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they may well be parties but can not justify a valid judgment. So it seemed
useful Once the files about the question in the utmost completeness
zusammengeheftet presented and after so much for or against the pros and cons to
face and discuss as impartially. This is the task of this font.
It is undeniable that in the negotiations so far it has not yet stopped, but, after the
exhibition of the Darmstadt copy in Munich (1869) had proved itself fruitfully, the
forthcoming compilation of both copies in Dresden (of the Aug. 15 to Oct. 15, 1871)
is expected to bring a new episode of the same. And perhaps the future negotiations
will be less divergent if the compilation of the preceding offers the conviction that the
possible ways of divergence are already exhausted. In any case, it is not necessary to
go to the new investigation without knowledge of what the earlier investigations have
brought. So I offer this compilation not just to take note of the previous, but also as a
basis for the negotiations still to be expected of those who do not want to give
themselves the trouble of the decline on the original investigations and their detailed
comparison. The thought and desire to provide some services in this capacity has
even been the determining reason for having them appear now, otherwise it would
have been better to wait for a moment when the negotiations after the exhibition
would be if not one, ever Hard to expect, conclusion, but rest found.
Finally, there may be a formal interest in it, which can easily surpass the materiality
of the question itself. Here we have an example of a major work, from which it is
easier to get to know the state of today's art judgment in a historical-critical, artistic,
and aesthetic sense, rather than from any general characteristic. If the same thing has
not been done on any object more than on it, there should be no more versatile and
interesting specimen for the proof of it. If the result of a summary view of the
successes, as they are here, on the whole is not very pleasing, it is nevertheless an
instructive and many things to think, which I leave to the expert.
I give myself only to a lover of art, who is grateful to the connoisseurs for the
willingness with which they have granted the information and enlightenment which
he has often used, and which is not influenced by any personal passion in the
discussion of foreign views His own judgment only falls insofar as he believes he has
the preconditions for this in sufficient preliminary studies, which is not the case in
many respects, such as the so important, but at the same time Holbein's, difficult
question of the artist's manner of painting. 1)In general, however, I am not concerned
either with championing one's own opinion, which, in the main, amounts to a
probable verdict [cf. p. 30], as representing the still undecided struggle of opinions so
that each one can form his own judgment.
1) But is

there already enough preliminary studies in this regard? Compare the 4th and 5th sections.

This task could not be fulfilled in a short presentation; but those who find it too
long to follow the discussion of the thoroughness and the series of acts that seemed to
be necessary for completeness and control, may refer to the discussion at the end of
the discussion (in the ninth section) , Resume the main points and go from there after
the instructions of the references as far as the detail as he likes. Hereby I hope to have