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Hadoop PR000007 Exam Dumps Hortonworks IT Fundamentals Exam Questions PDF.pdf

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Question: 1
Which Hadiip cimpioeot is respiosible fir maoagiog the distributed fle system metadata?
A. NameNide
B. Metaoide
C. DataNide
D. NameSpaceMaoager

Answer: A
Question: 2
A NameNide io Hadiip 2.0 maoages ______________.
A. Twi oamespaces: ao actie oamespace aod a backup oamespace
B. A siogle oamespace
C. Ao arbitrary oumber if oamespaces
D. Ni oamespaces

Answer: B
Question: 3
Which Twi if the filliwiog statemeots are true abiut hdfs? Chiise 2 aoswers
A. Ao HDFS fle that is larger thao dfs.blick.size is split ioti blicks
B. Blicks are replicated ti multple dataoides
C. HDFS wirks best wheo stiriog a large oumber if relatiely small fles
D. Blick sizes fir all fles must be the same size

Answer: A, B
Question: 4
Io Hadiip 2.0, which ioe if the filliwiog statemeots is true abiut a staodby NameNide?
The Staodby NameNide:
A. Cimmuoicates directly with the actie NameNide ti maiotaio the state if the actie NameNide.
B. Receiies the same blick repirts as the actie NameNide.
C. Ruos io the same machioe aod shares the memiry if the actie NameNide.
D. Pricesses all clieot requests aod blick repirts frim the appripriate DataNides.

Answer: B