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The Tinfoil Times

Club Hunt News
The club hunt was a two part hunt enjoyed by the twelve members that attended.
Everyone met around 5 p.m.
A large variety of items were provided for their dining enjoyment. Hamburgers, cheese burgers, 4 bags of chips in a variety of
flavors, Oreo cookies, sugar free cookies, honey roasted peanuts, various sodas both regular and sugar free, and bottles of

Most of the members had something to eat and drink before the first hunt began, which consisted of a day time wild hunt
lasting a little over an hour. The group left the meeting spot going down to the beach in a rather large group. Shortly after they
left, a guy who had been detecting with a CTX 30-30 left the beach returning to his car that was near to our meeting place. As I
approached to inquire how his search went, he noticed the Minelab hat I was wearing and made a positive remark about
Minelab. His reply to how his day went is priceless.
He said he had been detecting for a couple of hours finding a lot of quarters, leaving the pennies behind, until a bus load of
metal detecting people had descended upon the beach, which caused him to leave. If only we had all been wearing a Club Tshirt, looking like an army.
As darkness approached it was back to the meeting area to refresh with drinks and food. That gave Laurie Haire time to plant
coins and "jewelry" for the night hunt.
With a early rising nearly full moon, it was time for the night to begin. The hunt lasted a little over an hour. The temperature
was around 70 degrees with a steady light wind blowing any bugs away making for a pleasant atmosphere. ( No pun intended,
well maybe).
As the members returned with a bounty of coins and treasures we tallied up the winners for the various categories, aided by
the light from the latrine and flashlights provided by Dave and Sue enabling us to see the goodies. Our thanks to their
foreplaning to provide light.
Prizes awarded included Leather Man multiitem type of pliers, small AAA flashlights and a small Leatherman with a flashlight

Since it appeared everyone enjoyed the two hunts, it motivates Laurie and me to plan more hunts. If you didn't, my apologies.
Submitted by Frank Nash, President

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