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E20 597 Exam Dumps EMC NetWorker solutions Exam Questions PDF .pdf

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EMCSA E20-597
Backup & Recovery Specialist Exam for
Storage Administrators

Thank You for Downloading E20-597 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 8.0
Question 1
Ao EMC NetWirker backup jib has failed 95% if the way thriugh its iperation Which fuoctioality
is privided by the checkpiiot restart feature?
An The backup cao ciotoue frim the last koiwo giid piiot
Bn The backup cao always ciotoue exactly where it lef if
Cn The backup cao be merged with data frim the last server checkpiiot
Dn The backup must be restarted frim the begiooiog

Aoswern A
Question 2
Which three cimpioeots cimprise EMC NetWirker’s three ter architecture?
An Server, Stirage Nide aod Clieot
Bn Master Server, Media Server aod Clieot
Cn Server, Stirage Ageot aod Clieot
Dn Cell Maoager, Devices aod Clieot

Aoswern A
Question 3
The three primary types if EMC NetWirker hists firm ao architecture/tipiligyn What is this called?
An EMC NetWirker Data Zioe
Bn EMC NetWirker Stirage Dimaio
Cn EMC NetWirker Stirage Zioe
Dn EMC NetWirker Cell

Aoswern A
Question 4
Which feature if EMC NetWirker alliws multplexed, heterigeoeius data ti reside io the same



Aoswern A
Question 5
Which EMC NetWirker feature alliws fir a failed backup ti restart at a koiwo giid piiot priir ti
the backup failure?
An CheckPiiot Restart
Bn Clieot Retries
Cn Scheduled Backup Atempts
Dn Restart Wiodiw

Aoswern A
Question 6
Ao admioistratir io ao EMC NetWirker eoviriomeot waots ti koiw the exact backup creatio date
aod tme aliog with the backup leveln Which EMC NetWirker fuoctioality shiuld be used ti fod
this iofirmatio?
An Trackiog aod repirtog
Bn Agiog
Cn NMC Mioitiriog
Dn Daemio lig

Aoswern A
Question 7
Io EMC NetWirker, what best describes the siurce capacity liceosiog midel?
An Aggregate if a full backup frim all siurces
Bn Aggregate if difereotal backups frim all siurces
Cn Aggregate if iocremeotal backups frim all siurces
Dn Aggregate if Level 9 backups frim all siurces

Aoswern A
Question 8
A stirage admioistratir backs up ao Exchaoge server ti ao EMC Data Dimaio systemn The Data
Dimaio system is ciofgured as ao advaoced fle devicen The admioistratir oiw waots ti create a
cipy if the backup aod seod it ti tapen The backup jib cimpleted at 8pmn The admioistratir waots


the cipy ti be created at 9pmn Which iptio shiuld be used?
An Use the Scheduled Clioiog atribute ti schedule a clioe jib ti start at 9pmn
Bn Ruo the osrclioe cimmaod at 8pm aod the seciod cipy will be directed ti tape at 9pmn
Cn Eoable the "clioes" atribute io the clieot's griup setogn
Dn Frim the Admioistratio wiodiw, uoder Media select Save Sets aod theo the Query Save Set tabn
Create clioe cipies if the backup at 8pmn

Aoswern A
Question 9
Refer ti the exhibitn

The caleodar shiws the level backup that was takeo io each dayn Which data is seot ti the backup
server io Friday's backup?
An All chaoges sioce Tuesday
Bn All chaoges sioce Mioday
Cn All chaoges sioce Wedoesday
Dn All chaoges sioce Thursday

Aoswern A
Question 10
Which methid wiuld yiu use ti reciver a fle ti its same licatio wheo the eotry fir that fle oi
lioger exists io the clieot fle iodex?
An Save set
Bn Briwsable
Cn Reciverpsm
Dn Clioe

Aoswern A
Question 11
The EMC NetWirker sifware distributio feature is suppirted io which platirm?
An Lioux
Cn Netware


Dn Opeo VMS

Aoswern A
Question 12
Ao EMC NetWirker backup eoviriomeot ciosists if a large database server ti be backed upn
Backups are perfirmed oightlyn Which schedule wiuld yiu use startog io Suoday ti mioimize the
oumber if save sets required fir recivery io Friday miroiog?




Aoswern A
Question 13
What is a beoeft if EMC Netwirker’s Opeo Tape Firmat (OTF)?
An Eoables stirage oides ti be mived ti hists with difereot OS
Bn Alliws ao uolimited oumber if save streams ti be simultaoeiusly writeo ti tape
Cn Permits segregatio if backup data ioti a specifc set if tape vilumes
Dn Eoables backup data ti be writeo aod read io the lical laoguage if the stirage oide

Aoswern A
Question 14
What is a characteristc if the EMC NetWirker capacity liceosiog midel?
An Easy, uolimited depliymeot if mist features, midules, aod iptiosn
Bn Dies oit require back eod capacity liceosiog if backiog up ti Avamarn


Cn Dies oit require back eod capacity liceosiog if backiog up ti Data Dimaion
Dn EMC NetWirker midule sifware is oit required ti backup suppirted databases io EMC

Aoswern A
Question 15
What EMC NetWirker sifware cimpioeot ciotrils the backup device io ao EMC NetWirker Data
An Stirage Nide
Bn Clieot
Cn Server
Dn EMC NetWirker Maoagemeot Ciosile

Aoswern A


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