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North America Pageant® – VA
Delegates’ Handbook 2018 - 2019

VA North America Pageant®
357 Bridgewater Drive, Newport News, VA 23603
Email: ​

Dear Parent/Delegate:
Hello and welcome to the North America Beauty Pageant – Virginia. Enclosed please find necessary information
regarding our upcoming event, this will be a wonderful experience.
Come and be part of one of the most prestigious pageants! As a contestant, you will have the opportunity to meet and
compete with other women in your age division from all over your home state! You will have the opportunity to win the
coveted custom designed ​State Crown​…as well as an amazing prize package and not to mention the honor of becoming
the NEXT ​North America Beauty Pageant State Titleholder!
A Delegate checklist is included to ensure that you have everything. This will be an ​exciting event!​ Our staff is working
very hard to make this an unforgettable experience!
Please be sure to read all the enclosed materials, as there is a DEADLINE to enter the pageant.​ The deadline to pay your
entrance fee in FULL is March 1, 2019; you may send your forms in prior to the deadline. ​There is also information
you will need to prepare for this event. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to email me.
Total entry to compete for your opportunity to be your State’s Representative is $125.00. Once we receive your deposit of
$25.00, you will be officially registered; you may choose to pay your entry fee in full or to make payments. You may also
seek sponsors to assist with your entry fee; there is additional sponsorship information included in this packet. The North
America Pageant is a not-for-profit pageant and all sponsorships delegate receives, are tax deductible. You will also have
the ​option​ to select a city / area to represent if you would like; you are NOT required to select or to purchase a city / area
sash, that is optional and is discussed later in the packet; you will be recognized on stage with your name
If you are paying the fee via PayPal, please ​ONLY SELECT the option “​Send to FAMILY & FRIENDS​”​ to our
PayPal address at ​​. We also accept ​CashAPP ​to: ​$WKrownsTE.​ You may also mail a
money order or cashier’s check to the address listed and made payable to: Worldly Krowns Productions. You may also
call the Pageant Office at 757-949-6890 for phone payments (add 3% processing fee to the payment amount).
Please know that we are here for you to help you with whatever you need. Please keep in mind that things might change
from here to the event. However, we will keep you updated to the very latest every single moment…nothing will be a
surprise for anyone.
Tasha Etter
VA State Director