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1. Jean-Pierre Frédéric Ancillon (Berlin, 1767 - id., 1837)
Autograph letter signed "Ancillon" dated "B[erlin]/I/II[18]29" from the Prussian statesman, who was
also a historian. As the Cologne Gazette had recently published the new tariffs to be applied to the
shipment of goods on Prussian territory, Ancillon had asked the Minister of Finance, Fridrich
Christian von Motz (1775-1830) for information in order to be able to answer his correspondent
accurately. He here details the new transport regulations and notes that: "......la diminution de ces droits sur
les fleuves est un premier pas vers leur abolition totale…". Interesting letter. 1 p. (13 cm x 22 cm). In good
€ 200