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DCX Tokens
December 15, 2018




DecentraX, a Wyoming corporation, (“DCX” or the “Company”) is in the process of building its own
high-speed DecentraX blockchain (“DCX Network”) from the ground up by designing the proprietary
hardware that runs the network around blockchain needs. Specifically, DCX’s custom “Minmaster Chips”
are designed around processing hashing algorithms to effectively allow for increased Transactions Per
Second (“TPS”). DCX seeks to provide a blockchain product based on hardware and software solutions
specifically tailored to deliver high performance in a broad range of blockchain use cases. Among the
goals of the DCX team will be to meet and exceed 1,000,000 TPS on the DCX Network, which we
anticipate to grow with each new project that is adopted therein, starting with the DecentraX decentralized
exchange (“DCX Exchange”) that will aim to resolve ease of use and liquidity problems seen with the
options currently available to the market. DCX Tokens will act as the gas of the DCX Exchange, as every
trade or “swap” that occurs will be paid for in DCX Tokens. The DecentraX team believes that
decentralized trading is the future and will provide investors a viable alternative to centralized
cryptocurrency exchanges.
This Confidential Private Placement Offering Memorandum (this “Memorandum”) has been prepared by
DecentraX solely for use by prospective purchasers to whom DecentraX is offering (the “Offering”) the
opportunity to purchase DCX Tokens, pursuant to a Token Purchase Agreement (the “DCX Tokens”), for
use on the DCX Network and its associated applications (the DCX Network together with the DCX
Exchange and any other such associated applications collectively referred to as the “DCX Platform”).
Unless the context requires otherwise, in this Memorandum the terms “we,” “us,” and “our” also refer to
any of DecentraX’s affiliates and/or subsidiaries, and all dollar ($) amounts set forth herein refer to
United States dollars. The DCX Token, upon full launch of the DCX Network and following a token
swap, is anticipated to function as a utility token, and does not represent any ownership, equity, or
economic interest in DecentraX, the DCX Platform, or its products or services. However, purchasers in
this Offering will be entitled to one non-voting common equity share (each a “Common Share” or
“Token Class Share”) of the Company for each DCX Token purchased.
The offering period will expire on the earlier to occur of: (i) the date on which the entirety of the
12,000,000 DCX Tokens allocated to the Presale and Public Sale has been sold or (ii) December 15, 2019.
Purchasing DCX Tokens may involve a high degree of risk. See “Risk Factors”.
Each recipient hereof acknowledges and agrees that the information herein constitutes proprietary and
confidential information of DecentraX that may only be used to consider whether to purchase DCX