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Barrie Axford

Anne Bader (USA)

Quique Badia Masoni

Academic liaison

Institution building-

20 years


30 years

Developing US network;
interaction between
cyber and infowar
Russian influence via
organised crime and
martial arts clubs

Forensic research

10 years
Infowar counter

Oleksandr Danylyuk

Capacity building

Forensic research

8 years

8 years

Cluster evaluation and
education in research

Nico de Pedro
Cluster development;
Mentoring in research
and report writing
Harold Elletson

Perry Fawcett

Institution building

Quality control

10 years

15 years

Tracking Russian money
flows; evaluation of
partners’ financial
fitness and finance
management training

Partners’ material and
personnel exploitation;
relationship building