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Sometime in 2012, I began posting daily pictures of our two West Virginia donkeys on Facebook. Over time Pippin and Pico attracted quite a following and
people looked forward to their daily donkey “fix.” One of those inveterate
donkey watchers was Lee McCormack, Martha's Vineyard Poet Laureate. At
some point Lee wrote a short silly donkey poem in response to a picture and,
before long, Lee’s poems became not only a fixture of the donkey posts but as
highly anticipated as any donkey picture.

What follows is a collection of Lee’s poems with the pictures that inspired them. Most come from the heyday of the Your Daily Donkeys Facebook page in 2013. Enjoy. Read them out loud among friends.
—- Feeder Guie, June 26, 2019
A morning donkey brings cheer into the hearts of men. Thank you donkey.
I am fond of your daily donkeys because they obviously do very little in the way of productive work, which is, I believe,
the essence of a long creative and spiritual life.

Donkee Poetree by Lee McCormack

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