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The USA, and the UK, and the British Monarchy:
A New Revised and Updated Version of the lost tribes of Israel:

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Table of Contents:


Birthright of a Nation and a Group of Nations:


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Scepter (the Monarchy) separate from the Birthright:


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Location, Identities and Timeline for the Covenants:


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The Last Days:


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The United States and Britain at the Height of their Power:
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Israel – Judah and Neighboring Nation, circa 800 BCE
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Commonwealth Members

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NOTE: All Bible references and quotes are from the King James Bible of 1611.
The Bible tells us how to find knowledge and how to understand doctrine in the scriptures - by
taking precept upon precept, and by putting one line onto another line, and find the info throughout the
Bible as here-a-little and there-a-little, and that is the “rest” for the weary, see Isaiah 28:9-12
God declares the end-time from the beginning of the Bible, and God tells the prophesies from the
ancient times about the things that are to happen in the latter times. Isaiah 46:9-10
Before God does a thing then God reveals it to people through His servants the prophets. Amos 3:7
God watches over all of mankind whether they be heathen or His own people, Psalms 33:10-15
The sins and rebellion of mankind has separated people from the knowledge of their true identities.
Most Bible prophesies apply to the end times.


Birthright of a Nation and a Group of Nations:

Kingdom of Israel taken captive 722-718 BCE, see 2 Kings 17:18 , and; 2 Kings 17:23-24
National and worldwide greatness promised to Israel, and God's promise can not be broken and yet it
never came true for the Jewish people because that promise was not given to Judah, and we see now in
history that the one great Country is the USA and the powerful group of Countries are the British.
See Romans 9:6 “... For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel:”
The word Hebrew does not mean Jewish, the name Israel does not really apply to Jewish, the name
“Jewish” is a slang for the people from the Country of Judah and so Judaean, thereby people of Judah,
and the tribe of Judah. The modern Jewish State of Israel is not an accurate name, which would be
more accurate to call it as the State of Judah.
The greatness promises began with Abram (Abraham) Genesis 12:1-4, then Abraham is to be a father to
many nations and to Kings, see Genesis 17:1-6, to bless all nations, Gen 22:18
The promises made by God to the fathers (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob) Genesis 28:13-14, and the promises
are for all of mankind, Galatians 3:8, 16 , confirmed by Jesus, Romans 15:8
This word often misused in derision: “Goiim / Goyim”, means nations, or in Latin translated as gentile,
and yet this is used in the Bible as a reference to other Countries as we use the word “nations” today. It
does not mean race or racial – even as Gentile(s) means other nation(s). The corresponding Greek word
“ethnos” just means peoples. The demand that it is racial is based on human ideals and prejudice.
The great nation or group of nations has never happened with the Jewish people, and it is not fulfilled
in Christian Church(es), and the promise has to come true because God can not break His promise, see
Titus 1:2, God can not lie.
In Genesis 24:60, promising billions of children. Then that prophesy declares that the blessing will
include the “gates” of their enemies, and in these last days those gates around the world have proven to
be some of these: Suez Canal, Gibraltar, Panama Canal, Bermuda, Hong Kong, South Africa, Malta,
South Korea, Midway Island, Singapore, India, Hawaii, and many more. These have proven to be
strategic gateways which gave a large advantage to the USA and to the British as they served as
gateways to their enemies.
We find prophesies of the end times in Genesis which is the first book of the Bible (also from the J
source / first book) because God tells the prophesies from the ancient times about the things that are to
happen in the latter times, Isaiah 46:9-10, and see Genesis 49:1, where Jacob specifically declares that
the prophesy is for “the last days.”

Promises passed to Isaac Genesis 26:3-5, so the seed of Isaac was to become as the stars in heaven, and
through this then all peoples on the entire earth will be blessed. It is a mistake to think that if one is not
blessed then they are cursed because even the curses of God are just another type of blessing.
Isaac gave the promise over to Jacob, Genesis 27:26-29, and through this promise the one great country
along with the group of countries would have far more power and money and resources (fatness of the
earth) than all other nations combined, see Genesis 28:13-15, included God promised that He would
keep tract of every one of the seed as the dust of the earth from north, south, east, west, and Romans
4:13, it was to be both physical and spiritual.
The nation of Israel was taken captive and became lost to history, see Link. At that time the southern
kingdom of Judah (the Jewish tribe of Judah, plus Benjamin and part of Levi and of Simeon) were not
taken nor ever lost.
The modern 20th - 21st century State of Israel would more truthfully be called the State of Judah.
Abraham was going to sacrifice his only son Isaac but God stopped that from happening, and instead it
was God who would sacrifice His own son Jesus, Genesis 22:8, and so Isaac was offered by Abraham
as a type of the sacrifice by the Father God offering the Messiah in Jesus the Christ.
The great covenant was made only with Isaac, while his half brother Ishmael was blessed differently,
per Genesis 17:19-21, and Ishmael would father 12 tribes (princes) of his own who became the Arab
peoples. Ishmael was never lost to history, as did happen to the lost ten tribes of Israel.
Isaac and Rebekah had two (2) sons named Jacob (supplanter) and Esau (red soup), and Jacob took the
greatness promise while Esau got a lesser promise, Genesis 25:21-34, and Genesis 27:1-41
Esau also became known as the Country of Edom, and then became known as the modern day Turks,
and the Turks ruled over the Holy Lands (Palestine) for some 400 year until 1917, then during the first
world war the land of Palestine was conquered by the British from the Turks. Esau surely has lived by
the sword, and Esau hated the British, Genesis 27:39-41, and the Turks are distinctly different from the
Arab peoples. There is a future curse against Esau in Obadiah 1:18, and yet we must view God's
cursing as a blessing.
Jacob's name was changed to Israel (meaning “prevailer over God” or the “overcomer with God”)
because Jacob wrestled with the man of God and prevailed, Genesis 32:28. The name Israel can also be
divided into three (3) parts as Is-ra-el meaning Isis-Ra-Elohim meaning mother-father-children of God.
The Biblical name of “Yahweh Elohim” means Father of the Gods, see Matthew 6:9
The first born son of Jacob was Reuben who was not given the birthright, and instead the birthright was
given to the 11th son Joseph, 1 Chronicles 5:1-2, and Judah got the “chief ruler”, otherwise known as
the Kingly scepter, so Joseph got the great nation and group of nations which did not go to all of the
children of Israel, and only the children of Joseph were called by the name Israel.
The other promise of a great nation and a group of nations was not given to all of the children of
Jacob / Israel, but only given to the two (2) children in the one (1) tribe of Joseph, Genesis 48:14-19,
and particularly in verse 16 “let my name be named on them” so the name Israel only upon the 2

boys, and that name was not put onto the other tribes or children. As such the prophesies about Israel
and about Jacob are not about the 4 tribes in Judah nor about the Jewish peoples.
After Israel was taken captive then Assyria transported different people into the land which was once
the home of Israel, 2 Kings 17:24, and that new population called the land as Samaria after the old
capitol city of Samaria, so they took a name and identity associated with the lost tribes of Israel, and
this is why the Jewish people in the time of Jesus hated the Samaritans because they were not of the
lost 10 tribes, as seen in the parable of the “good Samaritan” Luke 10:30-37, and in another story about
the woman of Samaria who thereby many Samaritans believed Jesus, John 4:9-42
The people of the nation of Israel were lost in every way, they lost their language, their homeland, as
their identity was lost, Deuteronomy 32:26
The names for the two sons have relevant meanings, Genesis 41:51-52, Manasseh was so named
because the child made him (Jacob) forget his toil and to forget his father's house – in other words
Manasseh forgot their identity as the children of Israel, which applies to the USA, and for Ephraim the
name meant that God caused him to be fruitful in the lands of his affliction, which applies to the
British. In Genesis 48:14-19, Jacob crosses his arms making it quite clear that these are two (2)
different and distinct blessings, and it is not that both the boys as getting one (1) blessing combined.
Those prophesies are said to be for the end times – the last days, Genesis 49:1, and there is no record of
such a thing told in the Bible or in past human history, but we can see it today in the USA as the one
great nation and the British as the group of nations – included as the U.K., Australia, Canada, New
Zealand, and others.
The tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh never returned to Jerusalem or to Judah after the Assyrian
captivity of 720 BCE, but the Jewish people did return after the Babylonian captivity in 539 BCE.
No one knows exactly where the ancient root names of “Britain and British” came from but we do
know that the Hebrew word for “covenant” is similar enough to denote the meaning as the Hebrew
“birith” (brit) meaning covenant and the “ish” on Brit-ish simply means man or person as in a person of
Brit, or a person of the covenant. The name “Britain” is thereby the land or nation of the covenant.
The children of the promise (of the covenant) are also to be called by the name of Isaac, see Romans
9:6-8, and Hebrews 11:17-19, and the promise declares this: “in Isaac shall thy seed be called”
Genesis 21:12-13 , and that name Isaac is enclosed in the name Saxon, as in Anglo-Saxon / British
Israel. The word Saxon in Germany comes from the word “knife or sword” and it was the Assyrians
who took the lost 10 tribes captive (by the sword), and so it was the Assyrians who had the Isaac sons
captive and the Isaac sons were the dominant group even in captivity, and so it is reasonable to refer to
their prisoners as associated with the knife as Saxons (Isaac-sons) which thereby the Saxons also has
the double meaning as being the sons of Isaac. The Germans are believed to be descendants of the
Assyrians, which is why the Germans claimed their ancestors to be “Aryans” (Assyrians) which again
is another twisting of the ancient names.
See Genesis 35:11 “ … a nation and a company of nations shall be of thee, and kings shall come
out of thy loins;”. Throughout history this promised prophesy of a great nation along with an equally

great group of nations has never been fulfilled by the Jewish people nor by the Church and not by the
American Indians either, but we can see in these “last days” that it is fulfilled by the USA as the one
great Country and the British people around the world as the company of nations, as is said by the God
who can not lie.
The promise of national greatness in the last days is not after Christ returns but before.


Scepter (the Monarchy) separate from the Birthright:

The Kingly scepter (British spelling: sceptre) line comes from the tribe of Judah. Genesis 49:10 “ The
sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and
unto him shall the gathering of the people be.” The “sceptre” means the staff of royalty, and being a
lawgiver means the Biblical laws which is why Jewish people cling to the law of Moses. Until “Shiloh”
comes is referring to the coming Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven. The last trumpet.
At first the nation of Judah had the King / Scepter, and both King David and Jesus Christ were of the
tribe of Judah, Luke 1:31-33
The two tribes (Judah and Benjamin) and two partial tribes (Levi and Simeon)) from the old original
nation of Judah became known by the English language slang name of Jew and Jewish which is meant
to mean Judean as being a person from the Country of Judah. It is a pointed doctrine however that both
Levi and Simeon were scorned for their violent tendencies which might explain why so many Jewish
people today can be so cold and cruel. Joshua 19:9
The modern 20th - 21st century State of Israel would more truthfully be called the State of Judah, or as it
is often called: the Jewish State.
God was to be the only King working through the Judges as started by Moses then Joshua, and so at
first their government was both church and State combined, Deuteronomy 1:16-17
Simeon and Levi were brothers known for their violence who did not get any specific land or territory
of their own, Genesis 49:5-7, and in time Levi became known as the tribe of Priest but that is not really
what the scriptures declare in Numbers 18:1-6, that the Levites were only to be helpers to the real Priest
descended from Aaron. Forever after history tells of Priest and Clergy who have committed cruelties
and atrocities while claiming to represent God and those Levites are likely still claiming to be Clergy.
When counting the tribes of Israel then Joseph is counted as two (2) being blessed of God as the two
dominant tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, so the 12 sons of Jacob is counted as 13, see Ezekiel 47:13
The people rejected God as they wanted a human King to reign over them, 1 Samuel 8:5-7
God chose David to became King over the people in an overthrow of Saul, 2 Samuel 18:12, and God
made an “everlasting covenant” 2 Samuel 23:5, that the throne of David would be forever – as in
everlasting. Even in case of problems then it tells that in 2 Samuel 7:12-17 that God will punish and
chastise but God will keep a Kingdom and his throne throughout having the seed of David on that
throne. See also Psalm 89:29-37

The last recorded King was Zedikia over Judah captured in 586 BCE and taken to Babylon, and never
again would there be a King over Judah, but the promises can not be broken and must be fulfilled.
The two tribes of Judah and Bejamin were taken captive to Babylon along with a partial population
from the two other tribes of Levite and Simeon, and these all inclusive became known as the Jews. The
Apostle Paul was called a Jew as he said that he was from the tribe of Benjamin, Romans 11:1
Yet the throne of David is sworn by God to last for all generations, Psalm 89:3-4, and a real throne of
David is to be given to Jesus Christ as His birthright, Luke 1:31-32, Romans 1:3
The one (1) tribe of Judah (to Judah alone, not to Benjamin or others) is given for the line of King
David as it was taken away because of Solomon, 1 Kings 11:11-13, and notice that only one part / one
tribe, even though the nation of Judah (the Jews) would include 2 tribes and 2 partial tribes, see 1 Kings
12:20-21 . The first place in the Bible where the name “Jews” is used then the Jews are at war with
Israel, 2 Kings 16:5-6 . It is important to see that Israel was not Jewish, just as Adam and Eve were not
Jewish, not Noah, not Moses, and Abraham, Isaac, Jacob were not Jewish. See Jews at war with Israel.
The Messiah was given to the one (1) tribe of Judah, and that one does not mean the 2 tribes (Benjamin
and Judah) plus the other 2 partial tribes (Levi, Simeon) who all became known as the Jewish peoples.
To the patriarch Judah was given the scepter and always a lawgiver (Moses law) and until “Shiloh
come” (till thy Kingdom come) Genesis 49:10
Then God sent Jeremiah to root out and pull down nations and kingdoms and then to build and plant a
new, Jeremiah 1:10 , and it was the thrown of David which Jeremiah first carried away and later he
replanted that thrown in a new Kingdom over the lost people of Israel. Jeremiah 45:4 . The fall of the
Kingdom of Judah was in 586 BCE which was near 600 years before Jesus Christ so the crown was not
passed to Jesus at that time. The Jewish King of Judah was taken captive and died by the Babylonians,
but Jeremiah escaped along with the Kings daughters, Jeremiah 43:6 , and see Isaiah 37:31-32 , and it
is important to remember that the crown is taken away from Judah and then given to lost Israel, and to
that the lower ones get exalted while the higher one gets debased, see Ezekiel 21:25-27 , and it says
that the crown shall be overturned 3 times (“overturn, overturn, overturn”) and then no more
overturned. This overturning first happened when Jeremiah brought and planted the line of David
through the “King's daughters” over to Ireland and Scotland (tribe of Asher), and later that same crown
passed overturned a second time as it moved to France (tribe of Reuben) and then the third and last
overturn was when the crown moved to London England (Ephraim) through the House of Plantagenet
in 1154 CE, as the last overturn of the monarchy into Great Britain, the great covenant, see Hosea 3:4-5
William I, had recently conquered England in 1066 CE, but the Plantagenet's overturned it. Both
Scotland and Ireland are connected to the tribe of Asher, as the Bible declares that they give (yield)
royal (Kingly) dainties (daughters and sons) in Genesis 49:20 “Asher … he shall yield royal
dainties.” Plus modern DNA shows no real distinction between the DNA of Scotland and Ireland
which are considered to be Celtic and Gaelic (Gaels), only the people of England are referred to as
Anglo-Saxons (Isaac-sons). Some people get confused with James I (the VI of Scotland) as the third
overturn but that is getting the 2 covenants confused, because the union of Scotland and England to
create Great Britain was a foregoing part of the Ephraim covenant and not the overturn for the David
covenant. The name Plantagenet means: “plant genesis” as in “the beginning plant.”

We must be careful not to confuse or intertwine the two distinct covenants of the two Isaac sons from
the different covenant of the David crown. In the year 1837 as Victoria became the Queen then both of
the covenants were kicked in at that same time, so Queen Victoria on David's thrown became great just
as the great nation (the USA) was growing and the company of nations (Great Britain) started to
receive their covenant promises too.
A big relevant factor is that every President of the USA has been related to the British monarchy and
thereby every US President has been a male descendant of David (House of David) ruling over the
people of Isaac son Manasseh (the USA), and the criteria to David was in part to have “a male” ruling
and a “scepter” does not necessarily have to be a “King”, so being the President is still being the ruler,
because the promise was to establish the House or family of David along with the thrown of David, see
2 Samuel 7:16-17
Link here for a list of US Presidents related to British Royalty:


Location, Identities and Timeline for the Covenants:
The lost people of Israel shall be brought together like “sifting in a sieve” Amos 9:9, from all nations,
which is what happened first to Britain (Ephraim) and then to the USA (Manasseh) but it was not done
to the Jewish people who were not lost.
Ephraim (Britain / Saxons) are to follow the east wind, and the east wind travels west, Hosea 12:1
And Israel is toward the north, Jeremiah 3:12, so we find them located north and west – northwest.
David thrown in the sea, Psalm 89:20,25, and Ephraim in the isles, Jeremiah 31:9-10 , isles of Israel as
said in Isaiah 49:1-3, and islands of Israel, Isaiah 41:1,8 , the British isles including Ireland.
A lot of this may seem like jumping all over the Bible to expose this truth, but in fact that is the way
that the Bible itself tells us to learn knowledge and to understand doctrine - by taking a little here and a
little there and putting the line upon line, see Isaiah 28:9-12
God tells to make “way-marks” as they go to find Ephraim who is Britain, and “a woman to compass
a man” is referring to the daughter of the King compassing the thrown of David, see Jeremiah 31:2022 , and the markers of the way are found in the names of locations and of the peoples.
The tribe of Dan named things after their ancestor Dan, and in Hebrew there are no vowels so Dan can
be Don or Den or Dn or etc, and we find that Denmark means the mark of Dan, just as Danish means
the people of Dan, see Joshua 19:47, and Judges 18:29 . The tribe of Dan too were carried captive by
the Assyrians as one of the lost 10 tribes.
The association known as the “Commonwealth of Nations” are all former members of the gigantic
British empire, and the head of that commonwealth is the British monarch, and it is the only company
of nations in all of earth history. The thrown of David / that British monarchy is still recognized as the
monarchy of 16 of those countries in the Commonwealth of Nations.


The USA and Britain are still today seen as brothers to each other, as in the USA started off as a British
colony but the USA (Manasseh) was noticeably different, as like the USA has a distinct style of the
English language from the Queen's English, while remaining close allies even after a bitter war of
revolution and another war of 1812. Jacob (Israel) said that Ephraim (Britain) would be the more
dominant brother while the USA (Manasseh) would be a greater single nation, Genesis 48:19-20
The lost 10 tribes were regathered together by drawing the people out of all other nations as like corn
through a sift, Amos 9:9, into the UK and into the USA, and Americans called the USA as a “melting
pot” where many cultures merged into one, which is never said of any other Country.
Of the 12 tribes of Israel the two sons of Joseph counted as two separate tribes which in effect made it
into 13 tribes of Israel, Genesis 48:20-22, which makes the founding original 13 colonies of the USA as
a sign and a marker of their identity as Manasseh the 13th tribe.
The blessings included land “flowing with milk and honey” and the Bible gives its own definition of
what those words mean in context. The word “milk” means a low level knowledge of God and of
spiritual things, 1 Corinthians 3:1-3, and Isaiah 28:9, and that is what the Christian religions (and other
religions) teach is a very low level knowledge (milk) which is beneficial but never goes deeper. Even
the milk of God is powerful and yet God keeps offering so much more. As to the word “honey” it goes
along with the milk as “pleasant words” Proverbs 16:24, and the pleasant words mix with the low level
milk without depth, as like sweet words of freedom, peace, inalienable rights, justice, life, liberty, etc.
Other peoples and Countries have been identified too, as we know Asher is in parts of Ireland and
Scotland, the French are the eldest tribe of Reuben, and Denmark is Dan, while we know that Levi and
Simeon have no location but are mixed and scattered into the other tribes, and both Judah and
Benjamin have become known as parts of the Jewish people. There are four (4) other tribes which are
uncertain as to their modern day identity – 1) Zebulun has a connection to ships and the sea, 2) Issachar
has a connection to farming the land for “tribute”, 3) Tribe of Gad involved in warfare, 4) Naphtali as a
wild talker. Genesis 49 , and notice that it declares this prophesy is for the “last days” and not before.
It seems odd today but in ancient times (1000 years ago and beyond) then people would travel and
move to far away locations as like a herd of animals migrating east to west based on many assorted
motivations. Plus the Bible often tells that God moves and relocates people to different places too, see
Zechariah 10:10. The Assyrians traveled to modern day Germany and brought captive Israel along
with them, surely that migration started after 609 BCE which marked the end of the Assyrian empire.
While the captivity of the lost 10 tribes happened between 740-720 BCE.


The Last Days:

God would punish Israel 7 times more for their sins, Leviticus 26:18, and the “times” mean 7 years
with each day for a year, Ezekiel 4:5-6, and Numbers 14:34, so too with the 7 times being 7 years and
each year being 365 ¼ days equals 2556.75 years from the approximate date of 720 BCE, which
calculates up very near to the year 1837 which is the year that Queen Victoria inherited the thrown of
David, and the same time to give the promise of a great nation and a company of nations to the two
Isaac sons of Great Britain and the USA, and it is only logical based on that connection that the
blessing truly ends (or the cursing truly begin) at the death of the 21st century Queen Elizabeth II, who
is the pivotal link. Yes the punishments have already begun in the 20th century but culmination still
counts, just as the blessings were already rising long before 1837.
Jesus said to go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, Matthew 10:6, so Jesus knew they were lost.
The Sabbath Day was the sign to identify people to God, Exodus 31:13, and it is not the Jewish
Sabbath because it is God's own day of rest, Genesis 2:3 , and yet it was really God who threw out the
lost tribes of Israel including throwing them away from His sabbaths which is why the lost 10 tribes
lost the commandments as they lost their identities, see Leviticus 26:33-35 . People who claim to keep
the 7th day Saturday Sabbath really do not, because the physical day is just a symbol of what is to come,
and God put the lost out of His Sabbath and we can not just choose to go back to it – no.
A day with God is a thousand (1,000) years, see 2 Peter 3:8 and Psalm 90:4, and modern archaeology
has the people of Sumer (Sumerians) as the first recorded civilization around 7,000 years ago or at
5,000 BCE, and God counts the days based on God's seventh day sabbath, per Genesis 2:2-3, and
calculating the last past 7th day sabbath of 1,000 years was the same 7,000 years ago with 6,000 years
between the last past sabbath and the next future 1,000 year millennial sabbath coming very soon, but
the exact date is never known. And yes there were earlier people and cavemen and Neanderthal and
other evolving peoples before the 7,000 years ago, and yet the distinction is that 7,000 years ago was
the beginning of civilization which thereby marks God's working on humanity from a fresh week of
7,000 years because it starts with a 1,000 year rest period then it ends with the latter day sabbath
millennium of another 1,000 years at the end time. The sabbath means rest from work but not from
righteous activities.
The punishments for the sinful USA and Britain are in Leviticus 26:14-46, and Deuteronomy 28:15-68
A notable point is that these punishments are based on the sins of the people and sins of the Country,
and so the entire world can see that the UK and especially the USA are falling away from God and that
our own immoralities are the reason for our punishments. It is important to understand that people are
punished more-so by our sins and not so much for the sins, because the point of blessing the entire
world was because as God tells Abraham: “in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed” Genesis
12:3, and the entire world gets enlightened by watching the folly being done by the ignorant people

who reject God when they are the most blessed of God, and it is important to know that God is doing
this to include saving the Spiritual world as they too see the ignorant folly and marvel at it.
Ephraim (Britain) was dominant in the upward blessings but Manasseh (the USA) is dominant in the
notorious fall and disgrace. The last British King Emperor was in 1948 even though the monarchy
stands firm under Elizabeth II, while the USA was the famous “new world” and the USA is noted for
ending the 2 world wars, and the USA has flaunted itself as the freedom society and as the better
culture even while failing through its moral decay and depravity for all of the entire world to witness as
an example of how a great people can self destruct. Of course this is a two-edged sword cutting both
ways because the sinful people self destruct but it is also God inflicting punishment for the sins, and
God's punishment is really just removing and stopping the great blessings. The sin itself is the
punishment, just as in Romans 1:24-26, it is God turning sinners over to the homosex and debauchery
and so the punishment is included into the sin. The USA and the British around the world (Canada,
New Zealand, Australia, and others) have played the biggest of fools by taking the best of blessings and
yet rejecting the one who gives the blessings, and at the same time this is a blessing to the rest of the
world who then see the folly of humanity next to the righteousness of God.
There is another focus on the Jewish State of Israel for the end times, and they simply fail to learn the
lesson of Masada in 73 CE, because when their artificial power based on their weaponry is engulfed in
the folly of the USA and the UK and including Europe too, then the Jewish State will become trapped
again as a modern Masada on a larger scale as they repeat the same insanity of their rebellion against
God, see Proverbs 11:28
Another relevant end time prophesy is in Malachi 4:5-6, which says that God will send a Prophet who
will turn the fathers to the children and turn the children to the fathers, and this means identifying the
true children of Israel with the fathers Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, to prevent a curse (smite) upon the entire
earth, and that is what this message here is doing along with other similar messages that identify the
lost ten tribes and making this truth known before that dreadful day comes, because other prophesies
declare that they will be saved out of it, see Jeremiah 30:7, and this “saved” means cracking down on
sin and putting a stop to the sinning, 1 Corinthians 3:15-16.


Other sources of this same message:

British Israelism first published publication in 1590 CE, then others in 1649, 1794, 1840, 1879


Frederick Glover, in his book titled “England, The Remnant Of Judah, And The Israel Of
Ephraim,” published in London in 1861, Glover was able to connect King Heremon of Ireland’s
heritage (580 BC) to the Israelite tribe of Dan. The siege of Jerusalem ended near 586 BCE
Link =
See in the link above – book pages 149-150 (viewer pages 169-170) the author identifies the
USA as the lost and found one great nation of Manasseh.


“Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright” by J. H. Allen, published in 1902


“The United States and Britain in Prophesy” by Herbert W. Armstrong
Link =
Published and updated: 1967, 1972, 1975, 1980


Other reference links:
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