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Introduction to the Podcast of the Play

"Nearly all revolutions began on a stage," is a line from “Love me, Fuseli.”
And this play along with John Freed's “Figaro's Follies” [an adaptation of
Beaumarchais' “Mariage de Figaro”] chronicle major origins of the revolution
to establish civil rights, and liberties for all.
“Love me, Fuseli's” other main objective is to humanize the proto-feminist
Mary Wollstonecraft -- to let her speak for herself without any "ism"
attachments and dramatize how her passionate pursuit of justice and happiness
transformed her into our pathfinder as well.
Set atop a powder-keg England of 1791, the play is fact-based and explores
the inter-influencing of Mary with William Blake, and his wife Cate, Henry
Fuseli, and his wife Sophia, Thomas Paine and Joseph Johnson, their least
known though most essential, mutual benefactor-publisher.
There are interludes drawn from actual court room trial transcripts from the
Old Bailey that contextualize the political nature of this secret meeting of anticrown, pro-republicans conferring with Thomas Paine before his departure to
join the revolution in France.
Spies abound, people are arrested and liberated, Jack finds his Jack again and
Jill is launched to help create the world that we now inhabit.

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