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668548158511693824|Sun Nov 22 21:54:36 +0000 2015|Abuse Solicitors! Billhar Singh Uppal https://
drlaverty.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/abuse-solicitors-billhar-singh-uppal http://pbs.twimg.com/media/
668546363613913088|Sun Nov 22 21:47:28 +0000 2015|@Adeybob @___JS2 bang on Adey. Right behind you
every step of the fucking way.
668546236459388933|Sun Nov 22 21:46:58 +0000 2015|RT @Adeybob: @___JS2 : so what? On this crazycastle, even a pauper can talk to a prince. I want questions raised,& I don't care who at sky…
668546185871904768|Sun Nov 22 21:46:46 +0000 2015|RT @Adeybob: .@___JS2 :am doing both. She takes
part in troll-ring, then waltzes off to be a talking head on sky? Sack her...THAT's how to …
668542286628802560|Sun Nov 22 21:31:16 +0000 2015|RT @honey_walker: Ambulance chasing bastards. if
you're a council with #csa to hide, who you gonna call? Not ghostbusters, #uppaltaylor htt…
668529958864691200|Sun Nov 22 20:42:17 +0000 2015|RT @Adeybob: why is SP allowed on Sky?: https://
trollexposure.wordpress.com/2015/11/05/and-she-claims-there-is-no-connection-ooops/ FAO:@LucyCEllison
@intcomjim @SarahElHadidy @francoisecairns
668529759828238338|Sun Nov 22 20:41:30 +0000 2015|@madamemooch belated best wishes madam.x
668529665477341184|Sun Nov 22 20:41:07 +0000 2015|RT @Adeybob: #WhyIsSPAllowedOnSky? When she runs a
#hateblog? @SarahElHadidy @francoisecairns @rupertmurdoch @SkyNewsPR https://t.co/BXXnxh…
668529608946548737|Sun Nov 22 20:40:54 +0000 2015|hahahahhaha https://twitter.com/Adeybob/status/
668507197035429889|Sun Nov 22 19:11:50 +0000 2015|Where would certain people be without Social media?
Propping up some bar trying to get free drinks whilst making up stories about their life
668506697888067584|Sun Nov 22 19:09:51 +0000 2015|So it's not a blog then, it's a load of shite to
try and stop folk researching on the internet. Stupid is being kind to you. #patheticstate
668480754486235136|Sun Nov 22 17:26:46 +0000 2015|RT @Adeybob: ah...got it..this shows @SoniaPoulton
as having admin access to the trollpatrol hateblog. Check the lock symbol. https://t.co/…
668480711872131072|Sun Nov 22 17:26:36 +0000 2015|RT @Adeybob: **UPDATE* 2 Days So Far & No
Answer>How The #Holbornettes Set People Up - Autopsy: http://wp.me/p2Q3iG-mc Has @Holbornlolz go…
668480211944652800|Sun Nov 22 17:24:36 +0000 2015|RT @Adeybob: *Updated* Looking at JennieJenJen's
#HateBlog: Pt 1 - 'The Why': http://wp.me/p2Q3iG-iQ #Hateblog in question now taken down…
668404154289758208|Sun Nov 22 12:22:23 +0000 2015|@KrinkoKlown everything but the ribbon is edible
668403117969510400|Sun Nov 22 12:18:16 +0000 2015|21st birthday girl cake. Smart yeah? http://