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"Don't tell me you're one with the Council? A spy?"
The teasing in his voice flew over Tranquility's head, and his pupils rapidly turned
to thin slits as he backed up, squeaking urgently. "What?! No! I would never! Oh, please
please please-!"
Before he could finish, he was suddenly swept up in the spindly arms of Curiosity,
hugged tightly to his dark furred chest as the primate spun around on the hammock with
ease, grinning mischeviously. "I can't have spies, oh no! Now I have to get rid of ya!"
Tranquility let out a shrill yelp as Curiosity dropped down suddenly onto the
vines, rolling over in what worked as a tackle. Bewildered, the feline shook his head as
Curiosity straightened up and leaned over him, using a finger to tap his nose. The feline
blinked slowly, his ruffled fur flattening as he realized only warmth and humor was in the
primate's eyes.
He smiled gently, then.
"Give it back!"
Tranquility dropped his ball of moss that he'd been batting around for the past few
moments to look over at the chaos ensuing right beside him. Mischief was being herself
again, the fox's lips rising to reveal her sharp teeth in a wide grin as she glared up at the
primate angrily pacing on a gnarled tree branch above. The ginger pointed and back