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Savant is a fully self-sustaining, token-driven digital economy and collective intelligence network
created to empower individuals in a global context. Our objective is to democratize individual global
access to resources, opportunities and experiences, thereby leveling the playing field for the masses
and empowering their actions.
The Savant network and operating system has been created to facilitate and support the objectives
of our proprietary Savant token. Savant is a decentralized, distributed AI platform that serves as the
backbone for intelligent commerce support services, a collective intelligence collaborative network, a
global commerce market, a coin-based digital currency and economy, and the participation of thirdparty dAPP providers. The Savant operating system and network delivers enhanced personalized
financial services governed by user priorities and specifications. All experiences and transactions are
recorded on Savant’s decentralized smart contract blockchain.
Savant provides AI-driven intelligent performance support (IPS) and lifestyle experiences using
autonomous agents (personalized intelligent avatars, or “ORBs”) operating in a distributed multiagent environment that maximizes the potential of the Savant token. The ORBs are autonomous,
intelligent, high-capability service providers focused on user priorities, enabling ORB holders to
benefit from key emerging empowerment technologies such as AI, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
ORBs may act both individually and collectively to attain user objectives. Their primary responsibility
is to maximize Savant token opportunity as well as to mentor and guide users to positive outcomes
and experiences, to democratize access to opportunity and resources, and to enhance personal
empowerment and achievement.
Savant offers our users unlimited access to mass knowledge and strategic intelligence. Savant’s
collective intelligence network supports the creation, maintenance and operation of a distributed
blockchain World Brain - the Savant World Brain, a virtual repository of collective intelligence that
emanates from the combined participation of all intelligent ORBs operating on its distributed
platform. The Savant World Brain provides enhanced, value-added performance support for all
members of the Savant ecosystem.



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