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So what exactly is word-of- mouth marketing, and why is it
important? To simplify the meaning, word-of-mouth
advertising is the type of marketing that takes place
whenever a friend tells you about a new brand of diet tea
they like or a great Hi-Definition TV model they just
purchased. A word-of- mouth marketing system basically
takes place whenever someone talks about your product
brand, refers it to someone they know, or even complains
about your company and/or service.
Word-of-mouth marketing is great for companies looking to
boost their products and services and it’s often more
successful than conventional advertising or social media
marketing for a number of reasons. In fact, word-of-mouth
marketing has long been regarded as the most longestablished form of selling and promotion.
Why? Because over 90% of consumers believe the
recommendations they receive from friends and family far
out-weigh any type of advertisements they see on TV or
read in a magazine.