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North America Pageant® – VA
Delegates’ Handbook 2018 - 2019

Company Profile. 
Worldly Krowns Productions, an event production company, has been organizing
beauty pageants since 2016 in the states of NC and SC. Most recently, they were
awarded the VA state licenses for the U.S.A. franchise for Miss International
(​​) and North America Beauty Pageant systems. Worldly
Krowns Productions is a VA based small business company striving to promote the
positive aspects of pageantry through fair, professionally ran and enjoyable
Harrison Productions, L.L.C. created North America Pageant System to provide
delegates an opportunity to compete in a pageant system that was free of stringent
requirements. The intent is to provide a quality theater stage show, while keeping
costs within an affordable range and providing a CASH prize package on the
National Level that so many pageant systems lack. On THE state level, we offer an
amazing prize package to assist with preparing for the National North America
Pageant as well as a cash / scholarship prize for our Teen Division. We ask that our
Queens make appearances and be a role model in their communities. The North
America Beauty Pageant is the “Sister Pageant” to Miss U.S. International.
Emphasizing beauty, style, and cultural appreciation, the North America Pageant is a
personal development opportunity for girls, of North America. The delegates who
become part of the North America Beauty Pageant gain confidence and poise in an
increasingly competitive world. The pageant affords each delegate the opportunity to
grow and advance her personal goals while acting as a role model in her community.
The National Pageant does offer a cash prize package for each winning delegate.

All delegates who are interested in competing must provide proof of their age via a
birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, or school ID. Ages and requirements are
discussed in this packet. All items must be received by date specified in this packet.

Areas of Competition
Jr. Miss


Interview: 30%
Fun Fashion: 35%
Evening Gown: 35%

Interview: 30%
Fitness / Athletic Wear: 35%
Evening Gown: 35%


Ms. and Elite

Interview: 30%
Fitness / Athletic Wear: 35%
Evening Gown: 35%

Interview: 50%
Fitness / Athletic Wear: 25%
Evening Gown: 25%