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company called Lilly ICOS, LLC. The venture developed the drug again and started to sell
it as Cialis.
After a few years, Lilly ICOS, LLC. filed a new application for the drug with Tadalafil as the
generic name and Cialis as the brand name. December 2003 was a historic moment for
Tadalafil as it is the time that it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
for sale in the United States as a drug for erectile dysfunction treatment.
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Tadalafil (171596-29-5) — How does it work?
Men with ED usually have an enzyme called PDE5. This enzyme suppresses cyclic
guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), an extremely important substance in the processing
of a healthy penile erection. cGMP helps a man’s nerve ending signals in the pelvic
region to trigger nitric oxide release. As a result, the smooth linings of his pelvic blood
vessels relax and this leads to increased blood flow through the vessels to fill the
cavernous structures of his penile body. This makes the penis to become hard and
Higher amounts of PDE5 and insufficient cGMP in a man make his body unable to
decipher the signals released by his nerve endings, leading to partial or complete loss of
ability to get a penile erection. Men with erection problems have low blood flow to their
penises. Since a penis becomes hard as a result of increased supply, such men cannot
get an erection due to lack of insufficient blood in their penises.
When a man with penile erection incapability takes Tadalafil (171596-29-5) as prescribed,
the drug reduces the effects of PDE5 in his body system and this makes cGMP
concentration to return usual level. Just like other erectile dysfunction drugs, Tadalafil
works by widening a man’s blood vessels and as a result, when sexually stimulated, the
blood flow to his penis increases, the organ becomes hard, hence an erection.
Although the medication acts similarly to Viagra, Spedra and Levitra its effect lasts longerup to 36 hours. No wonder it is called a weekend pill, simply because a single dose of the
drug can make a man with ED have a normal erection and enjoy sexual intercourse with
his partner for nearly a whole weekend.
When a man takes a 36-hour Tadalafil dose, the drug reduces the PDE5 level in his body
quickly (in about 15 to 45 minutes) and as a result, cGMP returns to normal levels.
Nevertheless, since the medication has a relatively short half-life, its effect disappears
within two days and as a result, the level of PDE5 increases again and the man loses his