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9. Napoléon Bonaparte (Ajaccio, 1769 - Saint Helena, 1821)
Letter signed “Np”, dated “Paris le 3 mars 1813” by the French Emperor. While the allies concluded
alliances with each other against France (Anglo-Swedish alliance treaty on 3 March; Russians' entry into
Berlin on 11 March; Prussia's declaration of war on France on 17 March; Prussia's Treaty of Breslau
with Russia on 19 March, etc.), the Emperor prepared the new campaign. On April 15, he will leave to
join the army and will be in Erfurt on the 25th to take command of his troops. The great battles of
Lützen, Bautzen, Dresden, Leipzig and soon the end of the Napoleonic Empire followed.
Acknowledgement note pinned. ½ p. (18 cm x 22,7 cm). In good condition.
€ 1400

10. Jérôme-Napoléon Bonaparte (Trieste, 1822 - Rome, 1891)
Autograph document signed “Napoléon Bonaparte”, dated “[Paris] Le 25 Avril [1855] by the son of the
King of Westphalia (husband of Princess Marie Clotilde of Savoy). At the bottom of a letter signed by
the director of the Compagnie du Palais de l'Industrie, where the famous Universal Exhibition
inaugurated on 15 May 1855 was to be held, "Plon-Plon" wrote “Laissez entrer le porteur – Napoléon
Bonaparte – le 25 Avril [1855]”. The prince was the heir apparent to the imperial throne of France and
Napoleon III had appointed him president of the Universal Exhibition. 1 p. (13 cm x 21 cm). Header
of the Compagnie du Palais de l’Industrie. Envelope with wax seal and, printed in red, postage paid stamp
Son Altesse Impérial le Prince Napoléon. In good condition.
€ 220