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A different kind of Crypto Lottery

Hello and Welcome
Be aware, before you read these five pages carefully you should:

like to gamble
like to experiment
like to help
are bored about the bear market in crypto 😊

Note: If you think already now that this could be scam or spam or so,
don´t waste your time and drop this letter in the bin. Else, use 10min of
reading time and get a view about what we offer.
The crypto world is currently in a sideway trend to find its base value.
Especially Bitcoin. But there is definitely no doubt about that this period
will sooner or later end and the Bitcoin will go its slow or even fast rise
We have no doubt about that this will happen. It’s just a matter of time.
The last years and especially last couple of months, cryptocurrency was
more or less always a bit like gambling.
The Lottery:
So, let’s take this point as a challenge and also as a bit about against the
boring time. Let’s play a game. A kind of Lottery with acceptable entry
and hopefully high outcome for the winners.
In fact, if Bitcoin raises until the Lottery end, everyone who takes part will
be a Winner, finally.
Because that is based on the fact that you can expect to get back at
least your entry stake after the Lottery end if you want.
The tech facts:
We are working with an account that is already combined with a
professional and safe working trading bot system.
Therefore, every value which will be invested is placed at the right time
and will trade at the right time. And timing and time is actually the values
that counts very much in the current crypto world. So, we won’t do any
unsafe experiments or anything that could lead to faults.

Let us have a look on the conditions of participation:
An individual lottery participation will be at 25,00$. (twenty-five USD$)
Your sending address will act as the receipt and stored in our database.
As a second database verification, please send us an e-mail with the
- your country of residence. (optional, used for statistic)
- your year of birth. (optional, used for statistic)
- the crypto transaction ID (TXID). (mandatory, to assign your contact
data to the transaction)
Important: Without the e-mail, we are not able to contact you.
And a promise: We will not use your e-mail address for marketing
purpose, etc.
It looks a bit like an old fashion way, without any Social Media, etc. But
that’s the safest and easiest way to do.
At the end of this letter you find a detailed guide how to participate.

Finance security concept:
All stakes of the participants will be value transferred to Gold (Vaultoro,
Switzerland). This makes all entry stakes secure.
The Lottery organizer will top up the total amount collected with further
10% of the collected total amount out of own funds (also backed in
A loan in value of the total Lottery revenue will be taken and placed and
used for the Lottery investment in the account portfolio. (The loan is
backed by the Gold)
Limits and rules:
Participation is limited to 1.000.000 players. If you are above the limit, we
will contact you by e-mail and inform you to refund your entry stake back
via crypto transaction. If you do not react to our e-mail after 60 days,
your 25,00$ will be used for charity (Red Cross, Red Crescent). If you
want to spend your stake for the charity anyhow (within the 60 days
limit), please let us know in a short return message.
The participation registration timeline is limited to 31 January 2019.
The winners will be drawn on 31 July 2019.

Based on the number of participants and the value of the cryptocurrency
inlay at time of draw the prices will be granted like this:
First price is Bitcoin valued 25% of total entry stake value.
(max. 250.000,00 USD, but min. 5000,00 USD)
Second price is Bitcoin valued 10% of total entry stake value.
(max 100.000,00 USD, but min. 2000,00 USD)
Third price is Bitcoin valued 5% of total entry stake value.
(max 50.000,00 USD, but min. 1000,00 USD)
All others can get back their Lottery investment after winners draw within
60 days or donate as charity gift as described before. So, that helpneeded people can also become winners.
On top, we split 50% of the account profit increase (if portfolio increases)
and split from the 4th winning level up on into same parts. (25,00$ +
value split share of increasing portfolio)
Nobody can lose anything in this kind of Lottery. Sounds crazy. But also,
nice to know.
Who are “We”? And why do we offer this Lottery?
“We”, are Paw and Pava. Both 39 years young.
Two Crypto Enthusiasts from Finland and India. (yes, that is possible)
Since 2012 we are in the Crypto Universe and very much excited to be
part of a future game changing finance and business system based on
blockchain technology. It’s just great to take part of a change in history.
We believe in the technology and have linked our old business and jobs
to it.
We made our lost and earnings, ups and downs over the past years and
created many profits in value, knowledge and experience.
The bear market is quite boring. To make this time also useful and a bit
excited, we decided to found this kind of Lottery. A simple idea, started
as just for fun. We will probably not take any real profit of it (in fact, we
are putting time, work and money into it + admin staff). But the only thing
we like and that is also nice, is to hand out a price to the winners and
support charity, if possible. It should be also seen as some kind of
experiment, for science experience related to blockchain technology.

The charity organisations that we support are doing a great and very
important job, especially in current war zones. They are well known in
the world and need our all support.
Red Cross, Red Crescent
As this Lottery is not an official one, please also handle this as it is like.
"Anonymous" is the topic. Please share only with friends and people that
you like.
If you hear about in future somewhere in public about Paw and Pava,
you will remember something. 😊 We are looking into the option to
publish some interesting stuff on a Facebook account.
If you still think this is scam or spam or so, then please go back to the
note on top of this letter and do what you have to do.
If you like to participate and/or share, you are very welcome and your
attention for reading was very much appreciated. Below you find the
detailed participation description.
We wish you “Good Luck”, “Thank you” and already now best wishes for
Make the world a better place. Safe, respectful, tolerant, open minded
and free.

How to:
To participate in the Lottery, you simply need to send the amount of
25,00 USD$ to one of the following crypto receivers addresses you find
We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash.
Important: Do not send your “Private Key”. Never do that!
We only need the sender´s transaction ID, (TXID) to assign your
How to find the TXID:
https://support.coinjar.com/hc/en-us/articles/204770485-Finding-a-digitalcurrency-transaction-ID-TXID- follow next page


Send 25,00 USD$ in chosen cryptocurrency to Lottery crypto address.
Look for your transaction ID (TXID) and prepare the e-mail.
Send an e-mail to pawpava@protonmail.ch .
The e-mail could look like this example:
[Senders TXID (paste from clipboard)
] / Name
/ Country
0x1BvBMSEYstBatqTEr5Au4m8GFg7xJaMWN1 / Donald Trump / USA

5. Done

Bitcoin (BTC):

Ethereum (ETH):

Litecoin (LTC):

Bitcoin Cash (BCC):

Dash (DASH):

/ Birth
/ 1946

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