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ELEMENTS the PSYCHOPHYSICS 02 English Gustav Theodor Fechner.pdf

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XXXV. Some tactile test series according to the method of the mean error with
explanations of this method.
1. Addition. Derivation of the correction due to the finite m.
2nd addition. Derivation of the correction due to the size of the intervals.
XXXVI. Transition from external to internal psychophysics.
XXXVII. About the seat of the soul.
a) Seat of the soul in a broader sense.
b) Seat of the soul in the narrower sense.
c) Question about simple or extended (closer) soul seats.
d) Question about the extent of the extended seat of the soul.
e) Resume and conclusion.
XXXVIII.transfer of Weber's law and the fact of the threshold into internal
XXXIX. General significance of the threshold in internal psychophysics
XL. Sleep and guards.
XLI. Partial sleep; Attention.
XLII. Relationship between the general consciousness and its special
phenomena. The wave scheme.
XLIII. Relationship between the sensory and mental phenomena.
XLIV. Observations and remarks on the relationship between afterimages and
memory images, in particular phenomena of the sensory memory, hallucinations,
illusions, dreams.
a) memories and afterimages in relation to each other.
b) memory replicas.
c) Phenomena of the sensory memory and reaction phenomena according
to intuition of movements.
e) General considerations.
f) Some remarks about dreams.
XLV. Psychophysical continuity and discontinuity. Psychophysical step structure of
the world. Points of contact of psychophysics to natural philosophy and religion.
XLVI. Question about the nature of the psychophysical movement.
Historical and accessories.
XLVII. Historical.
XLVIII. Additions.