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SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming
Mouse - 16,000 CPI Optical Sensor OLED Display - Tactile Alerts - RGB
Reviews, Ratings And Price History
All Time Rating : 78% ★★★★★
3.9 out of 5 (Based on 273 Reviews)
30 Days Rating : 20% ★★★★★
1.0 out of 5 (Based on 1 Review)
3 Months Rating : 74% ★★★★★
3.7 out of 5 (Based on 10 Reviews)
6 Months Rating : 82% ★★★★★
4.1 out of 5 (Based on 23 Reviews)
12 Months Rating : 78% ★★★★★
3.9 out of 5 (Based on 68 Reviews)
* Ratings & Reviews last refreshed on 2019-02-20 (see below)

Price History

UK & Ireland




* Prices unverified (Source: http://camelcamelcamel.com)

Recent Reviews

★★★★★ Fancy Advertising, Cheap Gaming Mouse I used this "gaming
mouse" for 13 months now, and at just about 6 months the many issues started
occuring. For one, the right click stop registering consistently; meaning that I would
have to press down really hard on it for it to execute. This presisted for a few weeks
then stopped (or I just stopped noticing). Since 3 months ago, the mouse began
overheating, to the point where it started to slightly burn my hand. And now, I'm
attempting to RMA the mouse. And despite opening a ticket and being approved
the RMA in August , apparently now its too late. Now do you really want to
purchase from a company who willfully screws over a customer to save $45? I'd
stay away from Steelseries; I tried their Siberia 800 (overpriced flimsy plastic) and
made the mistake of trying one of their flagship gaming mice. Never again
Steelseries. ( US ) on Tue 12th Feb, 2019

★★★★★ Overall Quality I love this mouse. It does what I want. There is no
latency or ghosting and it has several options. I love the design and it works
perfectly for what I use it for. The DPI adjustment range is amazing and so is the
sensitivity. I highly recommend this product. ( US ) on Tue 22nd Jan, 2019

★★★★★ SteelSeries Rival 710 Gaming Mouse The mouse before this one
was a SteelSeries Rival earlier model, which was well loved and still in great shape
when switched to this one. But this mouse is superior because it has a shape
similar to a MX510, which has a wider base and fits the hand better for
gaming.Really, that's why it's so great. But it's also a heavy, solid mouse, that has
great reaction time and has done a great job in the various games played with it.

The RGB is very pretty, and a pretty prominent piece on the back of the mouse.
You can program it to light the way you want, or have it default or default color
change.But again, the shape, that's why you're going to want this mouse. Another
great one from Steel Series.Review by M. Reynard 2019 ( US ) on Sun 20th Jan,

★★★★★ As Described As described ( US ) on Sat 19th Jan, 2019
★★★★★ Interesting Mouse This is the first mouse that I have owned with
tactile alerts. It's also the first mouse I've owned with a little screen on the side. It
can be customized much more than other mice I've owned. I previously used a
Corsair M65 Pro, but it started having mechanical issues after a few years, so I
decided to give this mouse a try. If you need the extra features in this mouse, it
might be worth the price. The Steel Series offers more ways to customize it than I
think I will ever use. I felt a little overwhelmed with the choices and mapping the
buttons. The software isn't that intuitive and it took me awhile to get this mouse set
up how I wanted it.This mouse is unique in that it has an OLED display on the set
that can be used for notifications. It's a nifty feature, but I don't want to glance at the
mouse to get notifications. I don't think it's worth the extra cost though.The mouse
feels nice in my hands. It has little tactile bumps on the sides that feel nice on my
fingers. It doesn't have a thumb rest though, like the Corsair though. I miss the
thumb rest.This mouse glides nicely over my mouse pad. I wish it was a little
heavier. The Corsair felt a bit more substantial. On the other hand, I'm a small
woman and this mouse is compact and fits well in small hands. This mouse might
be too small for someone with large hands, but it nice to see that manufacturers are
making products for smaller people.I like this mouse overall. I think it has more
features than I will ever need. I play games, but this mouse is over the top for me. (
US ) on Sat 22nd Dec, 2018

★★★★★ Mouse Issues I have had this mouse for about 3 months and the
mouse wheel is already making weird noises. I never touch my mouse with dirty
hands so this isn't an issue with stuff getting inside it.The customization is pretty
cool but the little led on the side only works okay-sih with very very small gifs or
certain images. Not worth the price. ( US ) on Fri 21st Dec, 2018

★★★★★ Realy Hevey Work Like A Charm might consider using the 500
model screan is pointless vibrations dosent work on MOST games ... Almost no
games ( CA ) on Fri 14th Dec, 2018

★★★★★ Lovely buy it now ( US ) on Sat 8th Dec, 2018
★★★★★ Looks Like A Wireless Mouse But It Is Not I thought it is a wireless
mouse but it is not. and not friendly to the soft cloth mousepad due to the little
notch on the power connector ( US ) on Sun 2nd Dec, 2018

★★★★★ Works Great! The gamer in my household was initially alarmed to
find a cord on this gaming mouse, but it is long enough that it has not been an

issue. The mouse glides nicely and can be adjusted to different speeds. which is
quite handy for gaming. A nice mouse for the active gamer in your life! ( US ) on
Wed 28th Nov, 2018

★★★★★ Great Mouse, Many Features The Rival 710 Gaming Mouse is a
good mouse by SteelSeries. I've used a Razer and an Alienware, as well as the
ubiquitous Logitech, and I've liked the Razer (which broke down too fast) and the
Alienware, but there is a lot of good to say about this SteelSeries as well.First of all,
it fits my style of mousing, that is, fingertip rather than palm. It's smaller than my
Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse. While I could use my Razer with my fingertips,
none of the interchangeable side modules for the Alienware allow for fingertip
control. With the Rival 710 I'm back to fingertip control, and this just feels
better.The mouse is attractive. I like the RGB illumination. I don't play in dark rooms
anymore because as I've gotten older the contrast between darkness and bright
lights has become harder on my eyes, but it still looks cool. I'm sure it would be a
bigger deal to kids, or even to me 20 years ago. The customizable OLED is also a
nice feature, but again, one that doesn't have any application in my life.The mouse
also has tactile alerts (small pulses for notifications) but I don't like that sort of thing.
One important thing to note is that to use these features you have to download the
engine at steelseries.com/engine. This will locate your mouse and then it is a
simple matter of playing with the settings. You can have the illumination set to just
glow orange or blue, for example.I should note too that it comes with a braided 2m
cable, like all good mouses should, and a smooth 1m notebook cable. It's a very
solid mouse. I haven't had any squeaking on the scrolling wheel as others have
reported. This might just be a matter of time. I don't personally think it feels "cheap"
and I'm happy to give it 5 stars. ( US ) on Fri 2nd Nov, 2018

★★★★★ Noooope This is probably close to the 10th mouse I have used in the
past 4-5 years. Most recently several variants of the RAT mice, Logitech and GSkill
RipJawz. All have their pluses and minuses. First the good. If you like the Logitech
G series then you will like the feel of this mouse. In fact, I have a hard time
believing that the designers didn't just make a mold of the old G-series mice and
strive to emulate that exactly. The size, button layout (except for the extra side
button #6), positioning and everything just says "Look at me! I am like G-series!"
The LED lighting is super cool looking and the removable cord seems like a cool
feature although I am not sure I will ever remove the cord. The tracking seems
good - on par with other high end mice. The weight is hefty and action is smooth.
The thumb buttons seem to be in a better location than other mice which position
them way forward for claw grip use only.What this mouse lacks in spades is
features. It has everything you dont want and nothing you do. Here are the
examples:- NO adjustable weights (although the heft is reasonable at stock)- NO
adjustable heel length for different hand sizes (such as the RAT mice have - very
handy!)- Two DPI settings (as opposed to the usual 5 that other mice offer)- digital
screen is a gimmick, totally useless to me- removable cord - not sure what that
helps with- vibration feedback...what? So you can get cues to ONE cooldown. How
will that help? Gimmick- Buttons feel plasticky? hollow? cheap? Not a solid feel.Software is difficult to use, no tutorials, limited functionality compared to other miceNO ABILITY TO DEFINE DPI SETTINGS ?!? Wow...just wow.I downloaded and
installed the software, then plugged in the mouse. First try it was not recognized.

Next try it was recognized but I got a "CRITICAL FIRMWARE update needed." I
clicked on it and it failed...tried 3 more times, all fails. Gave up. Went into the
software. First thing planning to customize my DPI settings - critical for my
applications. And...nothing. NADA...zip. No ability to dial in your DPI settings.For
my purposes for gaming this mouse is a complete loss. I would return it if I had
actually paid for it. For average desktop use it should be fine, but you would not pay
$99 for that. My advise would be to steer well clear of this mouse as there are far
better options out there. ( US ) on Tue 30th Oct, 2018

★★★★★ Game Changer For Gaming Accuracy is off the charts now.
Pinpoint. Pixel-point. Tactile alerts while playing are a nice touch. I really like the
alerts to direct messages. Ergonomics are great. A little tank. This mouse is a
monster. ( US ) on Sun 28th Oct, 2018

★★★★★ Wired Beast of a mouse one of the best ive owned. ( CA ) on Sun
21st Oct, 2018

★★★★★ Lots Of Unique Features Taking this out of the package, I noticed it
was very lightweight. Once installed, it works great. The colors change and are very
pretty. The tactile feedback enhances any game. The accuracy is spot on. So far,
this mouse is working great! ( US ) on Thu 18th Oct, 2018

★★★★★ Love The Onboard Memory And Feel, But Not The Lack Of
Feature Support In-game. I have owned several gaming mice and keyboards over
the years, and to date not a one has been supported in-game. For example, games
can support RGB keyboards and show animations, hot keys, etc. Same for mice.
This mouse has an OLED screen, LED's and feedback. None is supported in any
game. That's not to say it does not work - just that the OLED and LED's won't do
anything special in-game.The OLED screen is nice - it displays your current profile
(stored in the mouse, so profiles travel with the mouse), DPI. custom images,
specs, etc. Like a mini-computer. It's thinner and taller than my Corsair and is wider
on top than the bottom. So if you prefer a wide grip, you won't like the mouse. If you
prefer a narrower grip, you'll love it. The mouse buttons also click easier, and the
wheel rotates and depresses with less effort.The cable unplugs at the mouse and
two cables are included (it's a special right angle cable.) So you can unplug the
mouse and not have to unplug the cable from your PC. That's handy, especially if
your cable snakes around a bunch of stuff. Grab the second cable and go.So the
mouse obviously has gaming events in mind. Take your mouse and game profiles
with you to parties, contests, etc.While I like the mouse and the operation - and
LOVE the OLED screen, it's too narrow for my hands - I wear an adult large glove.
It could also be that I have used a wider mouse for YEARS and am used to it. ( US
) on Wed 17th Oct, 2018

★★★★★ It's Good It jas everything ( US ) on Fri 12th Oct, 2018
★★★★★ Fanstastic Mouse This mouse is utterly fantastic. I have never
experienced the level of responsiveness that this thing has - every motion is

captured, every click is received and solid. The mouse is very comfortable in-hand,
and all of the extra buttons are well placed. The software is also super easy to use,
so customizing the mouse is a breeze. You can assign hundreds of things to any
one button, and can also choose tactile responses to button clicks in various
patterns and intensities.The OLED screen is interesting - it is small and black and
white, so not a game changer for me. But, you can load both images and GIFs onto
it. A bit of googling unconvered some cool GIFs that I can switch between. It would
be fantastic if the mouse could auto-cycle through different images, but as of now
you have to go in and manually change.The mouse is absurdly great quality. It is
very very solid feeling, and as stated very very responsive. While this is obviously a
gaming mouse, the customization makes it great for other functions. I was able to
add buttons that perform various word processing and other computer tasks that I
use constantly, and so found use even beyond gaming. ( US ) on Fri 12th Oct,

★★★★★ All You Need And More High performance and accuracy, has
everything you need: removable cable, on-board memory, and the option to switch
profiles using OLED screen. It also sports tactile alerts to let you know if your health
is running low. It is very accurate. NOTE: all those extras add weight, so if you are
looking for a lighter mouse, this won't be for you. The materials are high quality,
and it has a nice ergonomic shape that is easy to maneuver. I have zero complaints
( US ) on Thu 11th Oct, 2018

★★★★★ 710 Is A Hardware Upgrade To The Already Great 700 This is
such an excellent mouse. It feels great in your hand and then has the extra features
like the vibration feedback.You can install the SteelSeries software and control the
button settings and the colors. I have a Mac running High Sierra, FWIW, but all I've
changed so far is the colors. There's a wide range of settings available.The mouse
comes with two different cables, 1m and 2m, with the notion that you might prefer a
shorter one when working on a laptop, and a longer one for a desktop. The cables
are super sturdy fabric-covered.FYI: According to SteelSeries, "With the Rival 710,
we’ve updated the sensor from the 3360 to our latest TrueMove3 custom sensor.
We’ve also updated the switches to industry-leading SteelSeries 60 million click
mechanical switches." ( US ) on Sat 6th Oct, 2018

★★★★★ Four Stars very comfortable mouse, yet a little too heavy for my
taste. ( US ) on Thu 4th Oct, 2018

★★★★★ Best Mouse I've Ever Used! This mouse replaces my� Corsair
Gaming M65 FPS Gaming Mouse, Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, 8200 DPI� and I
honestly couldn't be happier. Button clicks and tip-in are crisp and clean plus I love
the sound of it. The downloadable driver / UI to configure the mouse is easily one of
the best I've ever used. Weight is fantastic. I personally don't understand the
screen but it's a cool touch if you think it'd be useful. The tactile feature is brilliant
and leaves you wondering why other mice haven't ever thought of this before.I
have really big hands so the button position on the side buttons is a bit off but I
actually like it. The keys are stiff and easy to get to, but not so cramped that you hit
them unintentionally.In all, this is easily one of the best gaming mice I have ever

used.I received this mouse through the Amazon Vine program. If you found it
helpful, please let me know by marking it useful. ( US ) on Sun 30th Sep, 2018

★★★★★ Squeaky Mouse I purchased this mouse, and its been pretty good.
However, never did I expect 8 months later it would start to squeak. The scroll
wheen now squeaks very loudly when scrolling down. It's very annoying. I need to
replace it now, or figure out how to oil it a little. I've had mice last years, heck even
decades, and never had this happen. Makes me wonder if cheap parts were used. (
US ) on Sun 2nd Sep, 2018

★★★★★ It Is Not Working When I took it first time the scroll is not working.
After 6 months later mice suddenly stop the working. They sold it like trash product
to me. Now my mice is not working at all. No one didn't contact with me. They don't
help me about to my problem. This is unacceptable. I paid for this, someone should
help me. ( US ) on Mon 20th Aug, 2018

★★★★★ GGWP! Easy to install and very comfortable.Great performances and
easy headshots. ( US ) on Sun 19th Aug, 2018

★★★★★ Precide, Attractive Optical Mouse. The Steel Series Optical Wired
Mouse offers great tactile feel, precision track at various settable speeds and has
looks good. The software offers lighting enhancements. good investment for a
gamer. ( US ) on Fri 10th Aug, 2018

★★★★★ Low Quality Mouse, Low Quality Parts And Poor Design.
Overengineered Software, Underengineered Mouse Allegedly a high quality
mouse and it does have many features but the scroll wheel stops working
sometimes which seems like a very basic thing to go wrong with a gaming
mouse.edit - 3 month update, the scroll wheel has stopped working completely, and
sometimes the right click button stops working. And the stick-on frictionless pads on
the bottom of the mouse are poorly designed and don't come out further than the
rubber cable base, negating most of their use, as the rubber cable base drags on
the mousepad, I had to stick both pads on top of each other to avoid this. This
really is not a high quality mouse at all, I'm just glad I got it half off. Poor design,
low quality parts. Would not buy another Steelseries product. ( US ) on Fri 10th
Aug, 2018

★★★★★ Not For Me But Nice Mouse This mouse is for those that use the
claw style, the puttons are too far ahead for those that play using the pal style like
me, bummer because its a really nice mouse and the vibration is a really nice extra
that i do use, the screen ia a useless gimmick thou ( US ) on Sat 4th Aug, 2018

★★★★★ High Quality, Nice Price, Cool Look I bought this gaming mouse
for my husband and he loves it. It is super sensitive and very accurate. The grip is
comfortable and perfect for his larger hands. The changing colors of this mouse
adds a very cool effect. It is especially nice that this mouse comes with two cables,
one smaller and smooth and the other larger and braided. This gives my husband a

choice of feel and flexibility when gaming, but it is also handy to have a backup, just
in case. ( US ) on Tue 24th Jul, 2018

★★★★★ Great Mouse. It's a great mouse. Feels very nice and is really
customizable on the spot. Love to change the DPI settings on the fly when I need
some accuracy in some games.BUTI've had the mouse for about 2 years now, and
the scrolling wheel just gave up. I Sent them an e-mail since the warranty is going
out in a few weeks. I'll update how it goes ( CA ) on Sat 14th Jul, 2018

★★★★★ Best Mouse I've Owned SteelSeries always has solid products, I
upgraded to this from a Roccat. The software supplied makes it difficult to use on
Linux as I have to switch to Windows to adjust the profiles, but for gaming, the
software picks up perfectly and switches profiles to account for games like Dying
Light where I had to amp my sensitivity way up normally to play, but lowers when I
exit so using Visual Studio isn't a fight against the mouse.100% recommend this. (
US ) on Sat 14th Jul, 2018

★★★★★ Got A Good Deal. However It was a decent mouse, got a good
deal. However, there was an issue with the mouse where a single mouse click
registers as a double click which can gets frustrating at times. If you do buy this
mouse, take a picture of the serial number before it gets rubbed off. I just had the
warranty refused because they couldn't get a good picture of the serial number. (
US ) on Mon 9th Jul, 2018

★★★★★ Love This Mouse Love this mouse. Went to SteelSeries after 2 of
my Razer Deathadders had M2 or M3 issues after 2 months each. This mouse
performs well and has for a year now, its heavier than the deathadders but the
weight feels good in your hand. I will keep buying SteelSeries mice whenever i
need one. ( US ) on Mon 9th Jul, 2018

★★★★★ Five Stars The best mouse I have ever had. ( US ) on Fri 6th Jul,

★★★★★ Very Professionaly Good I think this is one of the best mouse in the
market it's so comfortable and good to use without problems. 10/10 ( US ) on Wed
27th Jun, 2018

★★★★★ This Is Definitely And Absolutely The Worst Mouse I've Ever
Used This is definitely and absolutely the worst mouse I've ever used.My mouse
was delivered on May 24 and I wrote this comment in the afternoon on June 16.
During the 20 days, the mouse wasn't been recognized by the system occasionally,
sometimes the scroll wheel fails and sometimes the right button doesn't work etc.
And finally this morning it was totally retired, nothing working at all, in the middle of
my World of Warcraft raid. The driver had a problem, even the Steelseries Engine,
the official software, couldn't identify it, with no way to solve it. Also, its top cover
easily broke after a mild gentle anger toss. ( US ) on Sat 16th Jun, 2018

★★★★★ Five Stars So far its a great mouse. easy to use. fits nice in hand
nice colors ( CA ) on Tue 5th Jun, 2018

★★★★★ Great Mouse, But It Is Really Heavy Great mouse, but it is really
heavy. Not great for shooters unless you turn the CPI up. If you are getting a
mouse for FPS, i would personally recommend the Rival 310. But other than that
one discrepancy, it is a great mouse. The detachable cable and having 2 different
lengths of cable is awesome. ( US ) on Wed 30th May, 2018

★★★★★ Came With Missing Parts. I Initially Thought That I ... Came with
missing parts. I initially thought that i had to assemble the mouse myself when i
opened the box, but to my suprise the attachable back cover was nowhere to be
seen. I've appealed to replace, hopefully second time's the charm! ( UK ) on Fri
25th May, 2018

★★★★★ By Far The Best Feeling Mouse I’ve Ever Used By far the best
feeling mouse I’ve ever used. The OLED screen is purely for cool factor but who
can’t use more cool factor. Steel series app could use some love but configuring
the lights yourself is a breeze. ( US ) on Tue 22nd May, 2018

★★★★★ I Love It. Feels Good For FPS Gaming. I love it . Feels good, not too
big, ( CA ) on Sat 12th May, 2018

★★★★★ Cool Haptic Feedback Cool haptic feedback. The OLED screen is
completely useless, the mouse can't be customized apart from the 2 different wires
and it's on the heavy side. Otherwise, great durability and good quality. ( CA ) on
Fri 11th May, 2018

★★★★★ Fantastic Build With Absolutely Useless Features. O7 TL;DR:
Mouse has fantastic build quality, but the inclusion of several useless features like
GameSense, tactile bumps, and the OLED display drive up the cost despite getting
realistically no value from them.The mouse is solid, with some of the best feeling
button's I've ever experienced. They feel like they've got a lot more weight behind
the click, and it makes it feel very tactile and responsive. Tracking is fantastic.
Mouse shape and size is great for someone who uses a palm grip and has large
hands. Scroll wheel has a satisfying soft bump when scrolling and a solid, tactile
click as well. Overall, this is in my top 3 mice for build quality and overall
performance after playing a few games (Overwatch, CS:GO, BF4/BF1, FFXIV).
Very nice and would definitely recommend.Then we've got the OLED display and
Gamesense. The OLED display to which provides no realistic use other than to
note some very advanced profile switching which is easily done on other brands via
changing lighting. Gamesense provides little real use as if you do anything but a
very high claw grip on this mouse, all lighting information is covered up by your
palm and fingers. Tactile bump is incredibly buggy and, when trying to use in
CSGO, will just randomly decide to do certain bumps even when none of the
conditions are met.Realistically, if they removed everything that's adding to the cost
of the mice in terms of the OLED, Gamesense integration, etc, I would 100% still

recommend this mouse. The kicker is, there's so much in this mouse that's useless
that drives the price up that it's hard to recommend unless you're seriously into
gaming and want the build quality. $100 for a mouse like this (75 on sale, even) is a
bit much considering how much value you're getting off it. Don't get me wrong - I'll
say it again, it's an absolutely fantastic mouse. But they could easily shave off
another $25-40 by getting rid of all of the useless GameSense and tactile
integrations. ( US ) on Mon 7th May, 2018

★★★★★ Great For CSGO! (imo) I bought this to play CSGO. I was
trepidacious because of the weight. (I was upgrading from Rival 300) It didn't take
long to get used to it. Much better control at long distance head-shots. The weight
actually helped with flick shots. ( US ) on Fri 4th May, 2018

★★★★★ Really Like This Mouse Really like this mouse, but have to return it
eventually. This mouse is way too heavy, and your palm cant rest on it entirely. So
after 2 hrs gaming or casual use your hand get tired quickly. ( CA ) on Thu 3rd May,

★★★★★ Expected More The mouse is extremely comfortable and is very
accurate. It also works great with a soft mouse pad. However, the mouse wheel is
already squeaking and I've only used it for a few months. As for the tactical alerts
which is the vibration feature, almost all games don't even support it so chances
are, you won't even use it. For the OLED display, it's fun for a few but then you
forget it even exists. I don't think the mouse is worth the value. I ended up doing an
RMA to fix the issue. It's been taking about a month to get resolved because the
company sends me either the wrong mouse or no mouse at all. There is only one
company who had similar service, Dell. That says a lot. Do not buy SteelSeries
products, this is going to be my last. ( US ) on Sun 22nd Apr, 2018

★★★★★ False Advertisement I have never felt so swindled by a product: the
"tactile feedback" advertised only applies to 3 games out of the box. If you want to
set up another game for use with this, in my opinion, key feature you have to code
it yourself. Nowhere in the product description does it mention you need a sodding
degree to access the full capabilities of your expensive product. Additionally one of
the mouse buttons on the side of the mouse is out of reach of the thumb. For now
I'm sticking with my G502; at least Logitech don't lie about what their products can
do. ( UK ) on Thu 19th Apr, 2018

★★★★★ Four Star Mouse With A Manufacturing Issue We bought two of
these to equip our gaming team. Personally I feel the Rival 600 is a better
value/feature set, but the 700 works fantastically. There is a minor left-offset from
body to switches, which I personally don't like but the others prefer. The on mouse
profile storage is great, which the 600 lacks. I don't see the benefit of the tactile
feedback myself, I prefer the lift sensor in the 600 - the others on our team hold no
preference.My biggest issue is quality. It feels a tiny bit too "hollow" but most
importantly, the mouse wheel on BOTH of them has already started to squeak
while scrolling. Seriously, imagine a squeak every single time you change
weapons, scroll your documents.... Took them apart because repair has been my

profession for decades, and neither shipped with ANY lubricant on the plastic-onplastic surfaces of the wheel. A little silicon lubricant solved it, but I shouldn't have
to do this myself. Yes I know it has a warranty but odds are the new ones suffer the
same lack of lubricant.Still, it's a great mouse. ( US ) on Tue 17th Apr, 2018

★★★★★ Five Stars So far i love this mouse, truly customizable. It is a bit
heavy, but you get used to it. ( US ) on Mon 9th Apr, 2018

★★★★★ Defective And Awkward I had great hopes for this mouse. It let me
down big time.It was defective out of the box.The third thumb button was to be my
pistol switch. Well unfortunately the cheap flimsy plastic between the button and
those little orange dots activates the button every time you squeeze the mouse just
a little. So, in game, every time I got into a shootout and move my mouse it would
switch to pistol, getting me killed over and over. I had to deactivate that button,
which was the main reason I wanted this mouse.On another note, the mouse is
very long and awkward but that's just my opinion. ( US ) on Sat 7th Apr, 2018

★★★★★ High Quality But Heavier Than Expected Coming from the Rival
before there were multiple Rivals, this most is indeed a step up. Cool little LED
thing I don't even know what to do with, a few more buttons, and quality side grips
and scroll wheel. Comes with two different cords, one long and braided the other
short and rubberized. Same large gentle slope that I'm used to, great for large
hands that like to palm the mouse. The only thing I don't like about it is the weight;
it is substantially heavier than it's predecessor. This often leads to a coasting
feeling when you whip it about, and makes minute motions feel more difficult. ( US )
on Mon 2nd Apr, 2018

★★★★★ Great Mouse. This is the 3rd of these mice that I have purchased. I
originally bought one for myself after my razor mouse died, which replaced my
original steel series WoW mouse. I really like this mouse, and it has lasted quite a
long time so far. The reason I have bought more is because while I was at school
with my laptop, my son stole my mouse and when I made him give it back he asked
me if he could have one. So, I bought him one, and then his brother wanted one, so
yeah now there are three in my house lol. ( US ) on Sat 31st Mar, 2018

★★★★★ Five Stars Boyfriend loves it! ( US ) on Thu 29th Mar, 2018
★★★★★ Three Stars Feels great but over time it is too heavy for FPS games
( US ) on Fri 23rd Mar, 2018

★★★★★ If You've Never Paid Attention To A Mouses Weight It's Heaver.
If you've never paid attention to a mouses weight before you should think twice
about this mouse. It's heaver to the point that after a months light gaming and
internet I've just now gotten used to it, it may actually be a problem with drag from
the detachable cord. Otherwise great software and ergonomically sound for male
and female hand size. ( US ) on Mon 19th Mar, 2018

★★★★★ Unique Features, But Not As Good As Logitech. Very good
mouse. It tracks accurate and works well as a mouse. Extra features only work with
Counter-Strike Go. Otherwise, no haptic feedback, no screen, no other advantages.
Steelseries software needs to be installed to modify the "DPI" or speed of the
mouse, but it does give you near infinite control over the settings. Despite it's very
customizable nature, I personally prefer my Logitech G500 or G502+. Steelseries
makes good products, but in this case, the lack of usability outside of CS:GO
makes this one not worth the investment. ( US ) on Sun 18th Mar, 2018

★★★★★ Decent Peripheral Utterly Ruined By Garbage Proprietary
Software Decent peripheral utterly ruined by garbage proprietary software.
SteelSeries Engine 3 is a dumpster fire which regularly renders the devices it
controls inoperable due to a disconnect between the profiles it allows you to set up
for them and the drivers your OS requires to use them. You have a choice between
having your device customized for your purposes (which is the entire draw of
gaming peripherals) or having them be actually functional. Either way you’re out far
more money than their entire line is worth because, yes, the Engine software is
required to make any sort of change to any of their fancy products.Go die,
SteelSeries. ( US ) on Fri 16th Mar, 2018

★★★★★ Works Great!!! Cool Lights!!!! Great For PUBG! Would definitely
recommend for any level gamer. it certainly has several very useful buttons added
in places. Works great for PUBG!!! The steel series software is relatively straight
forward and easy to use. The customize-able lighting is a great touch and easily
syncs with other steel series products. ( US ) on Tue 13th Mar, 2018

★★★★★ A Little Gimmicky But Great! I have had a few gaming mice in the
past from Razer (Mamba), Microsoft (Sidewinder), and Logitech (mx518) and I
must say, I enjoy this one much more. The precision control is great, the software is
user friendly, and vibration capability is actually pretty handy for tracking cool-down
timers or for some haptic feedback in FPS.I have somewhat large hands, the nice
thing is that this mouse actually fits well in my palm, so I don't feel like I have to
claw-grip it all the time.I enjoyed the macro functions more than Razer/Logitech's
macro control and switching between profiles is pretty easy.Some features (like the
palm light and the side-led screen) seem gimmicky, but I suppose with some effort
you could pro-grammatically display something on the side of the mouse. Maybe a
clock? ( US ) on Sun 11th Mar, 2018

★★★★★ A Bit On The Heavy Side For My Taste, ... A bit on the heavy side
for my taste, screen on side is just too gimmicky to be practical. ( US ) on Fri 9th
Mar, 2018

★★★★★ Good Mouse, But Uncomfortable. Ok... Well this one is weird. The
mouse is awesome first off. The led screen is nice the tactile feedback the feel
everything about it. It is a true gamers mouse. I gave it 3 stars because of a
personal reason. Maybe others have felt it too i dont know.There are these 2 Little
orange dots on the inside left side of the mouse. These little dots will be right on

your thumb after about 30 mins of usage you can feel these dots and honestly it
starts to become annoying even hurt. Weird right? so in reality it is a very
uncomfortable mouse. I think i will have to return it and find a replacement. Its just
not for me but as far as functionality its great. But "real world usage" its not good for
extended periods of times due to the comfort level of the mouse. ( US ) on Mon 5th
Mar, 2018

★★★★★ Five Stars The mouse moves very smoothly and the adjustment
software is not that obtrusive. ( US ) on Sat 3rd Mar, 2018

★★★★★ I Bought 6 Wired Gaming Mice And I Liked This One The Best I
bought 6 wired gaming mice and I liked this one the best. You can change the color
LED to anything you want. The thumb buttons are angled slightly wonky, otherwise
I'm pretty happy. ( US ) on Fri 2nd Mar, 2018

★★★★★ Great Mouse, I Only Hate How The Thumb Button ... Great
mouse, i only hate how the thumb button closer to the oled screen is hard to reach,
but thats not their fault haha. I love this mouse regardless ( US ) on Thu 1st Mar,

★★★★★ Three Stars Was not what the person wanted. OK for some one
else. This person very pickie He returned. ( US ) on Wed 28th Feb, 2018

★★★★★ As Someone Who Enjoys Competitive Titles I Was Willing To
Give Up Bulkier Mice For Something Lighter And Smaller. This mouse is very
nice, I am used to using bigger mice so it took me a little time to get used to, but as
someone who enjoys competitive titles I was willing to give up bulkier mice for
something lighter and smaller. The additional features of the mouse are also really
cool like the ability to sync the mouses rgb with in game stats, like making a green
light slowly fade to red as you lose health or ammo. I also really like the small
screen on the side of the mouse. You can have it display an image or even a gif,
and when you launch the compatible games the screen will show stats like for
example in csgo during a round intermission it will show you which round it is and
how many kills you have, that kind of stuff. (note the side screen only shows stats
and stuff with certain games like csgo, league and overwatch, not every game out
there) The only thing I am confused about is that the cord disconnects but the
mouse isn't wireless, I don't understand why you can detach it if it only works when
it's plugged in, that kind of concerns me about the future of the mouse, but other
than that I am loving it. ( US ) on Mon 26th Feb, 2018

★★★★★ The Best Gaming Mouse On The Market 10/10 would buy againI
recently switched from the Corsair M65 gaming mouse, and this feels a lot better.
While this is noticeably lighter, the feel is extremely nice and premium. I really like
the rubberized/textured sides along with the thinner form factor when comparing to
the M65. My favorite part by far is the clickiness of the mouse buttons. Every
mouse click feels deliberate and satisfying. I also do not find my self accidentally
clicking the side mouse buttons.The OLED screen on the side is pretty gimmicky,

but is a welcome addition. I wouldn't get caught up on the haptic feedback that the
mouse also boasts. This only occurs in a very small selection of games (DOTA 2
and CS:GO are two that come to mind), and isn't something that is 'always on' from
my experience.A quick side note: I found that this works works better when not
using a mouse pad. For whatever reason, when using a standard mouse pad, I felt
the mouse often sticking to it. Underneath the mouse, there appears to be small
rubberized inserts at each corner. Once in a while, one of these inserts will catch
my mouse pad. However, after removing my mouse pad, my mouse works
exceptionally well on a wood finish. In fact, the mouse works better than any mouse
I've ever owned without the use of a mouse pad. ( US ) on Sat 24th Feb, 2018

★★★★★ Its Ok, But Faulty. Could use a few more buttons, and for some
reason, it just randomly stops working, ill be in a game and I can look around just
can't shoot or look vertically. Id love to get a refund but too late. ( US ) on Sat 24th
Feb, 2018

★★★★★ Really Bad Experience With This Mouse Mouse stopped working
after a time, only RGB and OLED works, if you want a beauty RGB ornament you
can buy it otherwise don't use it for gaming because you will be experience
frustration and maybe insulted by your teammates. ( US ) on Sun 18th Feb, 2018

★★★★★ My (Formerly) Favorite Mouse (Updated) Latest Update:Shrill
sound has only gotten worse with use. Unfortunately, I'm past my return window
with Amazon and SteelSeries RMA is an unsatisfactory path. I do not recommend
buying.Update:Just a week after I got this mouse the mouse wheel has begun to
make a shrill sound whenever rolled forward or back, like components missing
grease or oil. Nothing I've tried to do has fixed it and it feels like it may be rubbing
another part of the internal mechanism. It's still functional, but I have to ask for how
long?Bad QC for a mouse this expensive.OP:Love this mouse and it's
customization. Not much more to be said on it, honestly. Nice weight, great
tracking, wonderful feel for large hands, comfortable for long gaming sessions,
customization, and very "solid." ( US ) on Sat 17th Feb, 2018

★★★★★ Five Stars good mouse 79 is a joke i paid £40 ( UK ) on Fri 16th
Feb, 2018

★★★★★ Great Quality Product A little heavier than your average gaming
mouse. Great quality product. ( UK ) on Sun 4th Feb, 2018

★★★★★ Five Stars It is very comfortable and accurate ( US ) on Sat 3rd Feb,

★★★★★ Great Product Would Not Buy Again I would have defninetly
give.this product 5.stars because.of the shape the features and the ability to swap
broken parts, if my first one had the left click open and my current one been
preused but still in mint condition other than the software on the mouse. But the

packaging was still destroyed. And the mouse is really heavy plus my palm drags
against the mouse pad ( CA ) on Mon 29th Jan, 2018

★★★★★ Was Super Excited To Purchase This Mouse After Finding
Several Review ... Was super excited to purchase this mouse after finding several
review online that gave it high praise. So far my experience with it has been pretty
poor. The mouse feels like it is physically dragging, catching on the mouse pad I
currently use which has never been a problem with any mouse I've purchased in
the past. Currently using a cloth pad. I've purchased a "Hard" mouse pad that I'm
hoping will fix this issue but I never expected to have to go out of my way to get the
mouse to perform as expected. I'll update review after I've received the new mouse
pad and see if this has helped any. If not ill be looking for a different
mouse.***Update. I have received the "hard" mouse pad. The mouse works a little
bit better but I hate the mouse pad. I dont feel like I should have to use a different
style of mouse pad just to make a mouse operational. If i could I would definitely
purchase a different mouse pad. Cant recommend this product to anyone. ( US ) on
Mon 29th Jan, 2018

★★★★★ Five Stars One of the best i've had the pleasure of owning ( CA ) on
Fri 26th Jan, 2018

★★★★★ Use If You Want To Break Your Wrist Use if you want to break
your wrist ( US ) on Thu 25th Jan, 2018

★★★★★ Not Like New As Advertised. The mouse is great... However it was
not in like new condition as advertised. It was scratches and dings, words of
warning... just buy the new version. ( US ) on Wed 24th Jan, 2018

★★★★★ DANGEROUS I was enjoying the mouse until 2 days in when it had a
power surge and stopped working. It also blew the usb port it was plugged into and
steelseries customer service is appalling. 'Russ B' is a bot and their responses (if
you get one) are pointless. Use at your own risk. No more steelseries products for
me ( UK ) on Sun 14th Jan, 2018

★★★★★ Too Heavy 135g make this the worst fps mouse ( US ) on Fri 12th
Jan, 2018

★★★★★ It's A Cool Mouse. It's a cool mouse... The led screen and rumble
features are truly unique, but gimmicky I feel. I use this mouse, but I don't love it. (
US ) on Thu 11th Jan, 2018

★★★★★ Five Stars Amaizing mouse :D ( US ) on Thu 11th Jan, 2018
★★★★★ One Star Lol yeah sure ( CA ) on Wed 10th Jan, 2018

★★★★★ Nice Mouse Showed Up On Time And Had All Its ... nice mouse
showed up on time and had all its parts just a little disappointed it had all its seals
cut and had been opened before it was ever put in its shipping box since the box
was never opened until i received it. ( CA ) on Tue 9th Jan, 2018

★★★★★ Digs Into My Palm, Will Have To Return. Just got this today, the
mouse is well built and in a different life (one where I have a grip that isn't a palm
grip), I might really love this mouse. Unfortunately for me, this isn't that life.The first
thing I felt when I used the mouse was the bottom left corner of the mouse digs
right into my palm, not a little, a lot. Since this mouse is sold as comfortable for all
grips, I don't get it. Its not me being picky, its really that uncomfortable.So I figured
it was just my hand. I had my girlfriend who has much smaller hands than I do use
it, I didn't say what was wrong for me, etc. Within 5 seconds she tells me "It pokes
into my hand right here...". Which was the exact same place it was for me.There
are new back covers you can purchase (only from the manufacturer it seems) for
another 15.00. However no where on the page does it say the shape is changed,
so I have to assume its just the coating/look that is different. I'm willing to spend the
other 15.00 just to get this comfortable as I like the mouse overall, but... if the
shape is the same (or different), I can't tell from the website.So, overall, its a really
well made mouse in general, but if you have a palm grip, its probably going to dig
into your hand and I can't recommend it for that reason. ( US ) on Sat 6th Jan, 2018

★★★★★ Good Price And Great Product Shipped fast, good price and great
product. It has a little screen on it that plays GIF's too which is pretty neat. ( CA ) on
Fri 5th Jan, 2018

★★★★★ So Close To Perfect! Positives:- Excellent ergonomics for righthanded user that uses claw/palm hold- Custom LCD panel that can play 10fps gifs
( ͡° ͜ʖ °͡ )- Optical sensor is VERY accurate, much smoother tracking than even my
SenseiNegatives:- Removable cable drags on any surface (as viewable by the
white mark along the cable shown in the attached photo) caused by no vertical
spacing between cables anti-fray neck and surface requiring you to constantly bend
it to minimize dragReally all Steelseries needs to do to fix the ONLY issue I have
found with the mouse is to redesign the end of the removable cable to extend
forward/upward from the front of the mouse and raise the anti-fray neck up about
3mm; other than that single issue (which is a major issue) I really like this mouse! (
US ) on Thu 4th Jan, 2018

★★★★★ Nice Mouse, Had To Modify Cable To Not Drag On Mousepad.
One of the included cables sticks out past the bottom of the mouse and required
trimming out of box to stop it from dragging. ( US ) on Tue 2nd Jan, 2018

★★★★★ Bought For Gamer Grandson And He Loved It. He Said It Was
Perfect And Worked ... Bought for gamer grandson and he loved it . He said it was
perfect and worked great with his games. ( US ) on Mon 1st Jan, 2018

★★★★★ Awesome Mouse, But Gimmicky PRO -Great feel and tracking,
best sensor out thereMouse clicks are amazing as expected for the Rival lineScroll
wheel feels great (doesn't squeak for me)driver software that doesn't suck3 side
thumb buttons, standard is 2, the extra is very usefulall buttons on the mouse are
programmablegood looking LEDsCON -price (do not pay full price for this
mouse)weight is noticeably heavier than the previous rival mice, if you prefer very
light mice, do not get this.GIMMICKS. The OLED display is absolutely useless,
period. If you wanna make it play a cool gif and impress your gamer pals, thats fun,
but don't expect to actually use it in-game. The "haptic feedback" vibration has
very, very limited functionality if it is not being used with one of the mouse's
supported games, which are CS:GO and Dota 2. I originally thought the vibration
would be a cool programmable feature, but I haven't found a single case to use
it.Not really a pro or a con for me, but the plastic grips on the sides of the mouse
are more rigid and firm than the previous generation Rival mice. They probably did
this because on the previous generation the soft grips would actually wear away
with use - but I kinda liked that. It wore down the soft plastic so it fit my hand even
more comfortably and naturally, kinda like breaking in a glove.Overall this is a great
well built mouse, the OLED display and haptic feedback were creative ideas, just
don't have the usefulness that you might expect. If you need a gaming mouse, I
definitely recommend this, but if you already have one you like or a previous
generation Rival, it's not really worth the upgrade at full price. ( US ) on Mon 1st
Jan, 2018

★★★★★ If You Like The Fact That It Has Swappable Faceplates You
Might ... If you like the fact that it has swappable faceplates you might as well look
into a different mouse. The only place to purchase them is from the SteelSeries
website. Mine got detached and went missing in a move and to replace it will cost
me $50CDN before taxe. This is with the faceplates being 50% off on top of that. I
might as well just buy a new mouse at this point. I'm tired of tech companies
screwing Canadians and SteelSeries is no exception apparently. Also the game
sense is basically only for DotA2 and CS:GO so if those are your thing i guess it's a
selling point. ( CA ) on Sat 30th Dec, 2017

★★★★★ Domestic Support, Manual Is In English, Life Is Good. It's the
best mouse I've ever used. Way better than Razer. Also they have domestic
support in the US. ( US ) on Sat 30th Dec, 2017

★★★★★ Heavy Mouse With Some Neat Gimmicks The mouse is exactly
like the Rival 300 except for a couple of things. First, it is much, much *heavier.* It
really affected my aim. Second, the screen is cool and all, but kind of useless and
there isn't much you can do with it. The vibrate is cool, but it was only supported by
one game I played: CS:GO - it would vibrate when the round started. ( US ) on Sat
30th Dec, 2017

★★★★★ Four Stars Very good gaming mouse ! i like it ! ( US ) on Fri 29th
Dec, 2017

★★★★★ Five Stars perfect thanks ( US ) on Fri 29th Dec, 2017
★★★★★ Double Click Issue Within A Short Period. Just a few weeks ago i
bought this mouse thinking it can last a year or two, who knew it would only last this
long... disappointment. ( US ) on Thu 21st Dec, 2017

★★★★★ Five Stars Gusel mouse. Ama artık zor beeaa. Dolar oldu 3,90TL
amk ( US ) on Tue 19th Dec, 2017

★★★★★ Very Happy! Shipping was quick. Very happy! ( CA ) on Thu 14th
Dec, 2017

★★★★★ Four Stars good one but verry dificult for the hand need time ( US )
on Wed 13th Dec, 2017

★★★★★ One Star la souris est grafigné sur le dessus mais fonctionnelle ( CA
) on Sat 9th Dec, 2017

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