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There is a lot going on in our world, and not all of it is good. Much of it has to do with the Internet,
the activities and digital economy it has spawned and the lifestyle it has cast upon us. Let’s be
very clear - the digital world has brought manifold benefits, in choices and chances, in efficiency
and efficacy. But today’s digital economy does not work for everyone. We are on an uneven
playing field where access to the game is controlled, the big guys are winning, and the average
person is finding it increasingly difficult to compete and hold on to basic rights.
This is because the current Digital Age system is controlled by powerful self-interests, the
government, and Silicon Valley giants such as Google and Facebook that limit our options and our
access to the world’s resources, creating a dynamic that assures our efforts inure to their benefit
and exploitation. Over the past few decades, we have seen severe bi-polarization of wealth that
has fostered a two-tiered society where the benefits of the Digital Age are asymmetrical and wealth
creation does not lead to prosperity for all.
We have become enslaved by those who hold us captive, the Internet is broken, and what we have
now is a big disconnect. All of this does not bode well for us. Humanity is close to an apocalyptic
moment - a coming crisis. Serious change is in order or we are going to be swept away by our
technology and the people who control it and us. The simple matter is we have to find a way to
deal with Silicon Valley and the current Internet. We cannot count on our politicians to reign them
in. Nor can we trust these entities to be sell-regulating. What we can count on is that they are
going to continue to act to their benefit.
The new digital economy has ushered in a time where wealth is further concentrated, basic privacy
rights are vanishing, the pernicious effects of social media are showing themselves and a spiral of
violence and repression undermine basic security and freedom. The new digital media is changing
the ways we do business, work, learn, play, and even think. The social media giants - Facebook,
Google, Twitter, and others - are telling us what we can say and do, and it is raising serious issues
regarding censorship and the suppression of basic human rights.
It shouldn’t surprise us that there are problems with provenance and opportunities for bad people
to damage democracies. To be certain, the day of reckoning is coming. While no one wants the
reckoning to be a wrecking ball, the digital debris trail is already rather long. Any solution must
seriously consider the fine lines between engagement and addiction, between repurposing and
piracy and pillage, between belonging and bullying, between identity and insecurity, all of which
are magnified digitally. So who will ultimately be the cyber Solomon, ensuring that the digital
ecosystem develops to its undoubted potential? One certain outcome will be less dominance by a
few players whose reach across horizontals and deep into verticals is a fundamental contradiction,
whether in content or in commerce.

About Savant
Savant has been created to solve the issues plaguing us today. We can empower people as
economic actors by creating an engine of inclusion, a platform for unfettered access to the world’s
goods and services and participation in global commerce. The possibility exists to create an open
world where billions of excluded people can participate in the global economy and share in its
largesse. It is possible to foster an economy that works for everyone with an engine of inclusion



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