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in history when the villain consistently becomes heroic. The cult
of the anti-hero has exalted the rebel and the malefactor.
Because man does little in moderation, selective acceptance
of new and revolutionary themes is nonexistent. Consequently
all is chaos, and anything goes, however irrational, that is against
established policy. Causes are a dime a dozen. Rebellion for
rebellion's sake often takes precedent over genuine need for
change. The opposite has become desirable, hence this becomes the
Age of Satan.
Dire as this appears, yet when the dust of the battles
settles what truly needed changing will have been changed. The
sacrifices will have been offered, human and otherwise, so that
long-range development might continue, and stability return.
Such is the odyssey of the twentieth century. The acceleration
of man's development has reached an epic point of change. The
evasive theologies of the immediate past were necessary to
sustain the human race while the higher man developed his
dreams and materialized his plans, until the frozen sperm of
his magical child could be born upon the earth. The child has
emerged in the form of Satan-the opposite.
The cold and hungry of the past produced offspring to till
the fields and work the mills. Their cold will stop and their
hunger shall end, but they will produce fewer children, for the
by-product of the magician's frozen seed which has been born
upon the earth will perform the tasks of the human offspring
of the past. Now it is the higher man's role to produce the
children of the future. Quality is now more important than
quantity. One cherished child who can create will be more
important than ten who can produce-or fifty who can believe!
The existence of the man-god will be apparent to even the
simplest, who will see the miracles of his creativity. The old
belief that a supreme being created man and man's thinking
brain will be recognized as an illogical sham.
It is altogether too easy to dismiss Satanism as a total
invention of the Christian Church. It is said that the principles
of Satanism did not exist before sectarian propaganda invented
Satan. Historically, the word Satan did not have a villainous
meaning before Christianity.
The "safe" schools of witchcraft, with their strict adherence
to their horned-god-fertility-symbol syndrome, consider the
words Devil and Satan anathema. They disclaim any association. They wish no comparisons to be drawn linking their Murrayite-Gardnerian-"neo-pagan"-"traditional" beliefs with
Diabolism. They have expunged Devil arid Satan from their
vocabulary, and have waged a tireless campaign to give dignity
to the word witch, though that has always been synonymous
with nefarious activity, whether as witch, or hexe, or venifica, or
other. They wholeheartedly accept the Christian evaluation of
the word Satan at face value, and ignore the fact that the term
became synonymous with evil simply because it was (a) of
Hebrew origin, and anything Jewish was of the Devil, and
(b) because it meant adversary or opposite.
With all the debate over the origin of the word witch,
and the clear origins of the word Satan one would think that
logic would rule, and Satan would be accepted as a more
sensibly explained label.* Even if one recognizes the character
inversion employed in changing Pan (the good guy) into Satan
(the bad guy), why reject an old friend just because he bears
a new name and unjustified stigma? Why do so many still feel
it mandatory to disavow any connection with what might be
classed as Satanic, yet increasingly use each and every one of