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Alabama Dictionary

aaloⁿhilka hiding place, cache, hide-out   [aa- /lomhi<hil>-ka ] ☞lonka 
áalòosi (do) a lot, (do) too much, very, too   [poss. -/áali-osi] [lgr?]

 «Aálòosiyán aksobaatisko. You

made a lot of noise.»  «Aálòosiyáalon aksobaatisko. You
made a lot of noise.» «Aálòosiyán naaɬiisko. You talk too much/too loudly.» 
àaɬi to wear (e.g. gloves) on the hand  -LI/3 (àaɬchi, àaɬhili, àaɬhachi)  
[/aɬi] [fgr]  «Ilbaɬkon àaɬiti. She's wearing gloves.» ☞aɬi1 

aaɬoyhilka bathroom, toilet, urinal, bedpan   [aa- /ɬoy<hil>ka1] Usage: Polite idiom. Var:

aaɬoyilka ☞ɬoyka 

aaɬoyilka Var. of aaɬoyhilka  
  aamatli  to scatter 

    áammatka  to be scattered all over 

    imaamatli  to scatter from; to scatter something belonging to somebody 
    itayaamatli  to scatter around on the ground 
    ittaamatli  to mix up together 

    paayaamatli  to scatter around on a surface 
  aamatka  to disperse 

    ittahamatka  to break up (of a group) 

aamatka to disperse, scatter, all go home, break up a meeting; to
be scrambled (of eggs)  -LI  (-, aamatilka, aamataska)   [/aamat-ka1] Var:

ahamatka    «Lokòokak faykan aamatkat anookati. The meeting was over and everyone
scattered.»  «Lokòoliya ahamatko. The meeting broke up.» ☞aamat- 

aamatli to scatter (a bunch), disperse, mix into, crumble up; to

scramble (an egg); to spread (the word)  -LI/CHA-  (aamatchi, aamathili,

aamathachi)   [/aamat-li] Neg: aamátko Var: ahamatli     «Ittohissin aamatliliti. I
scattered the leaves.»  «Okik ikbaafòokon akkon aamatlit aamatlit kanóochòosit
anoolok. When the water is hot, crumble up (the moss patty) and mix it in real
well.  » ☞aamat- 


áammatka to be scattered all over  CHA-   [/aamat-ka ]

[ggr] Neg: áammatíkko Var:




aapàkha shoulder blade, back of shoulder  CHA- 



aⁿhoopahchommo. My

shoulder hurts.» 

aapihchi body  CHA-  «Achiipihchi. Your body.» «Aapihchitaɬɬa illihchi. He had a
stroke (one side of the body is dead).»  «Achaapihchitaɬɬa illi. I had a stroke.» 

aapihchi istilatonka body armor   [ist-ili- /atomhi-ka ] 
aapikìtto Neg. ☞aapitta