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W h a t Is W o r d o f M o u t h M a r k et i n g?
'Word of Mouth' is still one of the most effective marketing
techniques, online or offline.
Joe arrives at your website and he likes it. In fact, he'd like
to tell Fred about it. It's just the thing Fred's been looking
for. What if Joe could recommend your website to Fred by
sending him an email straight from your website?
Well, he can...if you have an 'email to a friend' script
installed on your website.
There are many free scripts that will do this for you. But the
one I found easiest to install is a script developed by
William Bontrager, called 'Master Recommend'.
This one was easy. I had it working on my second
attempt. You can see this script in action at:
Basically all you have to do is (1) configure the cgi script
and upload it to your cgi bin, (2) create a new web page
with a form that is linked to the cgi script on your server.
You can download Master Recommend
at: http://willmaster.com
To learn how to install, visit: http://www.willmaster.com
This script will even send you a copy of your visitor's
message (it's useful to know what your visitors think about
your website).
If you prefer not to have anything to do with cgi, there's a
much easier way of putting 'email to a friend' on your site.

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