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Photos in May!

It’s difficult for me to know where to start and how the month will
actually look for each of us, from our different backgrounds and with
our different expectations. However one thing that pray will unite
people is forgiving others as they have been by our loving Heavenly
Father. This theme of forgiveness is developed further by Dean
in our Keynote from page 4. Also please enter our photography
competition, which now has the extended deadline of the 30th May.
This means you still have time to send your large .jpeg photo files to
me at sprowstonnews@gamil.com. The extension is in the hope you’ll
capture your Bank Holiday memories and send them in, so that they
can be shared and enjoyed. The best will also be selected for the
front cover of our July and August issue. God bless, Adam

Vicar’s Voice
Scouts Scribble
Puzzle and Cartoons
Wildlife News


Worship in our Parish
View from the Doghouse
From the Registers
and Parish Contacts
34 Featured Letter

Sprowston News

Sprowston News


St Mary and St Margaret,
Church the
Lane Doghouse St Cuthbert’s, Wroxham Road
View from

Keynote ~ ‘Without forgiveness, there’s no future’ Desmond Tutu
I seem to have spent a lot of time recently cursing at the television and
trying to restrain myself on social media. Whatever you think of Brexit,
I think we can agree that it’s certainly brought out the worst in people.
Families and friends have fallen out and split apart, strangers have come
to blows, and the internet is an even more toxic place than it was before.
At some point people will need to come together and seek healing.
It’s often said that forgiveness just isn’t realistic, or is seen as a weak
option. But yet, when Archbishop Desmond Tutu said that ‘without
forgiveness, there’s no future’ he knew what he was talking about.
He’d lived in Apartheid era South Africa, for him prejudice, violence and
segregation where a daily occurence, and yet he knew that for freedom
and healing to take place, there needed to be forgiveness, as well as
political reform. Forgiveness is not the same as forgetting; part of the
reason for the formation of the EU was to build bridges following the
horrors of war, but in order that peace could be lasting the war could not
be forgotten, even as healing took place. Forgiveness is hard work, and
yet living without forgiveness ultimately corrupts us; we become chained
to bitterness and resentment, and that bitterness becomes part of our
normal state of being. I think Jesus knew this, in the book of Matthew,
Jesus says that we should forgive each other ‘seventy times seven times’
(18:22), a number that symbolizes boundlessness. This was just as radical
in Jesus’ day as it is in ours; sadly, grace is often seen as the weird option,
but without grace we cannot be the people God intended us to be, or be
part of God’s healing.
Finding the strength to forgive and to practice grace can be painful; it
begins with forgiving ourselves, which can be hardest of all, but God is
here to help us. It can begin with prayer: Thank you God for your gift of
forgiveness. Your mercy flows to me in spite of my faults and failures. Your
Word says to ‘clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in
perfect harmony.’ Col 3:14 Help me demonstrate unconditional love today.
I understand that even though I feel scarred, my emotions don’t have to
control my actions. Loving God, may Your sweet words saturate my mind
and direct my thoughts. Help me release the hurt and begin to love as
Jesus loves. Amen.
With love and Blessings. Dean

Sprowston and old Catton
Labour Party Jumble Sale
Saturday 18th May 2019 at The Annexe, St Cuthberts
Church, Wroxham Road Sprowston, from 2pm.
Admission Free.
Good Jumble, Refreshments, Tombola.
Jumble welcome after 11am at the Annexe. Please no large
items or electrical goods, thank you. Sheila Dyball

Sprowston Day Centre
Friendly atmosphere,
great entertainment and a hot meal.
10am -Day
2pm Centre
Wednesday and Fridays

A: St Cuthbert’s
Road, Norwich
a hot
T: 01603 419682
W: www.sprowstondaycentre.co.uk

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Get shooting!
I’m looking for an image on the
theme of ‘holiday’, which will
then feature on the front cover of
our July and August issue.
You have until the 30th May
to submit a large .jpeg file to
I’m so excited to see what you enter!
God bless, Adam

Photo by Marcelo Chagas from Pexels

Vicar’s Voice
As you read this letter we will be into the season of Easter, celebrating the
time Jesus spent on earth with his disciples before he ascended to heaven
to be with God the father once again. One of my favourite passages is
from John’s Gospel chapter 21 where the risen Jesus is standing on
the beach watching the disciples fishing. The sun is just rising and the
disciples do not realise it is Jesus who is watching them. It begins to dawn
on them when he gives advice about throwing the net on the ‘right’ side of
the boat and then they catch a huge amount of fish.
For me this reminds me of how this passage called me and recalls me to
serve God. The disciples found that, without Jesus they could not catch
anything, even though they were experienced fishermen and before
following Jesus made their living this way. But with his help and guidance
they could catch more than they needed! But for Peter, this enabled him
to re-make his relationship with Jesus that he felt had been broken by
his denial of him on Maundy Thursday. Just as Peter found the joy in a
renewed relationship with Christ and in a sense a leaving behind of even
this extraordinary catch, so I find joy in the knowledge of God’s love for me
and the fact that Easter was all about God wanting a better relationship
with me and of course everyone else.
So as you ponder on this Easter season with hopefully the good weather,
why not rejoice all the more by allowing Jesus death and resurrection to
wash away your wrongs and enjoy life to the full.
If you wish to talk about this please contact me or any member of the team.
Blessings, Simon


Sprowston Women’s Institute Update for January,
February and March 2019 all from Phyllis Turner
We started our new Women’s Institute year by wishing our fellow members
a happy new year whilst waving a Christmas card with a reindeer on the
front. There was a small amount of correspondence given which was
mostly upcoming celebration events for Norfolk’s one hundred years as an
organization. We welcomed a new prospective member and hoped she
enjoyed her evening. Barbara Smith made pretty buttonholes for the
birthday girls one of which was Mollie Goodyear who was celebrating her
ninetieth birthday. She was presented with a glass fruit bowl and card.
Mollie is a very long standing loyal member of about sixty years.
Our speaker for the evening was the Reverend Dent and her talk was the
life of Joyce Grenfell OBE the comedian.She was also a singer, actress,
monologist, scriptwriter, and producer.She was born in Knightsbridge 1910
to a very strict farther who was an architect and an American socialite
mother.Her aunt was Lady Nancy Astor and she spent much time with
her socializing with famous people such as Sir Winston Churchill. She will
be best remembered for her numerous monologues, and entertaining the
troops.She died in November 1979 of cancer.
The competition was for a winter scarf and was won by a scarf knitted by
Olive Barrett’s granddaughter, with Diane Vinsen’s scarf decorated with
Scottie dogs coming second. So we have started a new exciting W.I. year.
--Thirty eight members and three guests attended our meeting on a blustery
February evening. A small amount of correspondence was read and
discussed of upcoming events which include a invitation to Spixworth
Women’s Institute, coffee morning, and a trip to North Walsham theatre
to see the musical Annie. Our President Shirley Long was also collecting
names for a possible darts team; time will tell how successful she was.
At the completion of the business it was time to introduce our speaker for
the evening who was Theresa Norton accompanied by Will from Norton’s
dairy at Frettenham.She is the forth generation of the family run dairy
which cares for one hundred and fifty Brown Swiss cows.

The farm was started by her Great Grand-Father Jack in 1946 as mixed
live stock and arable. With the crash in milk prices; down to sixteen pence
a litre but twenty nine pence to produce several years ago it was time
to specialize to survive. After much research it was found that the Brown
Swiss cow produced the best quality milk for their purpose.
The cows have a very high welfare standard and are all bred on the farm
using artificial insemination. The milk is then turned into soft cheese,
natural yogurt, or butter on the premises and sold locally to farmers
markets, food fairs, and specialist shops. They do not make a hard cheese
as this requires a six month storage to mature and space is an issue.
The cows are all milked on a daily basis by an automatic robotic milking
system known as Merlin. A highly technical piece of kit with a system not
too dissimilar to a fit-bit us humans would use to keep track of every thing
about the cows daily health and milk production.
Theresa was a very enthusiastic speakers and she was warmly thanked
by Loraine Preston on our behalf. We then had a tasting session and
all agreed them to be extremely creamy. The competition for an animal
ornament was won by Babs Kerry’s little family of cows with Phyllis
Turner’s ornament made of Jade of a mythical Chinese animal coming
second. We ended the evening with a welcome cup of tea.
--Thirty nine members and two prospective new members attended our
March meeting, and as usual we started our meeting with the singing of
Jerusalem. Notices which include the Norfolk W.I. Federation Annual
Meeting to be held at the Theatre Royal at the end of the month with Pam
Ayers as guest speaker, and the Cathedral service to celebrate the
centenary of Norfolk W.I. in April. Also mentioned was a coffee morning
and a visit to Norton’s farm to see the production of their cheeses.
Group visit’s to Bon Marche’ and Hotter shoes plus an invitation to
Spixworth W.I. were read out and names taken, so a busy few weeks to
look forward to. Pretty buttonholes made by Shirley Long / Kathy Savage
were then presented to the birthday girls.


It was now time to introduce our speaker for the evening Pauline Mogan
Chief Executive of The Hamlet Centre in Ella Road Thorpe Hamlet.
This is a centre specially designed for people with complex needs. The
centre was set up in 1972 by Jack and Margaret Wymer the first couple
with special needs to live independently. The centre helps five hundred
families, has one hundred staff spread over three areas.
The clients range from new born babies to adults up to twenty nine. Each
activity has bespoke equipment and specially trained caring staff. The aim
is to provide activities in a lively environment, so the individual can achieve
the maximum benefit from their complex state. With a range of activities
such as cooking, gardening, crafts, drama, swimming etc. great progress
can be made. A sensory room with lights, colour, and wind develop the
senses. A care plan is developed for each student individually. As the
young person develops, outside plans are implemented. An example of
this is a trip on the bus to learn use of money, shopping, and timetables.
Pauline was a very knowledgeable , enthusiastic speaker and she was
thanked warmly by Loraine Preston who said as much.
The competition was for a childhood toy and Helen Crafers’ sewing
machine she used as a child came first, with Lorna Howards well loved
teddy bear coming second. A much needed cup of tea ended another
happy evening at our W.I. meeting.
Phyllis Turner


Sprowston Mothers’ Union Reports

At the Mothers’ Union meeting in March we looked at Psalms relating to
justice – meaning fairness, and the laws in place to see that fairness is
seen to be done - which sparked some lively discussions. As Christians,
our sense of justice comes from God.
For our lent course this year we looked at some of the psalms and learnt
that they date from the tenth to the third century BC (700 years) of ancient
Israel, and have a variety of authors, including court poets, prophets, priests
and scribes. Also, that there were different types of psalms: hymns of praise,
thanksgiving, justice, protest, the trustworthiness of God, wonderment,
those expressing suffering or disappointment, to describe a few.
Sometimes we need to protest against injustice.The Mother’s Union
advocates and campaigns for social justice, specially in support of
women, men, children and young people, and families in all their forms,
to eliminate gender-based violence and abuse, and to promote equality
throughout the world. We can’t all campaign, but we can all pray and give
what help and support we are able to, prayer is central to all we do. It does
make a difference. Sheila Tuffield

Cross Section

On the third Tuesday in March Cross Section were pleased to welcome
Sandra Hughes who is a Dementia Friend. Dementia Friends are led by
the Alzheimers Society and were started by David Cameron when he
was Prime Minister. By informing the public about the problems people
with Dementia may have there is more empathy and understanding of
this disease. Sandra did this in the form of a tick box exercise devised
by the Alzheimers Society and then presented each person present with
a Dementia Friend badge. One of the positive things to be arranged by
Dementia Friends in Sprowston is the Dementia Cafe which is held at the
Diamond Centre in School Lane and Cross Section was able to make a
donation to this on behalf of the ladies.
Cross Section meets on the third Tuesday of each month and at our June
meeting we will have a BBQ. We meet at St Cuthberts Church Centre at
7.30pm and welcome new members. If you would like to know more come
along to a meeting or ring me, Roz Taylor on Norwich 484626.
Roz Taylor, Chairperson

Scouts Scribblings for March 2019

We started March with cooking evening; we had 3 areas and the 3 Patrols
rotated around them. There was pancake making, pop-corn popping and
fruit smoothies. Somehow Simon and Mayne got wind of this and turned up
to judge the food (Mayne thought the best bits were on the floor!) pictured
top left. The following Friday we met at Mousehold for a ‘Wide Game’. We
split the Troop into 2 teams with a base each. They had to get into their
opponent’s base, while defending theirs, to obtain a ‘diamond’. In the first
half the ‘Uppers’ gained 2, to the ‘Downers’ 1 and in the second half it was
1 all. Both sides deserve great praise as it POURED with rain the whole
evening, despite which everyone said they’d found it really exciting.
Our next meeting was ‘Cave Rescue’ and ‘Tagging’. Using most of the Hall’s
tables and chairs covered in our tent canvas we made a big and dark cave.
Each Patrol in turn had to enter the cave, with only 2 small touches, find the
casualty (me with a ‘broken’ leg) and extract. Most remembered the most
important thing about dealing with a bone fracture – keep it still! Meanwhile,
the other 2 Patrols were busy making ‘Tags’, which are graffiti-type designs
of your choice i.e. football club, name etc pictured top right.
The next day we set off for Duxford Air Museum. We had the whole day
there and still only saw half of it! What an amazing place it is! If you’ve not
been there, you should, it’s an original First World War airfield that was
of vital importance in the Second World War and, after one of the historic
hangers was blown up as a special effect for the film ‘Battle of Britain’, it
was saved for the nation. Not only has it the biggest collection of aircraft in
the country (some still flying) it also has a huge and dramatically displayed
array of military hardware in its Land Warfare section and a fascinating and
educational section on how aeroplanes fly – much of it ‘hands-on’. Pictured
bottom adjacent are photos of some of us by Concorde and under the bomb
bay of a Vulcan.
The last meeting of the month was at the Scout County Site at Eaton Vale.
This is not only a wonderful camp-site but much more: there are all sorts
of water activities (it’s by the river), archery, air rifle and catapult ranges,
grass sledging, abseiling tower, campfire circle and lots more. We went to
the indoor climbing wall. Here two of the site’s superb instructors got all the
Scouts to take part. These instructors (quite apart from being experts in their
field) are extraordinarily good at gaining the trust of young people and so
getting them to do far more than they would ordinarily. They make it safe,
interesting and, above all, fun! Skip


Contents - November
2016 is
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Sprowston News

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Wildlife Notes
comfortable about & Sudoku
I heard
A few words from the Editor
17 Crossword
saying how
Local Church Service listings
18-19 W’ds’ch/Sudoku
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All opinions expressed in
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Email address
– so
in factRoad,
that Jesus
for us.
St Cuthbert’s Parish
St Cuthbert’s
during term
is important
as we
Each session costs £1 and runs celebrate
from 3.30pm what
to 5pm.went before and
Contributions may also be placed on the postboard at the back of St
if or
addressed toFor
10 pm
For children aged
to 11
office on 01603
will strengthen
us today
and gi
usually at the Coffee Morning at St Cuthberts,
10 to 12
First Saturda
tomorrow. So next time I hear
the means
by which
the new mont
art, adventure
and much
judged, but wi
'discover and
Awardare on the editor’s page.
and remember that I, like you,
Each session £1 and runs from 3.15 pm to 4.45 pm
For more information
contact Rev2016
Dean on
*** Deadline
for December
edition is Mon 7th No
**** Deadline for January 2017 edition is Mon 28th Nov


Puzzle. Your challenge with the Sudoku puzzles is to fill each empty
square. Each row, column and 3 by 3 box must all contain the numbers
from 1 to 9 only once. The solution will are published next month.
Last month’s solution.


Wildlife News
Not so very long ago I listened
to the buoyant, uplifting sound of
skylarks singing for all their worth
above a field of rough grass just
next to the Blue Boar Lane Tesco.
I wrote about that joyful experience
in this magazine because it lifted
my spirits and made me feel
happy. The field is no more and the
space it occupied now housing yet
another supermarket. The skylarks
have gone. Further back in time
I used to ramble around a patch
of rough ground at the bottom
of Pound Lane. Here there were
birds aplenty, butterflies, small
mammals, invertebrates of all
kinds taking advantage of the thick
tangles of hawthorn and bramble.
It’s now covered by a Sainsbury’s
supermarket. All the wildlife has
gone. Between these two sites there
still exists a large area of woodland;
the plantations bordering Plumstead
Road. Here there are mixed species
of trees, well developed understory,
open areas, pools, sunny rides
where thousands of species of all
kinds of creature and plant thrive,
and providing an area of green
space for people to unwind. Despite
having the designation of a County
Wildlife Site it is earmarked for
‘development’ and it too will soon
be under concrete. There will be no
space for anything wild anymore.
Lost forever, and forever is a long,
long time.

The need for housing and all the
infrastructure people need is a
reality. But don’t you think things
are ever so slightly out of control?
Am I alone in thinking we really
have lost the plot and any sense of
perspective? Is it really necessary
to have an open season on every
patch of green space in every
village, town and city across our
land? Does anyone actually care?
Well I do and it’s been brought home
to me recently that an awful lot of
other people are beginning to think
enough is enough.
Let’s go back to those supermarkets
again; another Tesco, the
one at Harford Bridges. This
corporate giant extols its virtues
as being ethically responsible
and environmentally conscious,
advertising shamelessly its ‘green’
credentials to entice us to part
with our hard earned cash. We all
understand it’s nonsense, we play
the game because we all need to
eat. However, this particular store
overstepped the mark. It decided
that wildlife no longer mattered.
It determined wildlife got in their
way. It judged wildlife to be an
inconvenience. It netted an area
where swallows nest, citing hygiene
as the reason why these small birds
were no longer welcome on their
premises. The issue being that the
birds had set up home under the


eaves of a trolly park and inevitably
a few of the trollies received the
occasional dollop of poop. And
here we enter the minds of 21st
century big business in the U.K.
Instead of sitting down and thinking
of ways in which the birds could be
accommodated (a few pounds, a
few screws, placing plywood boards
below the nests would do the trick),
this worthy organization decided
to employ the services of ‘experts’
who considered the best solution
was to jet wash the offending nests
off the walls and net the whole
area, effectively forcing the birds to
seek homes elsewhere. Problem
solved....or so they thought. As is
generally the case, big business
failed to appreciate that ordinary
people, caring people like you and I,
think differently. We care about the
world we live in and see the value of
things rather than simple cost. After
all how can you measure the value
of having beautiful birds, harbingers
of our beloved spring, choosing to
nest and raise their young on your
very doorstep? Birds that have
travelled 5,000 miles just to grace
you with their very being. Birds
that have flown across the entire
Sahara, endured near starvation
and crippling thirst, avoided
natural predation and the guns of
Mediterranean man, endured wind,
rain, dust and cold just to raise their
families next to us. Birds we all love
to see swooping across meadows
and twittering on our telegraph

wires, weighing about the same as
an AA battery. How can we even
think they have no value? Well they
do have value and the actions of
this company incensed so many
people that a massive social media
campaign has forced them to back
down. They have removed the nets
‘temporarily’ whilst a more permanent
solution is found. News for you, I’ve
given you one - see above.
By the time you are reading this, the
swallows will hopefully be happily
raising their broods and giving
pleasure to lots of people. Of course
a more enlightened company may
have thought out of the box and
considered that these lovely migrant
birds may actually be an asset and
potential source of revenue. Why
not put a webcam by the nests,
beaming the image to screens in
their cafe, allowing customers to
delight in how green and caring
they really are?. They may stay for
another cup of coffee, or tell their
friends. And here’s a thought, they
may even be persuaded to buy a
little more bird feed or a nest box
from you. Simple really isn’t it?
Barry Madden
Check out my blog at:


Sprowston N
St. Mary & St Margaret’s and St. Cuthbert’s

Revd Canon Simon Stokes
Address: The Vicarage, 2 Wroxham
Road, Sprowston, Norwich NR7 8TZ
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and the Commun
Email: vicar@sprowston.org.uk

Saturday 4th May
St Mary & St Margaret’s:
Julian Gathering 3.00pm

Sunday 19th May - Easter 5
St Cuthbert’s:
8.00am Holy Communion
9.30am Family Communion

Sunday 5th May - Easter 3
St Cuthbert’s:
8.00am Holy Communion
9.30am All Age Worship

St Mary & St Margaret’s:
10.30am Holy Communion
3.30pm Treasure Hunt

St Mary & St Margaret’s:
10.30am Holy Communion
with healing

Sunday 26th May - Easter 6
St Cuthbert’s:
8.00am Holy Communion
9.30am Holy Communion

Sunday 12th May - Easter 4
St Cuthbert’s:
8.00am Holy Communion
9.30am Holy Communion

St Mary & St Margaret’s:
10.30am Morning Prayer

St Mary & St Margaret’s:
10.30am Morning Prayer

You can find out more information about our parish by
visiting our website: sprowston.org.uk
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The Sacrament of Holy Communion
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second Sunday mornings and fourth
Sunday evenings.
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On the 2nd and 4th Sundays
Morning Worship includes Sunday
School. Communion is celebrated
on the 2nd Sunday of the month at
a 7:00pm service.
Website: gageroadchapel.org.uk

View from the Doghouse
I regularly hear the boss talking about being generous and giving to those
in need. Well I am all in favour of this as it is good to be generous, well
in theory anyway. All this seemed well and of course I have heard that bit
in Matthew’s gospel where Jesus talks about when you saw me hungry
etc. Well as I said, okay in theory, and while he gives away human food
- sandwiches and other boring stuff that is okay. But just the other night
we had a knock on the door and interestingly there was a shaggy looking
dog outside, there was also a man on the other end of the lead. Well the
man spoke to the boss and asked if he could help, well of course he said
he could, I am happy for him to give away his food. All seemed okay till I
heard my food bin rattle, ah food - tea time already great. But no! To my
surprise he, the boss that is, was putting my food into a bag and then
picked up some of my favourite treats. He went to the door and as well
as giving away the boring human food he handed over mine - I ask you, I
needed that!
I grumbled to the boss about this, especially as it wasn’t yet tea time and
I was hungry. Well of course we had one of our chats! And I guess he’s
got a point; generosity is about what we give and what we forego, it’s not
about what others give. So I learnt to be generous with my food, unless it’s
Hope that wants it!

To get in touch with the editor, Adam Moore,
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The deadline for the June issue
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funerals since 2000, and pride ourselves on our
empathetic approach and attention to detail.”
Shayne Stork

Telephone: 01603 702702

Mobile: 07484 626128

104 - 106 Sprowston Road, Norwich, NR3 4QW


Help Needed
Roz is looking for a distributor to deliver 18
magazines in total in the Clabon Road and
Closes, Wall Road and Denton Road area.
If you are able to help in this
way please get in touch with
Roz via: taylorrosalind0@gmail.com
or call 01603 484626.
Thank you.


St Cuthbert’s Church
Centre Coffee Morning
Saturday 4th May
10.00am - 12.00noon
Sale Table with many items
£1.00 and under.
In aid of Church funds.

From the Parish Registers
for March 2019
3rd March ~ Mary Sowter
6th March ~ Stella Shuttleworth
8th March ~ Gertrude Matina
11th March ~ Donald Thompson
14th March ~ Edward Dean
26th March ~ Joan Harvey
27th March ~ Maureen Nelson

3rd March ~ Annie Fox
24th March ~ Eleanor Fulcher
31st March ~ Tamica Chirume

Parish Contacts

Reader - Andy Hudson, 12
Blithemeadow Drive NR7 8PY
• 400866

(all dialling codes 01603 unless stated)

Vicar - Revd Canon Simon Stokes,
2 Wroxham Rd NR7 8TZ • 426492

Associate Vicar with responsibility
for performing arts - Revd Dean
Akrill, 15 Blue Boar Lane NR7 8RX
• 482360
Assistant Priest - Revd Melanie
Hider, 10 Brian Avenue NR1 2PH
• 622373
Curate - Revd Philip Harvey,
62 Avocet Rise NR7 8ES • 948222
Ordinand Pioneer Minister - Andy
Bunter, 958529 •
Reader - Stephanie Grand,
4 Blakes Court NR3 4DS • 488985

Churchwarden - Sue Ellingham,
20 St Clements Hill NR3 4BQ
• 416144
Churchwarden and Transport Officer
- Shelia Tuffield, 25 Allens Avenue
NR7 8EP • 419896
PCC Secretary - Mary Carpenter,
89 Romany Road NR3 4RF
• 462694
Parish Administrator
- Julie Hagan-Palmer, 411194 •
Planned Giving Officer
- Robert Huntly, 7 Clabon First
Close NR3 4HE • 400902

Parish Contacts

(all dialling codes 01603 unless stated)

Sprowston News Magazine
Secretary and Cross Section
Chairperson - Roz Taylor
10 Cere Road NR7 8JU • 484626

Beavers - Denise Maddon,
73 Blackwell Ave • 402708

Sprowston Library - Recreation
Ground NR7 8EW (Closed Sun &
Mon) • 408426

Berties’ Babes - Claire Akrill,
15 Blue Boar Lane NR7 8RX
• 482360

Brownies (Wednesday) and Guides
(Wednesday). Please register your
interest via the Guiding website www.girlguiding.org.uk

Sprowston Day Centre
- Open Weds and Fri mornings only
• 419682

Boys Brigade - Stephen Butterfield,
64 Lodge Farm Drive, Old Catton
• 405544

Sprowston History - Val Kibble,
8 Blue Boar Lane NR7 8RS • 460451

Sprowston Town Council
- June Hunt, Diamond Centre,
School Lane, Sprowston, Norwich
NR7 8TR • 408063

Broadland Councillors:
Robin Knowles, 788873 •

Meals on Wheels - Good
45th Norwich Scouts - Colin Clarke, Wholesome Food, Norwich • 465717
7 Magnay Rd, Drayton NR8 6BT
Archant (local press) - Luke Powell,
• 400501
luke.powell@archant.co.uk • 772684
30th Norwich Scouts - Alan Bedder,
Member of Parliament
21 Tills Close NR6 7QS • 424589
- Chloe Smith,
chloe@chloesmith.org.uk • 414756
Hellesdon and Sprowston Brass
Band - Tracy Gonzales,
Norfolk Councillors:
52 Jewson Road NR3 3RQ
John Ward, 431146 •
• 079614 20895
Sprowston Parish Players
Nigel Shaw, 435839 •
- Toni Morina, 40 Alford Grove
NR7 8XB • 484554

Ian Moncur, 427420 •

Featured Letter | The ‘Ringland Half-Marathon’ at the Dinosaur
Park and Norwich Road Runners move to Sprowston Academy
We all know John Causer,
who plays guitar and sings so
wonderfully for us at our Summer
Fete and Christmas Fair. Many of
us know Jodie Causer, his daughter,
who is part of the Berties Babes
team. But did you know Jodie has
recently event-managed her first
half-marathon, starting and finishing
at the Dinosaur Park – Dippy the
Dinosaur (in running vest right!)
started the race, and nearly a
thousand runners of varying ages took part in the main event and junior
race round the park. At the same time a huge team of volunteers were
marshalling, sorting race numbers, organising the baggage for runners,
and providing hot drinks and cakes for the masses – donations for these
raised over £1100 for East Anglian Childens Hopsice.
As Norfolk’s largest running club, Norwich Road Runners are now in the
process of moving their club headquarters to the Sprowston Academy,
hopefully from around the Easter break. The Norwich Road Runners
are Norfolk’s largest dedicated running club, with more than 500 senior
members, and 70 junior members, supported by a committee of 12,
and more than 25 running coaches. There are 3 sessions a week to
accommodate a varied range of abilities:
Monday - This is a beginners session on Mousehold Heath.
Tuesday - These evenings are focused on interval and speed work
sessions, these will be held on the school field.
Thursday - For senior members this is group based runs around the local
area with distances of about 4 and 7 miles to choose from.
Junior members have a session this evening too on the school field.
Norwich Road Runners welcome any new members to come along a try
about 4 sessions before deciding if you want to join up. Interested? Then
drop them an email to find out more on contact@norwichroadrunners.
com or search online for ‘Norwich Road Runners’ to find their website for
further details.

Church Fete
Saturday 22nd June
1-4pm in the
Vicarage Gardens

Offers, please, to run stalls, run games,
and to assist generally, especially to move
chairs and tables.
New items are needed for the raffle and
tombola prizes. Cakes needed for the cake
stall and refreshments. These can be left
at the back of St Cuthbert’s Church after
Easter. Collection can be arranged.
For further information please contact:
Toni Morina 484554 or
Sheila Tuffield 419896