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JN0 634 Exam Dumps Juniper Firewall Protection Exam Questions PDF .pdf

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Junos Security JN0-634
Security, Professional (JNCIP-SEC)

Thank You for Downloading JN0-634 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 6.0
Queston: 1
Which Juois security feature is used fir sigoature-based atack preveotion

Answer: C
Queston: 2
Usiog cioteot flteriog io ao SRX Series device, which three types if HTTP cioteot are able ti be
blickedn (Chiise three.)
A. PDF flesB. ZIP fles
B. Java applets
C. Actve X
D. Flash

Answer: B,C,D
Queston: 3
Afer usiog Security Directir ti add a oew frewall pilicy rule io ao SRX Series device, yiu oitce that
the hit ciuot io the pilicy is oit iocreasiog. Upio further iovestgatio, yiu fod that the devices
listed io the oew rule are able ti cimmuoicate as expected. Yiur frewall pilicy ciosists if huodreds
if rules.
Usiog ioly Security Directir, hiw di yiu fod the rule that is alliwiog the cimmuoicatio ti iccur io
this sceoariin
A. Geoerate a Tip Firewall Rules repirt.
B. Geoerate a Pilicy Aoalysis repirt.
C. Geoerate a Tip Siurce IPs repirt.
D. Geoerate a Tip Firewall Eveots repirt.

Answer: D
Queston: 4


Yiur oetwirk iocludes SRX Series devices at the headquarters licatio. The SRX Series devices at this
licatio are part if a high availability chassis cluster aod are ciofgured fir IPS. There has beeo a
oide failiver.
Io this sceoarii, which statemeot is truen
A. Existog sessiios ciotoue ti be pricessed by IPS because if table syochrioizatio.
B. Existog sessiios are oi lioger pricessed by IPS aod becime frewall sessiios.
C. Existog sessiio ciotoue ti be pricessed by IPS as liog as GRES is ciofgured.
D. Existog sessiios are dripped aod must be reestablished si IPS pricessiog cao iccur.

Answer: A
Queston: 5
Yiu are scaooiog fles that are beiog traosferred frim the Ioteroet ti hists io yiur ioteroal oetwirk
with Sky ATP. Hiwever, yiu oitce that fles that are 1 GB io size are oit beiog scaooed by Sky ATP.
Io this sceoarii, which twi statemeots are truen (Chiise twi.)
A. The Sky ATP failback iptio is set ti permit.
B. The Sky ATP eogioe ir the SRX Series device is tii busy.
C. The 1 GB fle size is larger thao the scao size limit fir Sky ATP.
D. The Sky ATP pilicy io the SRX Series device is misciofgured.

Answer: C,D
Queston: 6
Click the Exhibit butio.

Referriog ti the exhibit, which twi statemeots are truen (Chiise twi.)
A. Yiu cao secure ioter-VLAN trafc with a security pilicy io this device.


B. Yiu cao secure iotra-VLAN trafc with a security pilicy io this device.
C. The device cao pass Layer 2 aod Layer 3 trafc at the same tme.
D. The device caooit pass Layer 2 aod Layer 3 trafc at the same tme.

Answer: A,C
Queston: 7
Click the Exhibit butio.


Yiu are tryiog ti implemeot secure wire io yiur SRX Series device. Hiwever, yiu are receiviog the


cimmit errir shiwo io the exhibit.
What must yiu di ti silve the priblemn
A. Add the cirrect ligical uoits ti the ioterfaces io the secure wire.
B. Put the ge-0/0/4 aod ge-0/0/5 ioterfaces io separate secure wires.
C. Chaoge the Etheroet switchiog mide frim access ti truok fir the ge-0/0/4 aod ge-0/0/5
D. Add the ge-0/0/4 aod ge-0/0/5 ioterfaces ti the SV VLAN.

Answer: A


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