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The Tinfoil Times

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July 2019 Minutes
President Nash opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.
The club welcomed our guest Mrs Patti and new members Roger (Sue’s Grandson), Austin Peterson and Mario.
Don’t forget the fruit themed potluck at the next meeting 8 Aug. Actual fruit or fruit-type deserts.
Frank announced a Royal Caribbean Cruise departing 24 Aug for 9 days. Interested members get with Frank on the side for more

Only 1/8 birthday members were present to collect their bounty. Sue Chonoles
Sadly, Sue’s monthly presentation was left at home. Make sure you don’t miss the 8 Aug meeting to hear her valuable tip.
Tripp reported on the success of “School Hunt #2.” Only two members got the word, so future communication between club members is
paramount to ensure dissemination. Twenty dollars was donated to the children.
Dave Chonoles was kind enough to conduct a short presentation on “Magnet Fishing” to recover interesting items within creeks or rivers
under bridges or piers accessible from which to cast the magnet. Remember, these magnets aren’t toys as they are very strong. Always
use gloves and consider bringing a grappling hook to snag heavier items.
Silver raffle went to Bill Lane, and the 50/50 winner was Les Perkins

Thanks to our July speaker of the
month, Dave Chonoles.
He shared his knowledge of magnet fishing
with the club. If you’re not familiar with
the term, it’s tying a powerful magnet to a
strong line, and tossing it in the water
around bridges, docks, and anywhere
people have been near the water. The
magnet will grab onto anything with iron in
it. It’s surprising what you can find. You
don’t need a lot of equipment to get
started, and you can magnet fish pretty
much everywhere.
There are many YouTube videos on the
subject but Dave, with his magnetic
personality, will be happy to help you iron
out any questions you may have. Thank you
Dave for roping us into a new area of
treasure hunting. We admire your mettle.