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International Association of Emergency Managers
Global Student Council
Chanpreet (Simran) K. Singh, President
Susamma Seeley, Vice President
January 2019 – Meeting Minutes

IAEM Global Student Council Board 2019
Immediate Past President: Cedric J. Andriamady
President: Chanpreet (Simran) K. Singh
Vice-President: Susamma Seeley
Secretary: Antoine B. Richards
Treasurer: TBA
Executive Meeting Date: January 24th, 2019
Executive Meeting Time: 7pm to 9pm Central Standard Time (CST)
Executive Meeting Place: GoToMeeting

Call To Order
Call to Order: President, Chanpreet (Simran) K. Singh, called to order the Board Meeting of the
Global Student Council Board at 7:10 pm CST on January 24, 2019 via GoTo Meeting
Conference Call.
Present: Chanpreet (Simran) K. Singh, Susamma Seeley, and Antoine B. Richards
Roll Call: Completed
Other Board Councils/Student Region Representatives: TBA
IAEM Committees/Caucus: TBA
Working Group Members: TBA
Note: Roll call was taken for the IAEM-GSC January 2019 meeting. All members of the
executive council were present excluding Immediate Past-President, Cedric Andriamady, who