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6. Henri Gratien Bertrand (Châteauroux, 1773 - id., 1844)
Autograph letter signed "Bertrand" dated "Le 10 matin", by the French general, faithful companion of
Napoleon I, whom he followed on St Helena. Bertrand addresses Napoleon I's Minister of Foreign
Affairs, the "Duke of Vicenza" Armand de Caulaincourt (1773-1827) “…en son Hôtel…” to ask him to
confirm the time at which “…on se réunit aujourd’huy…à midi, ou à une heure…”. ½ p. (11,5 cm x 11,5
cm). In good condition. Autograph address.
€ 260

7. Louis Blenker (Worms, 1812 - Rockland, 1863)
Beautiful autograph signature "Louis Blenker" on a large fragment by the American unionist general of
German origin. He died falling off his horse. Dry stamp with eagle and, in emphasis : “General Blenker
– Commanding German Division”. In obl. (16,5 cm x 7,5 cm).
€ 220