a very well developed sense of smell and therefore are used in detecting bombs and drugs.
Thanks to the average size and high level of intelligence, they are excellent rescue dogs too. British
scientists have conducted an experiment to understand how many words can a dog learn. After three
years, the result showed that the Border Collie has mastered more than a thousand words and
determining objects with their names. This incredible memory amazed researchers. The famous Border
Collie Chaser has been recognized as the smartest dog in the world. It has been trained in five hours a
day for three years.
Many people underestimate ​Poodles​ ​because of their comely looks and beauty. But behind the
charming curly hair hides a sharp mind and complete obedience. This breed adapts easily to any
environment, quickly finds a common language with animals and people. Poodles have high
intelligence and are therefore extremely easy to train. They adore to be among people and do not like to
be left alone. Sometimes they manifest themselves as overprotective of their owners. Although sweet
and cuddly, poodles can be good hunting dogs, because centuries ago they were used exactly as such.
Representatives of the breed are very good circus artists and pleasant company at home. Poodles are
perfectly adapted to life in an apartment, they are great companions for children. They are very capable
and smart dogs. This animal is careful and kind, obedient, cheerful, casual, mobile and deftly. The
Poodle is a companion of man in all conditions - with equal dignity and serenity could live in a shack
or in a palace. Nowadays, it works primarily in circuses and less with hunters, but in the past has been a
guard, a hunter, a shepherd, and even medic on the front.
There are four types of poodles - large, medium, small and toy. The original poodle is the largest,
so-called Royal poodle. It is the most robust of the three varieties. But even the tiniest Poodle, no
matter how ridiculous, brings the qualities of its older brother, loves all games and participates in
competitions for obedience.
The ​German Shepherd​ is very clever, brave with a strong protective instinct. If you train it from an
early age, it can become an indispensable member of your family. Because they are intelligent, they

always need a target, and work makes them happy. Therefore, they are also one of the best police dogs.
The Shepherd is a bold and energetic dog. Representatives of this breed are known for their devotion
and sacrifice for the family that cares for them. They protect their owners at the risk of their own life,
while being disciplined, smart, playful, distrustful of strangers, durable to travel, insomnia and stress.
German Shepherds never attack children and love them with all their hearts. They are mostly hostile to
strangers. It is a reliable guard and can assess any situation. It does not bark without reason, this is a
restrained dog, but can be noisy unleash their feelings to their owners. It is can also be a perfect
caretaker and a nanny. The training usually takes more time, but learned skills will be remembered for
Millions of people worldwide own a ​Golden Retriever​. They are popular because they are loyal,
obedient and dedicated, very kind and caring for children. They love to please people, and are not
aggressive towards other animals. With intelligence far above the average for the dog world, it is not
surprising that Golden Retrievers are very good at various competitions requiring thoroughness and
obedience, as well as learning a variety of tricks. It is a fun and social dog which quickly memorizes
new commands, loves the water and has a well-developed flair which is why it is often used in drug
searches. These dogs have an innate resourcefulness. The intellect and flexibility of Golden Retrievers
put them in different roles: rescue dogs, hunting dogs and guide dogs. They have friendly, mildly
behavior and are one of the most popular family breeds in the world.
Dobermann​ ​are very loyal, strong and respectful. They have tremendous stamina and energy and love
to work. Although known for their dominant kind, Dobermans can be controlled very easily, and
therefore are even used as therapists in hospitals. They can be good family dogs if trained from early
childhood. Although not evil and furious as pit bulls, you can count on aggressive defense on their part
when needed. This is a bold and confident dog which loves the company of its masters. The
representatives of the breed are trained easily and are useful in the military. This breed was created and
grown for defense and offense. The Doberman is a strong animal and must be subjected and pacified. It
is also important to be socialized and trained appropriately.
Shelties are also highly intelligent, but do not confuse them with Collies, these are two different breeds!
Many owners claim that their level of intelligence is almost equal to that of men. The ​Shetland
Sheepdog​ ​can take care and keep large flocks of sheep, because it is a very focused and smart dog. It
has developed protective and territorial instincts, which is why it behaves cautiously and suspiciously
with strangers but is extremely loyal and sweet, affectionate and friendly to its owners. In fact, these
dogs love to be in the company of people. The Shetland Sheepdog has extremely acute hearing. There
are both quite small and relatively large representatives of the breed. Shelties can even understand the
man only by his tone. However, if the owner speaks only roughly to him, the dog will not respond to
his commands. They are good dogs that need a kind owner.
The​ ​Labrador Retriever​ is one of the most popular breeds in the world and this is not accidental Labradors are the most lovable, patient and loyal dogs. They are of good character, not aggressive
towards other dogs and children. They are very active and playful. Must be trained both mentally and
physically to avoid overweight because these animals are exceptionally greedy. Labradors are often
used by police to sniff out drugs and bombs, as well as dog-rescuers. Many are trained specifically to
help people with disabilities, especially the blind. In fact, the Labrador is smart enough to be trained for
all kinds of tasks.

The Papillon is more a decorative breed because these dogs are small - between 2 and 5 kg, but are
actually quite smart and durable. Some are offensive, but they are just jealous and possessive. They are
easily trained and are very loving. ​The ​Papillon​ ​has extremely acute hearing, and that makes it a good
guard. These dogs, both beautiful and intelligent, remain a symbol of elegance and so were the darlings
of many kings, queens and aristocrats during the Renaissance. These puppies with ears like butterfly
wings like to bark, which can create problems for their owners. The coat of the Papillon demands
special care and daily brushing.
Although the reputation of the ​Rottweiler​ ​is fierce, this breed is actually quite suitable for families. This
is a very true and courageous dog which can become an excellent guard. They are often used as police
dogs, because of their strong bite and their instincts to guard. With the respective type of dressage the
Rottweiler can become a really cruel dog. This strong, massive animal coincidentally was once used to
transport various goods. And yet, do not be intimidated by the size and face of the Rottweiler because
with the appropriate training it can become the nicest and most protective dog. It is hard and durable,
but needs a lot of exercise.
The ​Australian Shepherd​ dog is a very smart and active animal. This breed is particularly susceptible
to dressage. Moreover, it is intelligent enough to be trained to bite cattle slightly to prevent it from
moving in the wrong direction and get lost. Dogs of this breed were used as guards in the 19th century.
The Australian Shepherd dog has a strong sense of ownership, but requires large spaces for living and
physical activity - it is believed that it needs around three hours of daily activity. So it is definitely not
suitable for an apartment.
What is the best age to start training your dog? Depends on what you want to do. If you want to
participate in exhibitions, taming can begin at the age of a month and a half or two. If you prepare your
dog for a service, it should start with the lessons after the puppy is over three months. Group training
starts from the fourth-fifth month. It is generally recommended to begin the education before the age of
six months, because then it matures sexually and becomes much more difficult to work with it.
Regardless of how hard is to train some dogs, each animal must be trained to a certain extent, so that
we can control it in critical situations. Primary education (if possible with professional, experienced
trainers) is a key factor in building the right relationship between dog and owner.

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