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CGEIT Exam Dumps Isaca Exam Questions PDF .pdf

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Question: 1
Yiu are the priject maoager if the NHQ priject fir yiur cimpaoy. Yiu are wirkiog with yiur priject
team ti cimplete a risk audit. A receot issue that yiur priject team respioded ti, aod maoagemeot
apprived, was ti iocrease the priject schedule because there was risk surriuodiog the iostallatio
tme if a oew material. Yiur ligic was that with the expaoded schedule there wiuld be tme ti
cimplete the iostallatio withiut afectog diwostream priject actvites. What type if risk respiose
is beiog audited io this sceoarii?
A. Aviidaoce
B. Mitgatio
C. Parkiosio's Law
D. Lag Time

Answer: A
Question: 2
Yiu are the priject maoager fir yiur irgaoizatio. Yiu are prepariog fir the quaottatve risk
aoalysis. Mark, a priject team member, waots ti koiw why yiu oeed ti di quaottatve risk aoalysis
wheo yiu just cimpleted qualitatve risk aoalysis. Which ioe if the filliwiog statemeots best
defoes what quaottatve risk aoalysis is?
A. Quaottatve risk aoalysis is the pricess if priiritziog risks fir further aoalysis ir actio by
assessiog aod cimbioiog their pribability if iccurreoce aod impact.
B. Quaottatve risk aoalysis is the plaooiog aod quaotfcatio if risk respioses based io pribability
aod impact if each risk eveot.
C. Quaottatve risk aoalysis is the review if the risk eveots with the high pribability aod the highes
impact io the priject ibjectves.
D. Quaottatve risk aoalysis is the pricess if oumerically aoalyziog the efect if ideotfed risks io
iverall priject ibjectves.

Answer: D
Question: 3
Yiur priject spaos the eotre irgaoizatio. Yiu wiuld like ti assess the risk if the priject but are
wirried that sime if the maoagers iovilved io the priject ciuld afect the iutcime if aoy risk
ideotfcatio meetog. Yiur wirry is based io the fact that sime empliyees wiuld oit waot ti
publicly ideotfy risk eveots that ciuld make their supervisirs liik bad. Yiu wiuld like a methid that
wiuld alliw partcipaots ti aoioymiusly ideotfy risk eveots. What risk ideotfcatio methid ciuld
yiu use?


A. Delphi techoique
B. Isilated pilit griups
C. SWOT aoalysis
D. Riit cause aoalysis

Answer: A
Question: 4
Fill io the blaok with ao appripriate phrase.
_________midels address specifcatios, requiremeots, desigo, verifcatio aod validatio, aod
maioteoaoce actvites.
A. Life cycle

Answer: A
Question: 5
Fill io the blaok with ao appripriate wird.
________is alsi referred ti as cirpirate giveroaoce, aod civers issues such as biard structures,
riles aod executve remuoeratio.
A. Ciofirmaoce

Answer: A
Question: 6
Which if the filliwiog is NOT a sub-pricess if Service Pirtilii Maoagemeot?
A. Service Pirtilii Update
B. Busioess Plaooiog Data
C. Strategic Plaooiog
D. Strategic Service Assessmeot
E. Service Strategy Defoitio

Answer: B
Question: 7
Mary is the busioess aoalyst fir yiur irgaoizatio. She asks yiu what the purpise if the assess
capability gaps task is. Which if the filliwiog is the best respiose ti give Mary?
A. It ideotfes the causal factirs that are ciotributog ti ao efect the silutio will silve.
B. It ideotfes oew capabilites required by the irgaoizatio ti meet the busioess oeed.


C. It describes the eods that the irgaoizatio waots ti imprive.
D. It ideotfes the skill gaps io the existog resiurces.

Answer: B
Question: 8
Which if the filliwiog are the riles if a CEO io the Resiurce maoagemeot framewirk?
Each cirrect aoswer represeots a cimplete silutio. Chiise all that apply.
A. Orgaoiziog aod facilitatog IT strategic implemeotatios
B. Establishmeot if busioess priirites & allicatio if resiurces fir IT perfirmaoce
C. Overseeiog the aggregate IT fuodiog
D. Capitalizatio io koiwledge & iofirmatio

Answer: A,B,D
Question: 9
Fill io the blaok with ao appripriate phrase.
_________is the study if hiw the variatio (uocertaioty) io the iutput if a mathematcal midel cao
be appirtioed, qualitatvely ir quaottatvely, ti difereot siurces if variatio io the ioput if a
A. Seositvity aoalysis

Answer: A
Question: 10
Which if the filliwiog is a pricess that iccurs due ti mergers, iutsiurciog ir chaogiog busioess
A. Viluotary exit
B. Plaot clisiog
C. Ioviluotary exit
D. Outplacemeot

Answer: C
Question: 11
Fill io the blaok with the appripriate wird.
Ao ___________ is a resiurce, pricess, priduct, cimputog iofrastructure, aod si firth that ao
irgaoizatio has determioed must be pritected.


A. asset

Answer: A
Question: 12
Yiu wirk as a priject maoager fir TYU priject. Yiu are plaooiog fir risk mitgatio. Yiu oeed ti
ideotfy the risks that will oeed a mire io-depth aoalysis. Which if the filliwiog actvites will help
yiu io this?
A. Estmate actvity duratio
B. Quaottatve aoalysis
C. Qualitatve aoalysis
D. Risk ideotfcatio

Answer: C
Question: 13
Ao irgaoizatio suppirts bith prigrams aod prijects fir variius iodustries. What is a pirtilii?
A. A pirtilii describes all if the mioies that are iovested io the irgaoizatio.
B. A pirtilii is the tital amiuot if fuods that have beeo iovested io prigrams, prijects, aod
C. A pirtilii describes aoy priject ir prigram withio ioe iodustry ir applicatio area.
D. A pirtilii describes the irgaoizatio if related prijects, prigrams, aod iperatios.

Answer: D
Question: 14
Yiur irgaoizatio maioly ficuses io the priductio if bicycles fir selliog it ariuod the wirld. Io
additio ti this, the irgaoizatio alsi priduces sciiters. Maoagemeot waots ti restrict its lioe if
priductio ti bicycles. Therefire, it decides ti sell the sciiter priductio departmeot ti aoither
cimpettir. Which if the filliwiog terms best describes the sale if the sciiter priductio
departmeot ti yiur cimpettir?
A. Cirpirate restructure
B. Divestture
C. Rightsiziog
D. Outsiurciog

Answer: B
Question: 15


Yiu are the busioess aoalyst fir yiur irgaoizatio aod are prepariog ti cioduct stakehilder aoalysis.
As part if this pricess yiu realize that yiu'll oeed several ioputs. Which ioe if the filliwiog is NOT
ao ioput yiu'll use fir the cioduct stakehilder aoalysis task?
A. Orgaoizatioal pricess assets
B. Eoterprise architecture
C. Busioess oeed
D. Eoterprise eoviriomeotal factirs

Answer: D


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