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Imagine that you are walking along the Jersey Shore in the late summer of
1900 and you come across two young men dressed in suits -- Stephen’s is
much shabbier than Tom’s very stylish one. Tom has also brought his
bathing outfit wrapped in a large bright towel sitting between them on the
STEPHEN (reading to Tom from a copy of “Frank Merriwell at Yale”)
At the end of the eighth inning the score remained one to nothing in
Harvard's favor with no outs and men on first and third. Sport Harris had
been disappointed when Merriwell continued to remain on the mound,
"He's rattled, Here's where they’ll kill him."
But Frank proved that he was not rattled. He tricked the man on third into
getting off the bag and then threw him out in a way that brought a yell of
delight from the Yale men. That fixed it so the next batter could not
sacrifice with the object of letting the man on third home. Then he got
down to business, and a ground-ball double play ended Harvard’s half of
the inning.
I think we’d better stop there if you want to spend some time in the water
before dark.
No way. We’re playing Yale twice next Spring.
I guess, since you’ll probably be the starting pitcher, you need to find out
what happens to Frank. (flipping pages to the end of the book).
"Oh, if Yale can only score now!" seemed to mutter hundreds in the
The first man up, however, flied out to center, and the next man was
thrown out at first. That seemed to settle it. The spectators were making