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pharmacist if the drugs you are using (if any) have nitrated. You might be advised not to
take Tadalafil if the doctor finds out that you are taking nitrates because they don’t get
along well with Tadalafil.
♦ Remember that Tadalafil comes with a brand name Adcirca or Cialis. Therefore, you
should not take both concurrently, otherwise, you’ll have abused the drug and the
outcome might be undesirable. You should only be treated with any of them at a time.
♦ Are you taking (or planning to take) any other medication, be it prescription or
nonprescription, vitamins or nutritional supplements? If yes, bring it to the attention of the
medical expert. Such information is crucial as it’ll help the doctor or pharmacist to
establish the dosage that will be best for you, considering the other medication or
supplements that you are using or intend to use. Upon having the information, the
specialist may find it necessary to monitor you closely for possible side effects.
♦ Are you using any herbal product, particularly St. John’s wort? If yes, let the specialist
know about it.
♦ In case you are a smoker and at one or several occasions have ever had an erection
that persisted for over four hours, you need to tell your doctor or pharmacist about it.
♦ Tell your doctor if you have vomited, sweated abnormally, had diarrhea, or not been
taking sufficient water and so you suspect that you might be insufficiently hydrated.
♦ Let your doctor know if you have ever suffered from the pulmonary veno-occlusive
disease in your life or any other health condition that’s likely to affect the shape of your
penis. Such conditions include diabetes, high or low blood pressure, heart attack/failure,
blood circulation issues, blood cell issues, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, multiple
myeloma, stomach ulcers, bleeding disorders, a heart disease, a kidney disease, a liver
disease and stroke
♦ If you love alcoholic beverages and you’d like to use them while taking Tadalafil, you
need to discuss with your doctor about it. Upon an assessment of your health, your doctor
will advise you accordingly, whether to avoid the drinks or take them moderately. In the
case of wine or whiskey, you might be advised to take not more than five glasses. This is
because high alcohol intake while one is on the effects of Tadalafil can cause side effects
like low blood pressure, increased heartbeat rate, headache as well as dizziness.
♦ In case you had previously been advised by a health specialist to refrain from having
sexual intercourse due to a medical reason, you should bring it to the attention of your
♦ Tell your doctor if you have ever had chest pain while performing a sexual activity. Your
heart may be strained as a result of your engagement in a sexual activity, particularly if