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This white paper presents the plan for implementing Savant, a global intelligent economy for the
emerging “decentralized” Web, launched by Savant and managed by the people of the world.
Savant is a viable alternative to today’s exploitive Internet services, bringing digital commerce,
global resource access, hyper-connectivity, engagement and empowerment to the masses in a new,
positive way. Savant empowers individuals at the grass roots level, tackling several fundamental
issues: our loss of privacy and freedom, censorship of our thoughts, control of personal data,
restricted access to the world’s knowledge and information, and disproportionate ownership and
control of global wealth and resources. Driven by the Savant token, Savant will be a non-profit
intelligent (AI-driven) economic platform and marketplace. It will open a doorway of opportunity to
those with the good fortune to live where there is opportunity as well as the disenfranchised and
Savant is a movement and model for a global open-source collective intelligence economic
network and market that leverages a mix of open data access and a vast number of human beings
who are able to operate in all languages, all the time. This network is capable of doing what no
other network - and certainly no government or corporation - can aspire to: tell the truth, the whole
truth, all of the time, rooted in transparency and building trust - this is the alchemy of the twentyfirst century: share information, earn trust. And with that alchemy can come prosperity.

Gary Kimmons, MS
July 01, 2019

Version 1.0



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