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January 2019 Club Minutes
The President opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.
The March meeting will be held on the second Wednesday, March 13th as the center is not available at the usual time. Reminder to follow on
the February meeting.
Please don’t hesitate to approach the board with suggestions of future meeting content. Club members have years of experience and
varied interests that have a lot to offer new, inexperienced members.
The Board wishes to thank everyone for their efforts in making the holiday party a wonderful success. We are already looking forward to
next year!
The Club welcomes Rick Wintz as our newest full member.
Vice President, Sue Chonoles reminded all to dig into your find metal detecting items for the February silent auction. Please tag your items
with your name and minimum requested bid along with spaces for the silent bidders. The sellers keep all proceeds, so bring extra cash and
make someone’s treasure yours!
President Nash requested to keep comments short to allow Tom maximum time to thrill.
The Club welcomed Tom Dankowski who entertained all with his inspirational knowledge of 45+ years and lecture on beach and inland
treasure hunting lasting well beyond normal time. Thanks so much Tom!

Club Auction

Vibra-Tech Pinpointer Raffle

There will be an auction at the February meeting that
all members can participate in.

Club Secretary John Burke has donated a Vibra-Tech underwater pinpointer.
You can check out all of the Vibra underwater pulse induction probes at
RTGStore.com. This is a very generous donation to the club.

Please follow these guidelines, if you would like to

Thank You John!

All items for sale must be metal detecting related, i.e.
metal detecting equipment and accessories, found
items like jewelry or unique items.
You must prepare a bid sheet for each item with a
minimum bid at the top.
You can have a maximum of ten items for sale.
The best part is you keep the money—not the club!

March Meeting Date
The club has been notified by the Science Museum that our
meeting cannot be held on the 14th of March, so it has been
moved up one day. The March meeting will be held on
Wednesday, March 13th.