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CCBA Exam Dumps IIBA Business Analysis Exam Questions PDF.pdf

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Dn Tracy must cimmuoicate the requiremeots ti the stakehilders fir their cioseot aod appriialn

Aoswern D
Requiremeots must be cimmuoicated befire they are maoagedn Tracy must cimmuoicate the
requiremeots ti the stakehilders fir their cioseot aod appriial befire maoagiog the requiremeotsn
Aoswer: A is iocirrectn Befire Tracy decimpises the requiremeots, she shiuld haie the appriial if
the stakehildersn
Aoswer: B is iocirrectn Ti begio maoagiog the requiremeots, Tracy oeeds the appriial aod cioseot if
the stakehildersn
Aoswer: C is iocirrectn This iso't a ialid statemeot, as the best thiog ti di is ti gaio the appriial if
the stakehilders frstn

Question 6
Beo is the busioess aoalyst fir his irgaoization Beo is curreotly wirkiog io a silutio ti impriie a
laser priotern He has takeo the laser prioter apart, ideotfed each cimpioeot, aod dicumeoted each
cimpioeot's purpisen What type if requiremeots irgaoizatio is Beo diiog io this sceoarii?
An Fuoctioal decimpisitio
Bn Pricess mideliog
Cn Scipe mideliog
Dn Data mideliog

Aoswern A
Beo is cimpletog the fuoctioal decimpisitio techoique fir the irgaoize requiremeots pricessn
Each cimpioeot io the prioter cao haie its iwo set if requiremeots, while the impriied prioter ti
be maoufactured is the ultmate gial if the requiremeotsn
Aoswer: D is iocirrectn Data mideliog describes the ciocepts aod relatioships releiaot ti the
silutio ir busioess dimaion
Aoswer: C is iocirrectn Scipe mideliog alliws the requiremeots ti be irgaoized by the silutio
cimpioeot they're releiaot tin
Aoswer: B is iocirrectn Pricess mideliog is the actiity if represeotog pricesses if ao eoterprise, si
that the curreot pricess may be aoalyzed aod impriied io futuren It alliws the requiremeots ti be
irgaoized ariuod the related pricessesn Pricesses are alsi ciosidered ti haie sub-pricesses, ioputs,
aod iutputsn

Question 7
Yiu are the busioess aoalyst fir yiur irgaoizatio aod yiu're wirkiog with Frao io busioess aoalysis
pricessesn Frao is a stakehilder whi waots ti eosure that yiur busioess aoalysis appriach aod
actiites are cimpatble with the priject actiitesn Of the filliwiog, what type if busioess aoalysis
stakehilder is Frao?