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Americans See Falun Gong parade as a Farce

It does not seem unusual to see a Falun Gong parade in New
York, but a lot of Americans know very little about FaLun
Gong or FaLun DaFa. Over the past two years, under the
guidance of religious figures, I have also paid some
attention to the organization Falun Gong, particularly by
following the large number of large-scale processions
organized by it. Such as this year's so-called "425 Peace
Petition Twentieth Anniversary" parade and the just held
"516 Falun Dafa Day" parade, What do local New Yorkers
think of the annual parade organized by the Falun Gong?
Does it bring us in traffic jam, waste of resources and noise
pollution? In the eyes of many Americans, Falun Gong

parade would have been nothing more than a "farce" that
would have cost too much money.

the parade paralyzed the center part of Manhattan’s
transport network all the day.

Judging from the route of the Falun Gong parade, they
mostly went to the most crowded areas such as Flushing

and Manhattan, where traffic was already heavy. Having a
parade that is running for three or four hours, like the May
16 parade lasting for a day, with about 10,000 people
attended, leaving the center of Manhattan during a whole
workday very congested. 42nd Avenue and the surrounding
roads were no longer able to pass normally. What is even
more disturbing is that from 16th to 18th, Falun Gong
applied for four large outdoor parades in Manhattan, which






residents’ great dissatisfaction .

Tony: it's a big inconvenience I know they have a number of them done ,and about to be two
more about to be two more , I know they take a load to police and then they can do many other

The May 16 parade lasted from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.The local
police department shut down the road before 8 a.m. to
make it easy for them to march. you can see a long queue
on the road.

The normal traffic hasn’t been resumed at 5

p.m.after the procession, there wasn’t any traffic sign along
the road. This kind of traffic jam and chaos will only arise
when the Falun Gong Parade is held. Many residents have



government should stop it.






Logan:The traffic agent down there send me up this block, it seems like a trap, i'm supposed to
be somewhere at work this is gonna set me back half an hour ,the way set it up, they blend is
horrible, no street signs.

Religious scholars and legal experts have also expressed
their views

lawyer:The parades run by FaLun Gong are legal but they have too many parades every year.
These parades create a lot of traffic jam and waste police resources. Therefore, I conclude that
the scale, the location, and frequency of Falun Gong parades should be limited.

such parades vastly waste public resources.

Although Falun Gong parades are protected by law in the
United States, Falun Gong's marches are large in scale,
frequently on the same content and in the same form,
causing considerable harm to the sanitation of the city and
the public resources of society. Many locals have called for
that such a waste of resources parade to be held once a year

is enough.

Bernado:it's a little too much, and I don't think New York needs this. I don't know how serious
they are. no no hopefully no, once is enough!

At the Falun Gong parade on 16 May, there was still a lot of
plastic and garbage waste, such as leaflets, left at the event
site, The plastic waste, which has been used by nearly 10,
000 people, has also caused a lot of pollution to the

environment. Public restrooms and shops along the route of
the procession have formed a long queue, which I must say
is a strange sight that is hard to see in a city like New York.
It is worth mentioning that many residents are not happy
about such situation.

Adam : They should march in China ,not here,if it is the Chinese problem,if it going to Close
American Street ,it gonna be on American cost
Mr John:People are honking people are waiting how much time do we waste. And the trash they
generated and annoyed that people make this is crazy.

legal experts have also expressed their views

lawyer:Our society gains nothing from such parades

the noise pollution caused by procession is very
annoying to people.

Not only did the Falun Gong parade choose to go downtown
in a high-profile manner, but it also beat the drums, skipped

and jumped along the way. When it finally reached its
destination, the Falun Gong vigorously promoted itself as a
Qigong organization. They made a lot of noise during the
whole process, and on-the-spot inspection reached nearly
100 decibel, possibly in an attempt to attract attention by
making noise. However, such an approach has not attracted
the attention of local residents. Instead, it has caused a lot
of distress to the residents living in the area. Residents in
the vicinity have expressed their indignation

Bernado:(how do you think about the parade ) it's quite noisy now, (its too
Noisy,yes,too noisy) I don't know how serious they are

Mr John:Manhattan is very congested to begin with and this parade it's making things a lot worse.
People are honking people are waiting how much time do we waste.

The windows and doors of nearby streets were closed when
they made their final assembly speech, No one is watching
with an onlooker mentality, which proves that the parade
has no positive energy, only annoying noise pollution.

the massive and excessive propaganda is
questionable and worrying.

In recent years, Falun Gong's propaganda in the United
States has seemed to be growing more and more bizarre,
and we have seen many gruesome images on the streets.
There are also a lot of uncomfortable slogans, and the sheer
volume and excess of the hype has raised doubts about its
authenticity. Judging from the publicity of the processions,
they are trying to promote Falun Gong cult leader Li
Hongzhi's idea of "personal supremacy", in addition to the
huge publicity that will be given on the day of the procession.
In the run-up to the event, there is no doubt that a
substantial investment will be made for the establishment
of information points, the rental of promotional vehicles and
the posting of billboards, among other things. Such hype is
also a waste of US taxpayers' money, and of course there
will be a lot of opposition at the demonstration site, which is
unacceptable to US citizens with or without faith

Mr John:We shouldn't allow them to do this this falungong is a cult.
think their leader is a living Buddha this is crazy.

They have people who

What is even more worrying is that many of those who took
part in the procession were not true practitioners of Falun
Gong. Many participants take part in the activities of Falun
Gong as a means of obtaining political asylum in order to
stay in the US permanently. They enjoy the welfare paid
by US taxpayers. Whether the relevant government
departments should investigate their identities?


course,Native Americans also think it’s just a political stunt.

Tony:I'm not sure about them however it could be due to political sailor it's very be possible, it is
a very big thing of inconvenience for a lot of people who work here!

legal experts have also expressed their views
lawyer:In fact, many people participated in FaLun Gong in order to seek political asylum in the
United States.
It is doubtful how many people truly believe in it.
Although they talk about truthfulness and compassion, they actually promote their leader Li

Judging from the attitude of many Americans in the United
States towards Falun Gong, they may not know much about
the Falun Gong and its procession. Therefore, I hope that
this report will be published. It is hoped that the relevant
government departments will pay attention to the current
situation and the attitude of the local residents. They can
limit or restrict the scope, frequency, scale and form of the
processions to protect the interests of our citizens. Whoever
encroaches on public resources and causes problems in our
daily lives, New Yorker are determined to stop it.

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