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One conclusion you drew was the impact a pre-combat grey zone has on Swedish naval
capabilities. What solutions are you coming up with to tackle this issue?
A simple solution to this question is: more ships. However this is not economically feasible, so we must
look down other avenues.
One solutions is to utilise our international partners. To strengthen our intelligence analysis systems to
prevent unnecessarily rapid escalation, so as to avoid a scenario where too much is deployed too
swiftly. Intelligence therefore is key to the ability of our decision makers to be able to assess the
situation with as accurate information as possible.
Is there political pressure to drive operational narrative - and not be reactive to issues.
One of the benefits to being a small country is that there is a close relationship between operational
decision makers and political decision makers. This ensures a tight narrative surrounding what the
operational objectives were. We have found it possible to approach these operations with a calm, and
focused approach - yet retaining the ability to demonstrate a swift reaction time to a possible threat to
Regarding the national debate surrounding Gotland. This represents a key island facet - to
control baltic sea, how has aurora
„The one who knows best is the one who comes after‟ - It is now clear we should not have left Gotland.
However there is now a Swedish armed forces presence, a new regiment has been formed, and has
been shown on several exercises where gotland is the center exercise piece. We are not going to leave
and have demonstrated we are prepared and able to defend it.
Aurora and Hybrid Warfare: How did Russia react and seek to disrupt Aurora.
In Russian media displayed that Aurora was bigger ZAPAD. We witnessed low key Russian reaction not a great deal centered around Aurora - and the Russian military response around Aurora was low key

Specifically, what was the strategic communication directed towards Russian: was it Active or
Passive at the event. There were a number of Russian officials at the closing event, What are
your thoughts on active efforts to strategically communicate?